Saturday, September 1, 2012

4 Heart rating for the Bank Job.

4 Heart Review of The Bank Job by Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
Opposites attract, and burn up the pages with their passion in the novella The Bank Job by Bonni Sansom. If you enjoy erotic novellas with bits of BDSM thrown into the mix then The Bank Job might just become one of your new favorites.
When stubborn Kat and dominant Jarrod meet during a bank robbery, things quickly get heated. She refuses to be a victim and he just wants everyone to get out alive. Can Jarrod tame her before they both get killed? Katherine 'Kat' Anderson goes to deposit her check and ends up in the middle of a bank robbery. She refuses to cower and will fight them to the bitter end. To the robbers she's a pain in the ass, but to the manager she's sexy as hell. Jarrod Miller's day started off bad and only gets worse when three armed men burst into the bank he manages. He does everything he can to ensure his customers get out alive, but pink-haired Kat seems determined to get them killed. When they are locked in an office together, things start to heat up. Between Kat's stubborn defiance and Jarrod's dom attitude, will they rip each other apart or just their clothes off?
While depositing her minuscule check into the bank one day on her way to work, overly stubborn biker girl Kat Anderson, encounters a whole plethora of problems. For one, the bank is getting robbed, something Kat definitely doesn't have the time or the patience for. Another problem is the sexy as sin bank manager who she's being held captive with keeps triggering some emotional buttons that Kat definitely doesn't count on getting pushed.

Jarrod Miller has had enough of his craptastic life. Sure he's got money and a good job, but without someone to share it all with. Basically life for Jarrod is as dull as a blunt nail. But when the super hot girl with piercings and pink hair shows up right as a robbery in his bank is getting ready to go down, his dull as all get up life suddenly takes a turn for the better.

Being hauled up as hostages isn't all that bad; especially when you're trapped with someone who can literally distract you from the evil of the day with just a few touches and a hot make out session.But what happens when the danger is over? What happens when Jarrod wants to take their little rendezvous to the next step, without the risk of getting shot by a group of crazed gunmen? Will Kat succumb to the promises Jarrod insists on keeping? Or was it just the imminent danger that made the attraction so heady?

I didn't develop an immediate attachment with Kat's character right away; but after a few chapters, she did grow on me. Her most apparent traits was her ability to have a smart mouth accompanied with her stubbornness, but as I got to know her, I realized just how awesome and fierce she really was. I especially loved her willingness to become the protector when it came to Jarrod. Jarrod, on the other hand, grabbed me from the beginning and had me completely hooked in the end. He was a dominant, that's for sure, but he also was move on the vulnerable side. I loved how he was so determined to make Kat his. A man who doesn't stop until he gets the girl is my absolute weakness when it comes to fictional heroes.
The Bank Job was a quick read for me, but it definitely didn't stray from the the descriptive details and the powerful emotions of the characters. I love fast paced, get to the point kind of stories and The Bank Job was just that kind of book. The passion was there, the heartbreak was there, and the feisty characters with the opposites attract syndrome was most definitely there in it's entirety. The Bank Job certainly did an amazing job devouring up my attention until the very last page. So yes, I do recommend The Bank Job ... highly. And if you are in need of a good afternoon escape with a sexy dominant and a sassy submissive, then The Bank Job is perfect book for you.

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