Thursday, February 21, 2013

Release Day for Bound After Midnight!!!

There is something about the darkness that liberates our deeper, more animalistic desires.
Desires that only the most masterful and skilled possess and which transform us from human to
animal. Combine that with the power of true love and you have a recipe for perfection when the
heart gets what it wants, and the body is satisfied through carnal stimulation.
The ties that bind are not always visible, the universal concept of love, not always seen clearly
through the eyes of the wandering traveler. This is no truer than in the case of Solan, a warrior
with an unknown destiny in "Finding Eternity." Wounded on the battlefield, his rescue by a
vampire who yearns to be his proves to be too much for a man with no concept of ownership.
"Cream on the Crop" is a rather tongue in cheek, yet powerful story about a strong willed
woman of privilege making her own way in the country until a specter appears and shows her
carnal delights through submission of more than just will.
Demanding blood lust fuels our characters in "Hunter's Bounty," a tale of rescue featuring a
very unlikely type of shape-shifter as love interest for our vampire heroine.
Each tale weaves the intricacies of kinky sensuality, sensual romance and story enough to
keep you turning the pages of this hot collection.
Perhaps you may find yourself Bound After Midnight...


  1. Thanks for sharing the pages with me. Congratulations on your first paranormal.

  2. Congratulations on your latest release. Looking forward to reading.