Sunday, February 26, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #28

Welcome to another SSS. Thank you for stopping by. The link to get back to the original site is Six Sentence Sunday Now here are my six.

“Take off your pants.” She unbuckled his belt and flicked open his button. He took over, his zipper making a rasping sound. His cock sprang free into her hands. It took all of his control not to come in her hands. He did his times tables, he thought about mowing the grass, he thought about doing his taxes, anything to make it to her sweet pussy.

This is from Eternal Bliss Soon to be released from Sizzler Editions.


  1. I now spend more time than I'd ever have guessed, guessing about the things men think of when trying not to cum. :D Loved it, Bonni.

  2. baseball stats! I hear that works well too. nice six