This is another sneak peek at Eternal Bliss. Hope you enjoy it.

Kyle sat back in their usual booth, listening to Steve, Jeff, Wylie, and Pete, having a conversation about the pros and cons of large breasts.
“But they ain’t as perky as little ones. I like the ones that stand up and say hello,” Pete said waggling his brows.
“Man, Pete, your wife has big ones, and they ain’t sayin’ hello.” Wylie pointed out.
Pete huffed out a breath. “Well hell, Wi-Fi, why the fuck do you think I like the little ones then?” He chucked a peanut at Wylie.
Wylie caught it mid-air cracked it open, gave a smirk to Pete and tossed the nuts back into his mouth.
“Smug bastard,” Pete grumbled.
Jeff took a swig of his beer, and pointed out at the dance floor, where two well endowed blondes hovered waiting for partners. “What do ya say we ask those two to dance? Who knows we might get lucky. They don’t look like Minivans to me.”
Steve perked up. “Now, see I don’t get that? Why do you call women Minivans?”
Jeff pointed to the tables filled with couples cuddling. “Those are women with Minivan stamped all over their foreheads. They want the house, the kids and the damn Minivan. Not a one night stand. We stay way the hell away from the Minivan’s.”
Steve’s brows drew together in disgust, held his bottle of beer up, and said, “You two are twisted. What’s wrong with being with one woman? You don’t have to try and remember her name.”
Jeff shook his head and pointed his bottle at Steve. “So, says the married guy. I don’t want to remember her name. What about you Kyle? Kyle?” Jeff waved his hand in front of his face, trying to get his attention, and failed. Jeff looked in the direction Kyle’s eyes were trained on, and let out a long whistle of female appreciation. There at the bar was a golden brown haired beauty. Or at least the back of her was. She was trying to hike her heart shaped derriere up onto a high barstool and was failing miserably.
Everyone at the table was now watching the show. “How many tries ya think it’ll take her to get up there?” Wylie asked.
“I don’t know, but I’m gettin’ a boner watchin’.”Jeff said.
Wylie pulled out his wallet and dropped a twenty on the table. “I bet you twenty bucks I can have her in bed in an hour.”
Kyle snapped his head in Wylie’s direction, snatched the twenty, stood, took one more swig of his beer, and smiled. “The hell you will.” He held the twenty up between two fingers and said, “But you can buy her a drink.” He dodged a peanut Wylie chucked at him, and headed toward her. He looked back at the table and Wylie flipped him off, while Jeff sat there laughing.


Damn she was nervous. She realized too late that wearing her black silk miniskirt with a thong had been a bad idea. She felt the cool air hitting her bottom every time she’d tried to get on the stool. She also knew she had shared way too much of her Brazilian bikini wax with the patrons of Mack’s Bar and Grill
Also, she noted wearing four inch heels to an establishment that had broken peanut shells littering the floor was a safety hazard. 
“What’ll ya have miss?” She stared at the bartender for a moment, distracted by his bushy eyebrows.
“Um…I think I’ll have a Midori Sour.” She needed the liquid courage to settle her nerves.  The bartender put a napkin on the bar and left to make her drink.
  She hadn’t had the nerve to look for him yet. She had hoped maybe he would come to her. She glanced up into the liquor bottle covered mirror trying to get a glimpse at the crowd behind her. She inhaled sharply, half his face was visible right between two bottles of whiskey.
She tried to take a steadying breath but only managed a small gasp. Mr. Orgasm or almost orgasm—according to her failed attempt the night before—was headed her way.
She licked her lips nervously, trying to think of something good to say to him. She wondered if he would recognize her and if he did, would he still want to talk to her?
“Damn sweetheart, you’re really pretty.” She heard from beside her.
Her heart kicked up a notch and she faced him full on. “Does that line usually work for you?”
He raised a brow and pointed a finger at her. “It’s you.”
“Yes and it’s you, too.” She didn’t know if this was a good thing or not. Then he sat down on the stool next to her. His knee grazed her bare thigh as he sat down and sent a chill through her. She licked her lips nervously and played with the corner of the napkin.
“You’re the woman from the back of the bus.”
“And you’re the man who made me crash.” It was out of her mouth before she realized what she’d said. She clamped her hand over her mouth, as her face heated.
He chuckled. “You’re really cute when you do that. You did that in the car, too.” His nostrils flared and his face grew serious. “I’d love to see what else makes you blush.”
At that she’d just about melted to the floor. He was dead serious she realized. She wanted to find out, too. God, it had been over a year since she’d had sex, and she knew he was offering, and she’d be damned if she didn’t want to take him up on it. She wanted to feel every inch of her body covered by this man. She wanted to be taken, ravaged and left barely able to move. If he asked her to leave with him, she knew she wouldn’t be able to say no. “Maybe you’ll get to find out.” She glanced down taking notice of his very there, right-in-your-face erection. She swallowed hard, trying to focus. Her face heated even more, so much so her ears were hot. She glanced up to his face and he gave her a look of, what are you going to do about it.
The bartender approached setting her drink down. “That’ll be four-fifty, miss.” 
She opened her clutch to pay the man, but Kyle slapped a twenty down on the bar. “I’ve got it Mack.” Mack took the money and left to make change.
Laine took a sip of her drink letting the cool sting of the liquid calm her.  One, two, three more sips, and she looked down and realized she’d finished it. The ice clinked in her empty glass; the cherry was at the bottom wedged under an ice cube. She turned up the glass a little too high and a little too fast sending ice cubes flying. The cherry she caught with her teeth, but several cubes escaped sending one down in-between her breasts. The shock of the coldness in a very warm place had her frantic.
“Pugh.” The cherry flew from her mouth smacking Kyle on the cheek. “Holy crap that’s cold.” She slammed the glass on the bar and dug for the slippery cube. She didn’t care who saw, including Kyle.
He laughed and wiped his cheek with a napkin. “I could help you with that.”
“I bet you could.” She finally snagged it out from under her left breast, a little too late, because her nipples were now standing at attention.
His gaze lingered on her chest for a moment. His jaw ticked, sending a bloom of heat between her thighs. He looked into her eyes. “Laine do you think we could go someplace private?”
She hadn’t told him her name yet, and she wondered how he’d known, but didn’t question it. “I think so. Your place or mine.”
“Yours, is it close?”
“It’s about twenty minutes from here.” He snagged her by the hand and pulled her toward the door. She had just about fallen trying to keep up with him. Once outside he backed her up against the brick wall, and his mouth crashed on hers in a mind-melting-toe-curling-set-your-panties-on-fire kind of kiss.


  1. Please let Masters Playroom know when published. I enjoyed both snippets.

  2. Damn Bonni you write a hot story. I just have to read the whole book!