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Interview with Lani Rhea

Thank you very much, Bonni, for allowing me to take over your blog today! 


   Rising Currents’ Book One, Louisiana Moon, is a paranormal erotic romance with a touch of urban fantasy and suspense. Plus, it’s packed with action!!! That’s right, action! I kept action in my mind the entire time I wrote the story. I was always trying to figure out what kind of dilemma to push my characters through while on their journey.

Though Louisiana Moon will not release until Nov. 5th with Lyrical Press, I’ll be gracious enough to give you fine readers an insight to the story…


 Wanted: Royal blood. Bounty: An action packed, sexy, suspenseful tale. 

After losing her parents to vampires, werewolf Kristina Knight spends her life protecting humans from the bloodsuckers. Saving Darin James from the Truce Brotherhood adds fuel to the vampire coven's wrath. When Ryant Starga, her former lover, appears under the pretext of protecting her, Kris isn't ready to trust him again--especially not after he made his choice clear years ago. 

As leader of the vampires, Ryant is driven to protect Kris not only because of their past connection but because, now, the Soulscapes are out for her blood. If they succeed, the soul demons will rule the Darkworld--and no one will ever be safe. Ryant has a plan to convince Kris she needs his protection, but it all goes badly awry when, in spite of the years separating them, he's unable to keep his hands and mind off her--or the human Darin James out of the picture. 

With Darin overstepping boundaries, will Kris and Ryant rekindle their love only to lose it again?

Warning: Vampires, werewolves and humans--oh my!


Sound like something you would like?...I thought so. *grin* Now it’s time to read deep. Absorb the scene Kris is going through.



Her jaw worked, and her nostrils flared. “I hate you.”

Pain, the emotional variety, shot through his chest to the area she’d bit. “Good. This should make you want to get the job over with faster.” Ryant looped a finger over the loosened knot of his tie and tugged the knot undone. The fine silk draped his neck.

“Why on earth would I help you or any other blood-sucking bastard after what happened to me…to my mom and dad?” Her voice cracked with agony the words produced.

“I told you before. Vampires did not kill your parents.” He pulled the strip of silk free from his neck and tucked the material into his back pocket.

“Every thread of evidence pointed at your kind.”

“My kind… had no hand in the murders. I will defend them to my dying breath.”

“That may not be too far off if you don’t get the hell out of my house.”

Pushing off the frame, he stood in a wide stance. Tilting his head, he studied Kris down the length of his nose. She’d never bowed out from an argument. He traced his tongue across the elongated points of his fangs, aroused by the sexual tension which thrummed through his body. Her feistiness and defiance had always been his undoing.

“I told myself when I came face to face with the infamous Mr. Launders, I would tear out his throat. Your minions have been calling and showing up at my office for weeks. Hounding me for weeks. In your name--on your command. You’d better keep a leash on your pet monsters. Stop wasting my time. If any of your minions harass or stalk my clients, I’ll stake their asses.”

“I’ll pass the word around when I go back. Thanks for the warning.” Ryant paused, started to speak again, but let her heated remarks dangle in thin air. Then a thought accord, some passion toward him had to stir somewhere inside her or he’d be dead by now. The image he had seen playing in her mind proved that much. But whatever desire remained in her, bitterness tainted it.

Inside, he laughed a harsh regret. She still held vampires responsible for the death of her parents. She’d turned from the truth, believed only what she wanted. Stubborn and resistant, his Kris hadn’t changed.

Her heartbeat sped a notch faster with the strength of her convictions. Even her hate was preferred over her indifference.

So, my minions say you, the reader, wants something for free. Am I right? I’ll give away two signed Under Bonded Contract bookmarks. Leave any questions, comments or whatever along with your email. I’ll respond. In a few days I’ll contact two of you.

Under Bonded Contract on Amazon


Lani Rhea, lover of coffee and married to her high school sweetheart, lives in the heart of Oklahoma. She has four children and loves animals. Lani is always up for a challenge and enjoys mixing romance with all genres that spark her interests. You can find her either reading or writing. She would love to hear from you. Find her on Facebook. To catch up with her crazy blogging visit her blog. Follow her on Twitter, too!

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Hottie Tuesday!


Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #16

Welcome to Tanatlizing Tuesday, where we pick our own picture to write 200 words about. I hope you enjoy my 200 and be sure to check out all of the other teasers by following the links below.
Kami rode ahead of Kade and he watched her ass sway with the gate of the horse. His cock was uncomfortably hard. He heard through the grapevine that Kami Duncan was a virgin and he planned to be the one to pop her cherry.
In a town like Redemption TX, rumors spread like wildfire. Everyone knew everyone and nobody’s business was private. He’d heard all the rumors spread about him, but didn’t want news of Kami losing her virginity to be counted among the many. “Kam, there’s a stream around the next bend, let’s water the horses there and rest for a bit.”
She glanced over her shoulder, her pink hat shading her expression. “Okay, sure.”
After getting the horses settled, they spread a blanket. “I bet what I want is finger licking good.” He glanced her way to gauge her reaction.
“Kami smiled over her shoulder. “I bet it is too, although, I’ve never tasted my own juices before, cowboy.”
“Well, hell, sugar, why don’t you tell it like it is.” He crawled over to her and licked the seam of her lips, getting her mouth to open for him. “Hot damn, this ride is going to be fun.”

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Hot babe Saturday



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Tantelizing Tuesday Teaser #15

Welcome to Tanatlizing Tuesday, where we pick our own picture to write 200 words about. I hope you enjoy my 200 and be sure to check out all of the other teasers by following the links below. 

Kami held her breath as he topped the hill in front of her. Kade was the most eligible bachelor in all of Cook County and he’d invited her for an afternoon ride. Her hands shook as she glanced over his body. She tried to imagine what he would feel like above her. Never having been touched by a man had her practically drooling over him. Her imagination was running faster than she could keep up with it. Visions of him pushing inside her virgin hole made her wet.
“Hey, Sugar? You about ready to take a ride with me?” He dropped the saddle on the fence rung under her feet, winked at her and slid the bridle on her horse.
“Yes!” Her heart pounded in her chest, making her light headed. She slipped forward off the fence and he rushed to her side, holding her tight to his sun kissed chest.  
His hands were warm on her skin as he pulled her face up to meet his. “Kami! Are you okay?”
She nestled in closer. “I’ve never been better.”
“Hell, woman, you scared me half to death. I thought you were a goner for sure.”

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4 Heart rating for the Bank Job.

4 Heart Review of The Bank Job by Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
Opposites attract, and burn up the pages with their passion in the novella The Bank Job by Bonni Sansom. If you enjoy erotic novellas with bits of BDSM thrown into the mix then The Bank Job might just become one of your new favorites.
When stubborn Kat and dominant Jarrod meet during a bank robbery, things quickly get heated. She refuses to be a victim and he just wants everyone to get out alive. Can Jarrod tame her before they both get killed? Katherine 'Kat' Anderson goes to deposit her check and ends up in the middle of a bank robbery. She refuses to cower and will fight them to the bitter end. To the robbers she's a pain in the ass, but to the manager she's sexy as hell. Jarrod Miller's day started off bad and only gets worse when three armed men burst into the bank he manages. He does everything he can to ensure his customers get out alive, but pink-haired Kat seems determined to get them killed. When they are locked in an office together, things start to heat up. Between Kat's stubborn defiance and Jarrod's dom attitude, will they rip each other apart or just their clothes off?
While depositing her minuscule check into the bank one day on her way to work, overly stubborn biker girl Kat Anderson, encounters a whole plethora of problems. For one, the bank is getting robbed, something Kat definitely doesn't have the time or the patience for. Another problem is the sexy as sin bank manager who she's being held captive with keeps triggering some emotional buttons that Kat definitely doesn't count on getting pushed.

Jarrod Miller has had enough of his craptastic life. Sure he's got money and a good job, but without someone to share it all with. Basically life for Jarrod is as dull as a blunt nail. But when the super hot girl with piercings and pink hair shows up right as a robbery in his bank is getting ready to go down, his dull as all get up life suddenly takes a turn for the better.

Being hauled up as hostages isn't all that bad; especially when you're trapped with someone who can literally distract you from the evil of the day with just a few touches and a hot make out session.But what happens when the danger is over? What happens when Jarrod wants to take their little rendezvous to the next step, without the risk of getting shot by a group of crazed gunmen? Will Kat succumb to the promises Jarrod insists on keeping? Or was it just the imminent danger that made the attraction so heady?

I didn't develop an immediate attachment with Kat's character right away; but after a few chapters, she did grow on me. Her most apparent traits was her ability to have a smart mouth accompanied with her stubbornness, but as I got to know her, I realized just how awesome and fierce she really was. I especially loved her willingness to become the protector when it came to Jarrod. Jarrod, on the other hand, grabbed me from the beginning and had me completely hooked in the end. He was a dominant, that's for sure, but he also was move on the vulnerable side. I loved how he was so determined to make Kat his. A man who doesn't stop until he gets the girl is my absolute weakness when it comes to fictional heroes.
The Bank Job was a quick read for me, but it definitely didn't stray from the the descriptive details and the powerful emotions of the characters. I love fast paced, get to the point kind of stories and The Bank Job was just that kind of book. The passion was there, the heartbreak was there, and the feisty characters with the opposites attract syndrome was most definitely there in it's entirety. The Bank Job certainly did an amazing job devouring up my attention until the very last page. So yes, I do recommend The Bank Job ... highly. And if you are in need of a good afternoon escape with a sexy dominant and a sassy submissive, then The Bank Job is perfect book for you.