Saturday, January 14, 2012

Interview with Margie Church!

Thank you for asking me to your inner sanctum, Bonni! Quite the place you have – believe me I subscribed! Since I've never been your guest, let me take a minute to introduce myself.

6 things to know about Margie Church

1.    She's blond and uses that to her advantage, meaning it's an excuse to say and write strange things all in the name of writing the next great American novel. It's really a crock of crap because nobody wants to read the next great American novel. They prefer smut, so that's always what her stories include.

2.    She may live in the land of ice and snow, but she's warm as a topical breeze. Get to know her.

3.    Her characters speak to her so intensely that sometimes you'll find her typing scenes with her eyes closed.

4.    She's a copywriter and editor by day, fiction writer all the other hours, and wishes to God you'd all buy her backlist so she could quit her EDJ, buy a laptop, and sit lakeside writing romances all year long. Oh and the cabana boys would wait on her hand and foot.

5.    She wants to get to know YOU. Writing romances - especially gay and BDSM - has led her to many wonderful and unusual people, relationships, lifestyles, and kink. It makes the world go 'round and she's a student of the world. Don't let her last name fool you.

6.    She has a great sense of humor and loves making people laugh. Enjoy a spirited conversation whenever she's around.

I saw some drool-worthy eye candy on this site. All of my books are erotic romances – some hotter than others, but I don't jip readers on the love scenes. Those who are into BDSM should keep an eye open for my next book, RAZOR.

Blurb: RAZOR by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter

Amy and Bryce don't live the Dominant/submissive lifestyle, but Bryce acts every bit the Dom in the bedroom. And Amy's had enough of it. She takes a drastic step to balance their intimate relationship by enlisting her best friend's help.

His wife's unconventional request shocks Bryce at first, but eventually he's convinced to give the idea a try. On this journey of self-awareness, his experiences are anything but predictable or vanilla.

RAZOR will come out February 1, in an anthology titled, Bound for Romance, from Sizzler Editions.

Also in February -

If you're a fan of the m/m genre, I'm excited to tell you about Krewe Daddy. The book features Drew Rothem, a character from my bestselling m/m erotic romance, Hard as Teak. Krewe Daddy is Drew's story of redemption and the one who got away. Set in New Orleans, you'll meet a host of interesting characters and plot twists to keep you enticed until the last word.

Blurb: Krewe Daddy by Margie Church

Luis is the Daddy, a sought after lover, with an ego to match the mammoth-sized Mardi Gras floats he designs. His lifestyle and reputation are wearing him out, but Luis can't find a satisfying way to break the cycle and be happy, too.

Drew's insecurities pushed him to have a foolish affair six years ago. It destroyed his relationship with Luis, and he's never been able to commit to anyone since. Now, he's taken control of his life and changed his submissive personality by becoming a model for Kevin Marks, and a wildlife enforcement agent in New Orleans.

These men haven't forgotten each other or settled their differences. They accidentally meet in a gay bar, and the years of regret, anger, and pent-up emotions bubble to the surface. Their passion is as hot as ever, their mistrust just as potent. When Drew's future is in Luis' hands, will he choose his lifestyle or love?

Krewe Daddy will be released February 27, by Noble Romance Publishing.

And for a little extra fun, here's the link to Krewe Daddy's video trailer. As soon as I get cover art, it'll be updated. Krewe Daddy will be released February 27, from Noble Romance!

Contest: Since I'm new to this group, I'd love to hear what attracts you to reading new authors. You could win a book of your choosing on my backlist. There's nine of them!

Keep up with Margie:

Margie's website: Romance with SASS


  1. Thanks for having me, Bonni. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy the spectacular view. ;-)

  2. I love discovering new authors. Typically, it's the story that calls me. I read the excerpt or the blurb and then dive in from there, but if it hooks me, I look for more work from that author as I go along.

  3. Hi Seraphina, thanks for your candor. I'm chuckling a little bit. Razor is still in editing (and it comes out in 2 weeks)and I'm still writing Krewe Daddy! I hope you'll check out my back list and tell me what interests you!

  4. Hi Maggie:
    What attracts me to a new author is looking at the blurbs that are posted on some of the blogs that i belong to. I read the blurb and if it peaks my interest, I've now added another author to my TBR list. I don't always listen to the reviews of the books. Each one of us has an opinion but it comes down to what I feel I want to read.
    It's like fishing. The blurb is the hook and I'm the fish.

  5. I love finding a new author so I can read different kind of stories,and getting out of my rut of reading the same kind of books. I needed to more spice in my life and her books sounds really hot!

  6. I forgot to put my e-mail address in my comment-sorry!

  7. Hey, I know this chick!

    One thing you are going to get from reading a Margie Church novel is its NOT going to be the 'same old same old' So, newbies, do yourself and your brain a favor, check out her past work. NOW!

    Sorry. In bit of a Dom mood. Collaborating with Margie on a HOT, sexually charged, psycho-emotionally complex D/s story entitled RAZOR.

    I'm going to make a bold statement since I'm full of the Old Ned ( my mom used to say that about me dad when he was in his cups) although I'm not partaking of the grape, but the bean-

    RAZOR is NOT your average erotic romance. You want comfort love and ex-Navy SEALS turned small town sheriff who rescues the troubled, plucky heroine?

    All fine and dandy. 'Cept you not going to get it with RAZOR. Instead you will read a decidedly adult, thoughtful and HOT AS HELL tale of the complexities of love and the D/s lifestyle.

    Oh, wear your oven mitts when you read it on your Nook or Kindle. Keep the extinguisher handy too.

  8. Hi Romance Reader Enthusiast! I like your fishing analogy, and I am definitely looking for romance readers. I do hope you'll try one of my books.

  9. Hi Carole, Thanks for following me over here. I mix things up - M/m, BDSM, vamps, ghosts, suspense...whatever interests me. I never want my readers to say I'm predictable or formulaic. thanks for coming by.

  10. *winks at K.B. Cutter* Thank you for coming by and sharing your enthusiasm for RAZOR with Bonni's fans. I hope we'll have a few converts! RAZOR is all you said and a lot more. I'm looking forward to posting excerpts this week and finishing this cool novel with you.

  11. I'm definitely looking forward to reading your work. I also loved your answer to Carole. When reading my romances, I love authors who like to mix things up.

    Here's hoping 2012 is good to you.

  12. Thanks for coming back Romance Reader Enthusiast. Mixing things up is a blessing and a curse. On the positive side, I'm never bored with the characters or sub-genre I'm writing in. My characters are fresh and new. On the negative, it's difficult to find new readers with every switch. I'm taking a leap of faith with each new story that past readers will follow me. Over the past year, I've been gratified to see readers picking up my entire back list or at least some of them with each new release. It's a mining process that is never boring. I hope you'll take a look at my work and tell me what interests you. And thank you for the well-wishes. One can never have too many of those.


  13. Hi Margie: I just went over to your site and saw the trailer for "Hard as Teak". Must say, it got a little hot in my living room.

  14. LOL Romance Reader Enthusiast! Hard as Teak is up for GLBT Novel of the Year. It's a very romantic and exciting coming out story. I hope you'll read it.

  15. I also saw your slide show (bottom of page) - one word, HOT!

  16. 2 things Romance Reader Enthusiast - follow the blog and website. Those images are updated all the time. I always feel a little awkward when I have to call the techs at GoDaddy and we're working on my website and they have to look at that slide slow. LOL Secondly, thank you. It's fun to make a new friend. Find me on Facebook so we can keep up and get to know each other better.

  17. Nice to meet you, Margie. Yours sounds like a very delicious world. ;)
    I'll be checkin you out!

  18. Thank you, Davee. I work hard to create that for my readers. I hope you enjoy my work.

  19. Razor sounds exciting and sexy! All the best with your books :)

  20. For me it does take a little doing for me to notice a new author. Word of mouth means a lot to me and something super snappy that I haven't read variations of before draw me right in :)

    Stephanie Beck

  21. I won one of your books in 2010 at the Christmas give away on the Noble Romance yahoo group. New authors always interest me, who knows what JUICY bits you might discover!!!!

  22. The looks of the book, not so much the reviews.. Then I see if I like what its about, then I buy all that arthurs

  23. For me, the book needs to be in English.
    From there it's up to the first two pages to convince me to keep reading.

    Not being snide, I look at a couple dozen books each and every month in just about every genre there is, so an author really has to command my interest right out of the gate.

    I first became interested in Margie's work when she confided she wasn't wearing pants in that picture. It wasn't until a month later she said no pants, it was a skirt.
    Grumble, grumble.
    But I'm still a fan.

  24. Lately I've been talking to different authors on facebook. After a while I will download a book on my kindle. It's a lot of fun talking to them and discussing the books. When did you decided you wanted to be an author Margie?

  25. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone how much i enjoyed your book The 18th Floor, i had never read anything that had to do with BDSM and i totally LOVED the book, i can't wait until the sequel and to read RAZOR. I also will go to get some of your other work, you are truly a gifted writer. <3

  26. Hi Margie, Wet is one of my favorites :). How I find new authors? Though authors I read I like to see what they read. In fact I have found so many great authors this way. Including you, I just wish I could remember who it was lol. It was a long time ago though. :) I'm behind on your new books, but they are amazing I am sure.


  27. Well everyone was busy overnight while I was sleeping! Good morning!

    Kellie, Razor is definitely a very sexual book. Bryce's journey is unique and the relationships in the book are very interesting. Luckily you won't have to wait long for the first installment - about 2 weeks. I hope you'll give it a try.

  28. Steph, thanks for visiting last night. Creating that noise - word of mouth - out here is one of our biggest challenges. Best wishes to you in 2012.

  29. BearMoonCreations, which book did you win and I hope you'll come by for another helping. Thanks for commenting today.

  30. Pam, I'd like to say that I have fantastic covers then! And what's behind the cover is even better. There's 9 books waiting and 2 more coming very soon. I hope you'll check me out. Thanks for visiting.

  31. David - well, it was a short skirt. Will black hose and very high heels. Feel better? Ha!

    I appreciate your insight. I agonize over the first paragraph. I figure if I don't make your eyeballs stick there I'm going to be waging an uphill battle. I really struggled with Krewe Daddy because it could start in 2 different places. Ultimately, I let my beta readers decide. Hopefully I've got good advice.

    For those who don't know David Kentner aka KevaD, he's an extremely talented author in his own right. And darn, if he isn't the nicest guy you'd want as your friend. He created the trailer for Krewe Daddy!

    Thanks for visiting.

  32. Hi Allie, I hope you'll find me on Facebook. I'm an addict and it's easy to get to know me there!

    I've been writing since I was a kid. I was first published in McCalls Magazine when I was in the 6th grade. To a large part, writing defines me.

    Come by on Facebook and say hello.

  33. Elizabeth, you have become one of those fans that every writer dreams of having. Thank you for your support and your friendship. I know you'll enjoy RAZOR even more because you know K.B. Cutter's amazing work as well.

    Hugs to you!

  34. Hi Sharon. WET continues to sell extremely well, and I'm glad it's got such great staying power. Not many readers have said they take authors' recommendations on who to read. I'm glad somebody recommended me to you!

    Enjoy the new titles coming out and thanks for your friendship.

  35. BearMoon, did you read it yet? Thoughts?