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Release Day for Redemption Road
Here is a teaser from Redemption Road!
Justin caught her under the arms and her butt came to rest against his groin. “Mmm, sweetheart, I had planned for us to eat here, but if you rub up against me like this I might want to eat more than food.” He nipped her neck, eliciting a small yelp of surprise.
“That’s fine with me cowboy, but if you get to taste, so do I.”
“Woman, you are speaking my language.”
She turned in his arms, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Drop ‘em cowboy.”
His eyes went wide, but he unbuttoned his pants and dropped them as instructed. He was no idiot. “I love a woman that’s demanding” 
“I love a cowboy that complies.” She dropped to her knees, taking his cock in hand and tasted the bead of pre-come. It tasted salty and sweet and there was a flavor that was uniquely Justin. She ran her tongue around the bulbous head, and sucked him into her mouth.
He hissed through his teeth. “Dammit woman, that feels good.”
She hummed deep in her throat as she took the length of him in. Her cheeks hollowed on the upstroke and puffed on the down. Her lips glistened with his arousal. She used her hand to stroke the length she couldn’t take in, urging him to come. She wanted to have all of him, his essence. Her head bobbed back and forth, making slurping noises. He stood muttering his thanks to a higher power and sweet encouragements to her. It was a heady feeling having the power to dominate such a powerful man. He gave her a boost of self-confidence and an increase in sexuality. For the first time in years, she felt sexy and desired. She could very easily love this man.
She sucked and swirled her tongue on the head with each withdrawal.
“Fuck, baby, I’m gonna come if you keep that up.” His fingers threaded through her hair, moving with her motions.
“Mmm hmm,” she hummed.
He reached down, grabbed her under the arms and pulled her to her feet. When their eyes met, he said, “I don’t want to come in your pretty mouth, I want to be inside your sweet pussy.”
“That’s fine with me, cowboy.”

Redemption Road Giveaway

Redemption Road Giveaway!
 Justin McClain, a ranch foreman at Sundown Farms in Redemption Texas, met a feisty filly, Jaz Tyler at his bosses wedding and is instantly smitten. They embark on a whirlwind romance that leaves them both breathless. With a few problems, Kaden, Jaz’s son being the main one, they have a few things to overcome.

Jaz falls in love with the cowboy pretty quickly but gets tired of the men in her life bossing her around. Only, can she stand up enough for herself and the love she is certain she and Justin share?
Welcome to this giveaway. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. You must be 18 to enter and you must complete the task you pick. Do as many of the tasks and you'll have a better chance of winning! Have fun and good luck!
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Bonni's Book and Giftcard Giveaway!!

Welcome to my blog! For those of you that are new, feel free to look around. There are a lot of things to read and see. However, if you are not 18+ then I need you to scoot and skedaddle right now. For the rest of you, stick around and play to win! Rules: Read and complete all or as many tasks you can on the Rafflecopter below! The more you do the better chances you have. The winner WILL be checked for all tasks. If they weren't done then they will be disqualified and a new winner will be chosen.

Prizes: 1 $20.00 Amazon Giftcard and My very first Paranormal anthology. Written with Sascha Illivich and Margie Church. My story is the third one, Hunter's Bounty!!

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Release Day for Bound After Midnight!!!

There is something about the darkness that liberates our deeper, more animalistic desires.
Desires that only the most masterful and skilled possess and which transform us from human to
animal. Combine that with the power of true love and you have a recipe for perfection when the
heart gets what it wants, and the body is satisfied through carnal stimulation.
The ties that bind are not always visible, the universal concept of love, not always seen clearly
through the eyes of the wandering traveler. This is no truer than in the case of Solan, a warrior
with an unknown destiny in "Finding Eternity." Wounded on the battlefield, his rescue by a
vampire who yearns to be his proves to be too much for a man with no concept of ownership.
"Cream on the Crop" is a rather tongue in cheek, yet powerful story about a strong willed
woman of privilege making her own way in the country until a specter appears and shows her
carnal delights through submission of more than just will.
Demanding blood lust fuels our characters in "Hunter's Bounty," a tale of rescue featuring a
very unlikely type of shape-shifter as love interest for our vampire heroine.
Each tale weaves the intricacies of kinky sensuality, sensual romance and story enough to
keep you turning the pages of this hot collection.
Perhaps you may find yourself Bound After Midnight...

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Excerpt of Hunter's Bounty

Excerpt from Hunter's Bounty, my new paranormal romance in an anthology with Sascha Illyvich and Margie Church.
Damn him. Why won’t he stop pushing?
 His jaw ticked and his lips thinned. She’d hit a nerve. At first she thought about apologizing, but that would show weakness. The last thing she needed to do was show her vulnerability. He would take that as a sign that she could be swayed.
“Believe me; she will have the best protection I can buy for her after we get her back.” His voice was gruff and filled with anger. She didn’t want to provoke him any further, so she pretended to sleep. No way would she get any sleep before dawn. There was just too much going on.
“I know you’re not sleeping over there. I can feel you thinking.” This time he spoke to her in a lighter tone of voice. She sat up and smiled at him.
“Sorry. I just wanted out of that conversation before we said things we’d regret.” Looking back out the window, she hoped he would leave it alone. This wasn’t something she enjoyed talking about. She generally stayed away from anything emotional or personal, but the connection they had was like no other she’d ever experienced.
“Well, don’t get too comfortable, vamp. We will talk about this some more. You can bet your sweet little ass on it.” He pulled her by the chin to face him. “I will have you. Anyway I want.”
His eyes bore right through her. She had no doubt that he would have her again. That she was looking forward to. He was so commanding and dominant in bed. All of the things she craved. All of the things she needed to reach her maximum orgasm. They would have to stop soon so she could rest. He would definitely take her then. She almost smiled at the thought. She stared him in the eyes. “I know.”
“You’re getting wet again aren’t you?” He let her chin go. “Why don’t you get busy right now. Undo my pants and suck me. Take my cock all the way back to your throat.” He reached over grabbed her hair making her scalp sting, and pulled her down to his crotch. “Taste your juices on my dick. See how good we are together.” She unsnapped the button on his jeans and pulled the zipper down. Then she reached in and pulled his erection out.  Lana’s mouth watered to taste him, to feel him sliding across her tongue.
“Yes, Sir. I want to please you.” And she did want to please him. She wanted to taste them together. She wanted him to fuck her mouth as he wished. Hard and fast would get her off, too. He pushed her head down as she opened her mouth, taking him deep. His salty pre-come exploded on her tongue, making her want him all the more. She wrapped her tongue around his girth, sliding, caressing his member. She heard him inhale sharply through his teeth.
“Sonofabitch, that feels good.” His grip tightened in her hair as he pushed and pulled her head up and down, fucking her mouth. His hips rose and fell in the seat as he pumped into her throat. She timed her breathing with his thrusts. She couldn’t see how he was driving, but she guessed he had it under control.
“Come on, baby, suck me.” His groans of pleasure surrounded her, spurring her on. She loved the submission she gave to him. She could get drunk on his sounds of ecstasy. The tip of his cock slammed into the back of her throat making her wetter. She thought she might come from the intensity of the act.
Her mouth slipped off of him on an upstroke. “I am sucking you.” She swirled her tongue on the crown and swallowed him whole again. She had her hand working his cock in tandem with her mouth. Gripping, pulling him toward bliss.
“Dammit, I’m gonna come. You better swallow every last drop and lick me clean. If you so much as spill a drop, I’ll take it out on that sweet little ass of yours.” He glared down at her challenging her. She was oh so tempted to spill, but she figured he would take her ass anyway.
She increased her suction, making his body quake.
“Here it comes, darlin’.” His cock began to pulse and jets of come splattered on her tongue. She loved the salty sweetness of his release and greedily swallowed every single drop.

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