Friday, August 17, 2012

Review from Manic Readers on The Bank Job

Reviewer: Alberta

I always look for offbeat ways that couples meet, and this has to be the most offbeat one I’ve read to date. Jarrod is the bank manager and Kat is a customer when robbers burst in and take everyone hostage. Jarrod is a buttoned up accounting type, and Kat is a pierced, pink-haired biker babe who works at a sex shop. You would expect them to be like oil and water, but when they are locked in a dark office together, sparks fly.
Hard to believe Jarrod could ever get through the crusty exterior that Kat presents to the world, or that she’d ever be attracted to an establishment character like him. However, that’s what happens despite their conflicts and differing life goals.
The Bank Job is a cute little love story that I liked a lot, plus the characterization of these two is excellent.

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