Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Interview with Benjamin Russell and Michelle Chatton

1.        How did you start your writing career?
Michelle Chatton: I started my writing career after meeting my co-author Benjamin.  I shared some short stories I had written and he liked them.  He convinced me that I had talent and should try it, and Voila! Here we are.
Benjamin Russell: I write business briefs and proposals in the real world. I’ve been waiting for just the right opportunity to make reference to the real world. I’ve been doing business writing for quite a while and I’m damn good at it. Anyway, I’ve always loved to read, comic books, Sci-Fi, Romance , even the articles in Playboy. *Snickers* So, one day I decided, what the heck – I want to try writing for fun. The transition from business writing to fiction writing hasn’t been easy, but I think my past writing experience has given me a running start.

2.        Tell us about your favorite character from your books?
Michelle Chatton:  For me it is a tie between Vicky, the Hot Sexy Bi-BBW and Winston our Sexy Dom. If push came to shove **giggles** I would just have to choose the gorgeous Dom. What woman wouldn’t want to be with an Alpha male that knows his way around a woman’s body? Plus I love his openness about his sexuality.
Benjamin Russell:  Ok, surprise-surprise, I infused some of me into Winston, so I’m partial to him, but my absolute favourite character is Cherry.  I love Cherry’s zest for life and how she lives in the moment. I suspect we will see more of Ms. Cherry in future Booty Call instalments.

3.        Tell us about your current release.
Benjamin Russell: It’s a story about a beautiful, full-figured woman who decides to celebrate her divorce becoming final and her birthday, by making a Booty Call to a couple of male friends.  She wants to have a MMF ménage to celebrate and her two friends, Marcus and Winston are only too happy to oblige. 
Michelle Chatton:  This was Benjamin’s brainchild.  But the minute he told me about his idea, I was on board for sure.  A story about a Sexy Bi-BBW finding her sexuality in hot adventures?!  How could I not love it?  LOL

4.        Tell us about your next release.
Michelle Chatton:  We both have several WIPs in progress, some with each other, some with other co-authors and some are just solo projects.  So, I guess it will be whatever gets finished next.  But there will definitely be more of Vicky’s story.
Benjamin Russell: Michelle summed it up nicely.  Specifically, Michelle and I will be doing Booty Call 2 – Truth or Dare and Booty Call 3 – Mistress Deanna.  We also have outlines written for two other WIP projects that she and I expect to have published this year.  I am also working on a short story project with another sexy author, Ms. Jade F. Baiser  and then there is my solo project – The Incubus Chronicles.
5.        Has someone helped or mentored you in your writing career?
Michelle Chatton:  To be honest I have had a lot of help from other authors.  It is probably one of the most welcoming and encouraging group of peers I have ever met.  Benjamin was the first to really kick my butt into gear so I do call him my Mentor but he is also my friend.  I have a lot to learn yet which is the fun part, I love to learn.
Benjamin Russell:  Oh wow, I am still learning and I’ve been fortunate to have so many writers give me encouragement, advice and tips on how to be a writer.  Every member of the Flash Fiction group I started has been instrumental in helping me and I have to give each of the founding members in that group a lot of props for shepherding me along; Bonni Sansom, Lisa Worrall, Katie Harper, Muffy Wilson and Lani Rhea.

6.        Who is your favorite author?
Benjamin Russell: Oh wow, I have so many authors I enjoy and My Kindle Fire has books from so many authors on it - I can’t list them all.  Ok, in no particular order; Bonni Sansom, Steven Barnes,  Heaven Liegh Eldeen, Yvonne Nicolas, E.R. Pierce, Sarah York, ILona Andrews, Cassandre Dayne, Faith Hunter, Katie Harper, Nichelle Gregory and Zane – just to name a few. I repeat, just to name a few.
Michelle Chatton:  I have very eclectic tastes when it comes to books.  I love Christine Feehan’s paranormal books and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s.  Heather Rainier and Sophie Oak are ménage favorites.  The list is very long since I am addicted to books; I currently have 2000 books on my Kindle. LOL

7.        When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?
Benjamin Russell:  I write best in the morning – my wicked Muse wakes me up in the middle of the night whispering new story ideas in my ear and those ideas are freshest in my mind early in the morning.  My Muse, I call her Jezebel, doesn’t like to share me with anyone, not even sleep. You can find out more about Jezebel by clicking on the embedded link in her name.  I try to put in at least 6-8 hours a day of writing and/or doing networking – marketing.
Michelle Chatton:  I write whenever my Muse visits.  It can be during the day or in the middle of the night.  I have learned the hard way that when he whispers in my ear, I darn well better get up and make notes!  When I haven’t the “whispers” are gone. Lol   I try to make myself follow a schedule of 3 hours in the morning and at least 3 in the afternoon.

8.    What is the hardest part of writing your books?  
Michelle Chatton:  Well…ummm…well… I am a born procrastinator, so the hardest thing is making my butt sit in a chair and just write.  Once that happens it always just seems to flow.
Benjamin Russell:  Gawd, I hate to admit it, but I have the same issue as Michelle.  For whatever reason and I’m just now starting to figure it out, getting started is the toughest part for me.  I find myself too easily distracted.  I think I need to go to a writer’s retreat, in the woods or mountains with no internet access and then I could really crank out some words.
9.        Who are your books published with?
Benjamin Russell: Naughty Nights Press( NNP ) is our ePublisher and we’re having a ball working with them.
Michelle Chatton: Benjamin was the one who was instrumental in finding us the awesome ebook publisher Gina Kincade . She is a fellow Canuck and a great strong woman who cares about her writers.

10.      Do you hear from your readers? What kinds of questions do they ask?
Michelle Chatton:  Actually yes I do.  It is something so new and exciting..getting fan mail.  Often I am asked if the stories are from “real life” experiences.  LOL - the answer is NO, I just have a wicked imagination.  Just like Gene Roddenberry didn’t have to actually “go where no man has been before” in order to write about it, I don’t have to be Bi or have multiple partners to write about it.  ;)
Benjamin Russell: LOL – yes, I hear from readers wanting to know whose butt is that inserted into the Booty Call – Excerpt posted on my Blog. I tell them it’s Winston’s butt.  If anyone is interested, they can click on the embedded link to see for themselves.

You can find Booty Call at the following:
Click on our names for more about us:

So what is a strong-willed, Bi-BBW supposed to do when she decides she wants to have a MMF ménage to celebrate her birthday? She makes a Booty Call to her bi-sexual male co-worker and her hot Dom ex-lover.
Victoria Carter has finally broken free from a destructive relationship, now she wants to explore her sensuality and her sexuality to the fullest. Ready to meet the world head on, this is just the beginning of her sexual adventures.
Vicky arched her back and her head lolled to the side. “Winston, ooh baby, I am soooo close. If you keep doing that I am going to come, I am going to come so hard.” She whimpered breathlessly
Steel vibrated in Winston’s voice. “No, you don’t come until I tell you to.” The touch of menace in his voice sent a furtive thrill to Vicky's moist core and surprisingly, she found the hint of danger in his voice to be arousing.
“Yes Sir,” she said, assuming the submissive role easily from pure habit.
Vicky let out a long sigh as he slowly pulled his finger from her pussy’s clinging grasp. He stared at his cream covered finger lovingly before he turned his gaze on her and met her eyes directly.
Transfixed, she watched him stick his finger in his mouth and suck off all her cream. A look of crazed lust washed over his face as he tasted her juices and the erotic expression sent undulating ribbons of desire shimming down her spine. She peered at him through hooded eyes as he dipped a finger back inside her. Vicky’s eyelids fluttered and then closed as another wave of pleasure racked her body.
This time, when he withdrew his finger glistening with her dew, he held his hand up to her face. Every cell in her body screamed for her to devour his finger, but she forced herself to wait. He didn’t have to say it, but she wanted him to give her permission to do it. He leveled an icy stare at her and his commanding body language spoke to her heart.
Tonight she wasn’t the hotshot attorney who intimidated weak men with her intelligence, self-confidence and plus sized body. Tonight – in this bed – she wanted to be a desirable and sensuous woman, giving her trust to a real man. If only for one night, she wanted a man like Winston to dominate her and use her as he pleased.
Her eyes were soft, open and begging for his approval. “Please.”
“That’s good baby, you’re learning.” He placed his finger at the opening of her mouth and Vicky smiled when she inhaled her scent. She greedily wrapped her lips around his finger and sucked it clean.
He moved to the end of the bed and dropped to his knees so he could look between her legs. Moisture oozed from her and he froze for a moment as his cock bucked at the sight. He stared at the tantalizing view of her sex, wet with cream. He became enthralled at the promise of emptying the creamy contents of his balls in her, or all over her.
He looked up and captured her eyes. “Vicky, tell me what you want.”
She hesitated for just a moment. “Please.”
“Please what?” The displeasure in his voice was evident.
“Please make me come.”
He smiled. “That’s what I needed to hear.”
Winston began to lick his way up the inside of her legs and made a beeline straight for her beckoning little pussy. Normally, he would have teased her even more, but since today was her birthday and she’d been a good sub up to that point, he decided to give her what she needed.


  1. Oh Wow! Everytime we do one of these I learn something new about my co-author. This is one awesome journey and ride, beyond anything I could have dreamed.

    Thank you so much for having us Bonni and for all your help and support.

  2. I think this is the third or fourth one of these interviews that I've done now in the last two weeks. Disregarding the embarrassing tidbits that have leaked out of my mouth, what I enjoy the most are those questions that give me an opportunity to Pay-It-Forward and give some love to my friends.

    Bonni, thanks much for hosting us today, you are my friend. Muwah!@

  3. I love discovering about writers and what makes them tick. These two are no exception. Michelle and Benjamin are extremely interesting people who have created a sizzling book together. It just has to be a best seller. The excerpt proves that. I'm proud to have Benjamin as my Mentor too.

    Bonni, this was a great interview which I thoroughly enjoyed. Great interviewer fantastic interviewees, hot hot book. What more could you want?

  4. Great interview! It's nice to learn more about you two!

    Thanks so much for the mention, Benjamin!


  5. Love this interview. I can never get enough of Benjamin Russell and I'm finding I'm getting addicted to Michelle Chatton as well. I have read Booty Call and I love it! I can't wait to read more from the dynamic duo!

  6. I read this book with my fiance. Alls I got to say is.....damn. It was our first time ever reading anything erotic at the same time. It won't be our last.
    Fantastic story by two fantastic authors!! LOVES YOU GUYS!

    And thanks for the shout out.

  7. What a great interview. I enjoy getting to know a little more about my friends and favorite writers..:D

  8. I loved Booty Call, and can't wait for more from Vicky, Winston, Marcus (Cherry) and the gang :) Great interview and it's fun learning about other authors.

    thanks for the shout out, though I feel like cheap imitation diet cola in comparison to the rest of the awesome authors mentioned :)