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Interview with Ryan O'Leary aka Ciera Ryan

Welcome Ryan, pull up a chair and have a seat. I'm so glad you had time to come and chat with me. Would you care for some coffee? *takes cup and sips slowly.*
Alright, let's get down to it. I'm sure you have a day with all sorts of things planned.

 Me: Tell me about yourself.  

Ryan: I'm not all that interesting to be honest. I get up in the morning like most people, and do my work for the day. Mostly I watch the clock until its quitting time, then go home and try to connect with people for a few hours, before its time to go to bed and do it all again the next day.

Me: Tell me a bit about your current wip.

Ryan: I'm working on the 7th installment in my Sex With Teachers short story series. The series revolves around different women's erotic encounters with a school teacher from each grade, from kindergarten, all the way through to grade 8. The series seems to have struck a chord with readers and I think they'll be pleased to find-out that Holly is back for another naughty go-around.

Me: How is your work done? Do you write with plots or do you write by the seat of your pants?

Ryan:  I'm a sporadic writer. I write in spurts. I might write non-stop for 5 days straight, and then write nothing for a month or so. For me, writing is and always has been and always will be a hobby first and foremost, so it's more about writing when I feel like, than it is about meeting deadlines. I write at my own pace and most definitely by the seat of my pants.

Me:When did you realize writing was your passion?

Ryan:  I remember writing a short story with a classmate when I was in grade 6. Back then it felt like I'd just written a novel, and I enjoyed it. I always wanted to write a novel growing up, and shortly after turning 22 I sat down and started writing one. Ever since then, I've been walking around with one story or another in my head and the desire to write that tale down. I discovered self-publishing about a year ago and started publishing stories under the pen-name Ciara Ryan as well as my real name.

Me: What was your first book and how long did it take to get it published?

Ryan:  I've gone the self-publishing route because I don't have the time to commit to writing fulltime, or should I say, because I lack the desire to struggle trying to write fulltime. Although, I did recently sign a contract to have my first romance novel released by a major online publisher.

Me: How long does it take you to finish a manuscript?

Ryan: At the moment my focus is on short stories, between 4,500 and 6,500 words, which I can write and edit in one day.

Me: Do you have a favorite character?

Ryan: I love all the characters I create. They're all special to me in one way or another because they've been in my dreams for longer than I can remember. If I were forced at gunpoint to pick a favourite, it'd have to be Kyle in my book, A Night of Firsts, and only because that story is based on actual events and Kyle is based on yours truly.

Me: What advice would you give an aspiring author?

Ryan:  Write because you like to. Don't expect to get rich doing it, do it because you love it. I could win the lottery tomorrow and you'd still find me toiling away at my computer every time inspiration strikes me, because it's what I enjoy.

Me:What’s your favorite book/author? 

Ryan: I don't read all that often, but when I do, it's either Bonni Sansom or Sable Hunter. Nobody compares to those ladies in my opinion. 

Me: Thank you. *blushes* Okay, back to the questions. If you couldn’t write what would your profession be?

Ryan: *chuckles then takes a sip of coffee* I guess my answer to that one would have to be, if I couldn't write I'd be perpetually bored.

Me: What do you do when you’re not writing?

Ryan: I play soccer in the summer and hockey in the winter. Also, I love to cook. Sometimes I'll stop at the grocery store on the way home from work and plan a spontaneous dinner right in the store. Now, if I only had a lady-friend to cook for.

Me: If only I were single. If you can make italian, I might just have a crush on you. Ahem, alright, back to it. What makes you laugh?

Ryan: Something and anything ludicrous. Stereotypes make me laugh. Not because I believe them, but because they are so ridiculous.  

Me: Do you have any pet peeves? 

Ryan: People who get out of their cars at the drive-thru bank machine. 

Me: How many books do you have out available to readers?

Ryan:  I have 13 short stories and an anthology under my pen-name Ciara Ryan, and 1 short under Ryan O'Leary.

Me: Thank you for chatting with me.

Ryan: Thanks for having me, Bonni. I'll be back here regularly to see your sexy pictures.
It’s been a pleasure talking with Ryan O'Leary (Ciara Ryan), and you can find Ryan O'Leary (Ciara Ryan) on Facebook at!/pages/Ciara-Ryan/151500671627202
Sex With Teachers: Grade 5
All the lights in the school were off when I stepped back into the main hallway. I saw that the light down the far end of the hall was still on in Nick's classroom. I headed towards the room, still uncertain how I was going to brooch the subject of a ride home, especially with that panty shield Monica in there with him.
When I got there, I reached for the door handle and paused for a moment. Maybe I should just call Mike back and beg? I thought about it for a second and that's when I heard it. It sounded like a desk scrapping across the floor and I looked through the glass partition of the door. What I saw was Nick seated on the top of his desk; his hands were behind his back, Monica on her knees in front of him. Nick had a thick swatch of Monica's brunette hair in his hand and she bobbed up and down on his fat cock.
I pressed my face against the cool glass to get a better look and every nerve in my body stood on end. Monica worked Nick's pole slowly, taking as much of his big dick in her mouth as she could, before sliding it back out delicately. She stroked it in time with the rhythm of her bobbing; her tiny finger barely fit around it at the base.
I was frozen in place. I wanted to burst through the door, rip my clothes off and enjoy Nick as well, but I couldn't move. My legs were weak and I had to put a hand on the door to keep myself up. Nick unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. Monica and I both gasped when we saw the sculpted perfection of his body. He pushed Monica's flawless face back down onto his joystick and half of it disappeared deep into her mouth.
The glass in front of me was foggy from my labored breathing, and a greedy hand had found its way up my blouse and squeezed my perky tits hard. Earlier I wished it was Nick's hand on my breasts, but now watching Monica deftly stroke Nick's cock, I wasn't sure whose touch I wanted more.
Nick pulled her up to her feet, reached both hands behind her and started to raise her skirt. Monica's ass was perfect; round and full. Nick's massive hands squeezed it firmly while they kissed.
Nick's voice was muffled by the door between us, but I heard him tell Monica to take her shirt off. She did it without a word, obediently looking up at Nick with the same desire I must have had in my eyes when he stood over me with his cock out.
She pulled her sweater over her head and stood in front of Nick in a strapless white bra. Maybe they did this all the time; the strapless lace bra told me she'd been planning on this day ending the way it was and I couldn't fault her, because I too would take every opportunity I had to fuck Nick. Her skirt was pulled up to the small of her back, exposing a pair of white lace underwear that hugged her shapely ass and made her tanned skin pop.
Nick picked her up and lowered that perfect posterior onto the top of his desk. I closed my eyes and put my free hand under my skirt. I felt the familiar heat from before and when I pressed my button, my legs quivered and I lost me balance. I opened my eyes and clasped the door handle for support.
Monica and Nick looked to the door and then back at each other.
"Someone there?" Nick asked.
I took two steps back from the glass. "Shit." I leaned against the wall behind me.
I could hear them scrambling to get dressed.
"It's me," I said. "Gillian. I mean, Mrs. Holiday."
"Just a minute, Mrs. Holiday." Nick called out. "Just finishing something up."
I thought about turning around and running, but where was I going to go? The only other option I had was a blizzard.
Monica opened the door a second later."Your back?" Nick had sent her to the door much like he'd sent me when she came knocking.
She had the beginning of what was no doubt going to be epic JBF hair, and her skin was glowing.
I offered a soft smile. "I'm back." I stepped through the doorway.

You can purchase Ryan's work at the links below. Please check out his work. You won't regret it.

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