Thursday, September 22, 2011

Excerpt from Jack's Christmas Wish

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Lissa didn’t know when she fell asleep or how she could’ve with the plug in her ass. Never the less, she woke up in the arms of her Christmas fantasy.

The way he commanded her body was amazing. He took complete control and made her feel like a precious gem. He was polishing her up to shine and no man after this, she feared would ever measure up. Somehow he knew everything she’d ever fantasized about. Almost like he was reading her mind. Although, she couldn’t help the eye thing, she was happy with the punishment.

“You’re awake.” He rubbed her arm, then snaked his under hers and cupped her breast in his hand bent his head down and kissed her shoulder.

“Mmm. Yes. I’m awake.” She rolled into him giving him better access.

He took her nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue around it. Then he released it, rolling it between his fingers. Damn, the man was good. Unlike her previous lover, who treated her body like a remote control pushing random buttons trying to get it right. She often sang the children’s song in her head. The nipple bone is connected to the clit bone. The clit bone is connected to the orgasm. The man had serious problems with patience. Whereas she knew Derek would take all the time in the world with her.

 She wanted him to hold her and make love to her every night. She pulled away from him. She didn’t want him to see it in her eyes. She knew he would too. The man didn’t miss a thing.

She felt him stiffen behind her. “Why did you pull away?” His voice was filled with power.

Yep, the man didn’t miss a thing. She didn’t have an answer for him. What would she say? I don’t want to be your Christmas fantasy. I want to be your world.

She felt a lump forming in her throat and hot tears in her eyes. She refused to let them fall, but she couldn’t bear to look at him or they would. She had to remain detached.

“I asked you a question, kitten.” He pulled on her shoulder to get her to face him.

“Please fuck me, Sir.” It was the only thing she could think of. She couldn’t answer his question. She had a feeling if she lied he would know instantly. At least if he fucked her it would be from behind.

He huffed out a breath, but reached down and pulled the plug out and added more lube. That sensation felt so good. She imagined him filling her ass over and over again was going to rock her world.

“Are you ready?” He lifted her leg over his and waited for her to answer.

“Yes Sir.” She felt the blunt head of his cock at her puckered entrance. She blew out a nervous breath and relaxed her muscles.

“Dammit, you’re tight, babe.” He grunted as he pushed in one excruciating inch at a time.

“Ohmigod. Ohmigod. Ohmigod. Please?” she screeched. It felt so good and bad at the same time. He was much larger than the plug. It was so much pressure she didn’t know what she wanted. Did she want him to move or be still? She didn’t know. She needed his help.

“Let yourself adjust and I’ll move.” He gritted out through clenched teeth.

“Yes Sir. Yes Sir. Ohmigod.” She swallowed hard and blew out a ragged breath. Okay she needed him to move now. She knew this for certain. He must have known too, because he did.

“Mmm. Yes. This feels so good.” She finally felt the pleasure of this act. It was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. Like her insides might melt from the heat of it. She felt like she might explode from the pleasure. She would have an orgasm of epic proportions. She found her new favorite sexual act.

“Harder please, Sir.” She arched her back giving him better access, making him go in deeper. She felt a strong arm wrap around her. His hand went straight for her pussy. He filled her with two long fingers. She could feel the pressure between the two holes through the thin wall of tissue. She was going to come, but she didn’t want this to end.  But when he rubbed her clit with his thumb it was all over. Her orgasm sideswiped her, crashing over her violently like a rogue wave. She could swear she left her body for a moment.

“Derek. Derek. Oh God. Derek!”  Her body shook and twitched fiercely.

 “Oh shit, Lissa I’m coming!” He pumped three more times and came spurting his hot seed inside her, claiming her.


He had just marked her as his. He hadn’t used a condom. He wanted to claim her. He wanted to have her in his bed making love for real.

He pulled out slowly missing her heat already. He could live in her heat forever. Get intoxicated from her body. And dare he think it…he could love her.


  1. Damn! You write some HOT sex scenes! I want to be Lissa. *sticks head in freezer to cool off.*

  2. God, that was amazing!!!!

  3. whew! very sexy! im in love! <3

  4. Daaamn that was hot! The descriptions sizzled and, okay must find time to read my prize soon so I can have more, more more!