Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #16

Welcome to Tanatlizing Tuesday, where we pick our own picture to write 200 words about. I hope you enjoy my 200 and be sure to check out all of the other teasers by following the links below.
Kami rode ahead of Kade and he watched her ass sway with the gate of the horse. His cock was uncomfortably hard. He heard through the grapevine that Kami Duncan was a virgin and he planned to be the one to pop her cherry.
In a town like Redemption TX, rumors spread like wildfire. Everyone knew everyone and nobody’s business was private. He’d heard all the rumors spread about him, but didn’t want news of Kami losing her virginity to be counted among the many. “Kam, there’s a stream around the next bend, let’s water the horses there and rest for a bit.”
She glanced over her shoulder, her pink hat shading her expression. “Okay, sure.”
After getting the horses settled, they spread a blanket. “I bet what I want is finger licking good.” He glanced her way to gauge her reaction.
“Kami smiled over her shoulder. “I bet it is too, although, I’ve never tasted my own juices before, cowboy.”
“Well, hell, sugar, why don’t you tell it like it is.” He crawled over to her and licked the seam of her lips, getting her mouth to open for him. “Hot damn, this ride is going to be fun.”


  1. Oh, Bonni! This was a great one. I love how you made him very wolfish about his conquest but also concerned about the gossip and Kami's reputation. Fabulous tease!

  2. You gave us hot and sweet... my favorite combination. And of course, you already know I have a thing for cowboys! ;)

  3. Wow Bonni, talk about a hot tease. The impending conquest was deliciously executed and left me gagging for more. Great stuff hon

  4. Very abrupt. I think that was her plan. heh.

  5. Very nice, Bonnie! Loved the cowboy's confidence and the way she knows what she wants. They're in for a fun afternoon!

  6. "Hot damn!" They are going to have a sex-filled afternoon on the blanket by the stream. Nicely done.