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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sneak Peek at Hunter's Bounty

This is my very first Paranormal story. I hope you enjoy it!

“How ya doin’ over there? Are you still with me?” She’d been so still for the last hour or so and the sun was rising fast. He needed to find a motel for them to crash for the day. He was looking forward to feeding his little vampire. He knew she was just as turned on as he’d been. He felt it in their connection.
“Yes, I’m still with you, but not for much longer.” Her body slumped over in the seat with her head leaning against the window. He could see her cheek smashed against the glass in the side mirror, and he chuckled quietly. To be so tough she looked almost innocent in sleep.
“I’m gonna get off this exit. I saw a sign for a motel a little ways back. You just rest while I handle this stuff. I’ll have you in the bed in no time.” That was his plan. Of course, he wanted her awake for the ride, but he could wait until she woke up. It would be murder on him, but he could wait.
He pulled into his assigned space in front of their door and stopped, noticing she was softly snoring. Nothing louder than a whisper, but it made her look vulnerable, and that meant he would have to protect her, not the other way around. He already knew that was a fight in the making with her, but makeup sex was just as fun as any other. He carried in the backpack and hid the weapons under the backseat.  Next was carrying Lana inside. He opened the door slowly, so she didn’t fall out; he caught her head in his hand and scooped her up into his arms, carrying her inside. “Yeah, you’re one tough cookie aren’t you?” He said into her hair as he carried her. She needed to feed and quickly, so he woke her up enough for her to understand him.
“What do you want? I’m sleeping here.” She turned away from the sunlight peeking in between the curtains.
Devon immediately drew the shades which gave it a night effect. He hung the ‘Do Not Disturb” sign on the door handle, so there would be no interruptions. He went back to his little vamp and settled in beside her. He nudged her a few times, trying to wake her.
“What? I’m sleepy.” She barely had her eyes open, but she was eyeing his neck.
“You need to feed, Lana. So I need you to wake up just enough to do that.” He wanted her awake for more reasons than one, feeding was just an excuse. He knew she could only resist the blood lust for only so long and he was counting on it. She pulled her head off the pillow, just enough for him to cradle her and bring her closer to him. He watched as her eyes went from brown to black and her fangs dropped down. “That’s it Lana, take all you want.”  He turned his head, waiting for the small sting of fangs piercing his skin. The sting that would ignite a flame between them both. He couldn’t believe the pleasure he got from feeding her.  It was like she was tapped into him on a sexual level without having sex.
She licked his neck and kissed his flesh softly, then bit into him. He felt it immediately, the blood lust sparking to life inside her. He felt her being overwhelmed by it. She sucked harder and small whimpers escaped her.
“I need to take you now, Lana.” He was rock solid and ready to go. He felt her energy flaring to life from his blood and smelled her sex. She was on top of him in a split second. He knew she was allowing him access to her body. Access he would take advantage of. He unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper, gaining access to her wet core. His fingers searched for her tiny little clit to rub it in tiny little circles. She was so wet he had no trouble finding anything. His fingers glided through her arousal as he slipped two fingers inside her.
She lifted her pelvis and rode his fingers while she finished sucking his blood. He felt the smooth rasp of her tongue closing the wounds, then he flipped her underneath him.
“Let’s get these clothes off of you.” He lifted her, pulling her shirt over her head. “Lift up honey.” He pulled her jeans down off her legs and tossed them to the floor. The only thing left was a small scrap of silk. He pulled them aside, ripping them and his tongue went straight to her clit. “Damn, I needed to taste you.” A sharp cry left her lips as he swirled his tongue around her clit. He finger fucked her getting her ready for him.
“Devon, please. I need you now.” He backed off the bed and quickly stripped his jeans off, ripped his shirt over his head and crawled back on top of her. “You ready darlin’? I can’t be easy, not right now.”
“Yes, please, just shut up and fuck me.” Her hands were grabbing his ass, pulling him to her.
He situated himself between her legs and aligned himself up with her tiny hole and pushed inside her until he was fully seated. “Dammit baby, you feel good.” He pulled out and slid back in again in one hard thrust, making them both moan.
“Don’t you dare hold back on me, sport. I like it rough.” Her eyes were still black, her fangs still down and he could see his blood in the corners of her mouth. He could almost still feel the suction of her feeding, turning him on.
“In bed, you call me Devon or Sir, and Nothing in-between. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” He noticed the hesitation in her voice.
He held her by her chin and stared into those midnight eyes. “Do not try me or you will be punished.” She jerked her chin out of his grasp. “Yes, Sir.”
“Good girl.” Now I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk. He raged inside, thrusting at a thunderous rate. Filling her over and over, giving her what she wanted, what she needed. Her greedy little hole fit him like a glove, massaging his cock on every stroke. He lifted her legs above his shoulders and pounded into her. “Is this what you wanted? For me to fuck you so hard your teeth rattle.” The only sounds in the room were that of his grunting, her whimpering and flesh slapping flesh.
She lifted her pelvis meeting him stroke for stroke. “Is this all you’ve got? Why don’t you fuck me like you mean it, Sir?”
He stared into those bottomless black eyes and took the challenge. Pushing one leg back over her, giving him more access to her pussy, she inhaled sharply as his dick penetrated her, almost to her womb. He snuck a hand between them and reached around to put it her ass. “Ohmigod! Devon! I’m gonna come!”
 “That’s it, come for me, baby.” She shattered in his arms, her body shaking and trembling. After letting her body calm down he reluctantly pulled out of the tight hot grip of her pussy.
He was still hard, so, he said, “Let’s see what you’ve got.” He lowered her legs and flipped them over with her on top.  She pushed up from his chest, threw her head back and began grinding herself on his cock. He grabbed her hips, moving her up and down as he pumped into her from below. He could truthfully say he’d never been with anyone better. Lana was truly an original. Her groans of pleasure made him even hotter. He growled, spurring her on. “Touch yourself, baby” He wanted to see those delicate fingers make her writhe.
Her hands caressed her breasts, rolling her nipples between her fingers. “Fuck me, fuck me harder. I need you, Devon.”
“Hang on.” She dropped to his chest and he rolled them back over, pinning her underneath. His eyes met hers and a hunger blazed between them. A hunger that couldn’t be satisfied with just one round of sex. He would take her over and over until they both were so sated they couldn’t move.
Her legs clamped around his waist, her heels digging into his ass. “Yes, give it to me Devon.”
He loved the sound of his name falling from her lips. “Say it again.” He gazed into her eyes, the connection becoming even stronger. He could get lost in the bottomless depths of her eyes. Her head lolled back, her mouth opened, showing the tips of her fangs. Dammit, that was sexy as hell.
“Give it to me, Devon.” She moaned his name.
“You got it, baby.” His strokes became wild and frenzied. Wild with passion and gone was his careful control. His heart beat at a maddening pace, thundering against his ribcage. The scent of her arousal filled the room. He breathed her in, loving the way she smelled.
Her nails bit into his flesh, making him slam into her balls deep over and over. He felt her orgasm building. Her inner walls quivered and her muscles all contracted. He snaked a hand between them and rubbed her clit, tiny whimpers left her lips until her eyes rolled up in her head. Her delicate inner muscles massaged his cock, making him lose control. Then she let go, falling into oblivion, her body shimming and shaking.
He felt the telltale sign of his own orgasm coming on. The tingle in his spine, his balls drawing up and his muscles bunched together. He paused and roared out his release. His last two pumps were halting and jerky, and felt good as hell as his seed filled her.