Friday, January 6, 2012

Excerpt from The Bank Job

He was going crazy wondering what was happening to her. He couldn’t stand to be in the tiny room alone with thoughts of her. Jarrod was sure he heard her yelp in pain. He paced the small distance from wall to wall. He wanted to go out there and kill Dick. He knew Dick had his eye on Kat from the beginning. He couldn’t blame him, because there was just something about her that called to a man. She had a way of crawling under your skin and staying there.
“Come back Kat. Please be okay.” He hated being so useless, so powerless. It wasn’t in his nature to be that way. He was usually the one in control and calling the shots, especially in bed. He had a suspicion that Kat would be a perfect submissive, even though she had that tough exterior. She liked to make people think she was tough as nails, but underneath, she was really a pussy cat.
He stared through the blinds of the door, hoping to get a glimpse of her. “Come on Kat, let me see you.” He pressed the side of his face to the cool glass window trying to get a better look. He saw Kat’s side with Dick’s hand on her arm tugging on her. His blood boiled at the sight.
“I’m coming Kat.” He opened the door and ran down the hall, ready to fight regardless of the guns. Nobody would touch Kat, she was his.
“Jarrod, what the fuck are you doing?” Kat seemed shocked and irritated he was there.
“I’m here for you. Now get your damn hands off of her!” Jarrod grabbed her other arm, pulling her toward him.
Dick laughed. “Have you forgotten I have a gun?” He held it up for emphasis.
“No, I haven’t forgotten asshole, I just don’t care anymore. Shoot me or don’t shoot me, but you’re not getting Kat, she’s mine.” Dick snatched her arm, pulling her hard against him; his gaze never left Jarrod as he licked her cheek. Jarrod lunged for him, with rage driving his actions. Reaching Kat, he pushed her out of the way. She fell to the floor. His fist slammed into Dick’s cheek, twisting his head in an unnatural position. All too soon, Dick recovered, countering with a punch to Jarrod’s gut. He doubled over, coughing and sputtering. Before he was able to catch his breath, Kat lunged for Dick’s crotch, but before she could reach her target, Dick hit her over the head with the butt of the gun, knocking her out. Her body went down with a thud. She lay crumpled and bleeding on the cold floor.
“Kat!” Jarrod shouted as she lay there unmoving.
“You’re one dumb bastard.” Dick pointed the gun at Jarrod while wiping blood from the corner of his mouth. He looked at his hand and wiped the blood on his shirt. “I might as well just shoot your ass for that.”
“What the hell is going on in here?” Snaggletooth asked, walking into the room. “We leave you for five damn minutes and you’re beating the hostages?”
Jarrod dropped to his knees beside Kat and cradled her in his arms. “Kat, baby, come on talk to me.”
“I wasn’t beating the hostages. I was being attacked. This one hit me and then she went for my nuts, so I did what I had to do.”  He waved his gun over Kat’s still form and Jarrod covered her body with his. He’d take a bullet for her anytime. One thing he was sure of was she would be pissed when she woke up.
“Kip, get them back in their room and you,” He pointed at Dick, “come with me.” So the little one’s name was Kip. One more piece of information to give the police once this was over.
“Dammit, don’t use my name.” He said to Snaggletooth, then Kip grabbed Jarrod by the arm, pulling him up away from Kat. “Come on move. I’ll get your girlfriend in a minute.” He used the barrel of the gun to push Jarrod down the hall. Jarrod never took his eyes off of Kat.
“Just let me carry her to the room. Please she’s hurt. You don’t want the police to think you were abusing the hostages do you? They’ll go easier on all of you if we all get out of this alive.”
“I said I’ll get her. She’ll be fine, now get in the damn room and shut up.” He shoved him in and slammed the door.
Jarrod looked out the door blinds to see what was happening to Kat. Kip was dragging her by her arms down the hall toward the room. Jarrod opened the door and stood by while he dropped Kat’s arms. Her head lulled to the side and she had streaks of drying blood in her hair. She would be alright, pissed off, but alright.
He sat down and pulled her into his arms, resting her head on his thigh. He held her there for the better part of an hour before she started to rouse. She opened her eyes but said nothing for long moments. She seemed to be trying to get her bearings.
“What the hell happened? Damn, my head hurts.” She brought her hand up to her wound, getting sticky blood on her fingers.
“Dick hit you with the butt of the gun when you went for his gonads.” He stroked her cheek softly.
“Did I get them?” She huffed out a breath and tried to sit up.
“No you didn’t. He clocked you before you got close.” He helped her sit up between his legs.
“Sonofabitch this hurts. I haven’t had a headache like this since…” her words died in the silence. 
“What were you going to say?” He kissed her on her shoulder.
She turned her head to look at him. “Why did you kiss me? Do you think we’re a couple now just because I gave you a blowjob?”
“I don’t know, I just wanted to kiss you. I still want to kiss you, but if you don’t want it say so. Tell me you don’t want me.” He challenged her, knowing she did. Her eyes told him everything he needed to know. The eyes never lied.
“I told you before I wanted mine. I just don’t think here would be the best place or time to do it.”  She sighed.
“You can have some here. I can do this.” He slid his hand down to her pussy, touching her through the denim. “Undo your pants.” He rubbed the length of the seam of her jeans.
“You got it.” She quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and he slid his hand inside, touching her moist heat through the scrap of silk she had on. He pulled it aside, finding her slick wet folds. He ran his finger through her slit, grazing her clit, making her back arch. He concentrated on her clit, rubbing it in small circles, eliciting quiet mewling noises from her.
“Mmm, yes. Put your fingers inside me.” She tipped her pelvis up, giving him better access.
He slid two fingers inside her tiny hole, pumping in and out. “Is this what you wanted, baby?” He hooked his fingers, rubbing across her G-spot.
“Ohmigod, yes. That’s it, that’s it Jarrod, I’m gonna come.” She rotated her hips with his rhythm.
He loved hearing his name fall from her lips. He stroked her clit with his thumb a couple of times and she splintered apart in his arms, shaking and twitching. Her legs clamped shut; she held her breath for a moment then panted.
 He pulled his hand free, lifted it up to his mouth and tasted her salty sweet nectar. He could hardly wait till he could lay her across his bed and taste her sweet pussy. His cock hardened at the thought. If they made it through this crazy day she would be his.


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