Friday, February 17, 2012

Excerpt from Eternal Bliss.

Soon to be released by Sizzler Editions

“Mmm, please Kyle, I need you.” She felt the heat from her feet all the way to her head. Her body was aflame with need, the need for him, for everything he could give.
He undid her blouse, kissing the exposed skin with each button. Licking and sucking, marking her as his. He wanted to mark her with his scent, his kisses, so that no man dare touch his woman.
“Ohmigod, that feels so good.” She squirmed with every touch, every brush of his lips, every breath that blew across her kiss wet skin. She wanted to touch herself, she needed release right now. He was slowly torturing her body. If she could just get her fingers on her clit, she thought. Her hand moved in to touch, and he caught it in his.
He lifted his eyes to hers. “Do I have to tie you up?”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
He snatched a belt from the post of the bed. “You bet your sweet ass I would.”
She gaped at him even as her core flooded with arousal. She hadn’t thought it possible to get any more turned on, but the thought of him tying her up thrilled her. Apparently, he knew it too. He took the leather belt, grabbed both wrists and looped them to the headboard in a flash. She hadn’t even had time to protest. Not that she wanted to.
“Now I can take my time.” He licked a trail from her bellybutton to her chin, leaving behind a chilly wet trail. She pulled at her wrists and they didn’t budge.
She closed her eyes tight and squeezed her thighs together. She was right there. All she needed was one touch, one lick, one anything to throw her over into bliss. Her back arched off the bed, trying desperately to get closer to his mouth. He just backed away, enjoying himself. Every time she tried getting closer he would chuckle and back off. Her over-sensitized body was going haywire. She was shaking and moaning with every feather touch, ready to explode.
He flicked the front snap to her bra, letting the cups fall away. Her pale pink nipples were straining hard nubbins. She turned and twisted her body, trying to get one in his mouth, but he held her firm, sucking on the slight swell of her belly.
“Please,” she begged.
He sat back on his haunches. “Do you trust me?”
“What do you mean?” she asked, frustrated. She wiggled her arms, trying to free them, but they wouldn’t budge.
“Look at me, Lainey, only at me.” She did.
“Do you trust me?”
She blew out a breath. “Yes, I trust you.” She realized she really did trust him and felt something more for him than she had before. She thought it odd it didn’t scare her, but made her feel good. Loved.
He must have seen it in her eyes. “Let me love you Lainey. Let me take you higher than you’ve ever been before.” He slid off the bed and shuffled out of his sweats, grabbed a tube of something and a condom from his nightstand. He returned to her and pulled her skirt off, exposing her entire body for his pleasure. “Now, just relax for me.”
Yeah right, relax. Oh, no problem.
He took the tube and squirted a clear gel on his finger and lowered it to her ass. He circled her puckered star with the cold gel on his finger. Round and round until she relaxed, then pushed in getting a surprised yelp. It didn’t hurt exactly, just felt strange, good strange. She relaxed further, moaning with every insertion.
God, this man had magic fingers. He found erogenous zones on her body she had no idea existed, but she was nervous. “Kyle, I’ve never done this before.”
 “You’ll love it, I promise.”