Sunday, July 31, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #3

This is a continued vibe scene with Laine, from Eternal Bliss, a current work in progress. Enjoy!

Her clit was swollen wanting, needing to be touched. The only problem was she could never get off with just her fingers. She needed her clit stimulator, which needed the damn batteries.
 That’s when she noticed what had been in front of her all along. Like a beacon in the night, her salvation…she held the television remote in her very hand. The tiny remote that just so happened to house two AAA batteries.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #2

This is a solo vibe scene with Laine from Eternal Bliss. Keep an eye out for more snippets. I"ll be posting more on my blog and my website.

“No, dammit, this isn’t happening. The intense buzz of her vibrator had diminished to a slow click, click, click, and then nothing. Laine threw herself back on her pillow. The ceiling fan cooled the fine sheen of sweat covering her body. Just hours earlier she’d met the man who’d inspired this attempted orgasm. Pete, the ass.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Excerpt from Eternal Bliss

This is a love scene with Kyle and Laine from Eternal Bliss. Enjoy!

He backed out of his driveway almost hitting the mailbox. Damn, he wanted her bad. “I’m already on my way, Lainey. I’ll be there before you know it.” He hung up and stepped on it. He’d break every damn traffic law getting to her.
He pulled into her driveway, and jogged to the door. He didn’t know what she had in store for him, but he couldn’t wait to find out. He twisted the handle, and entered the foyer. It was empty s he made his way back to her bedroom, and there she was on her bed wearing a black lace teddy that left nothing to the imagination. Her hair was fanned out over the pillow. She looked like she belonged on the cover of a magazine. His cock swelled behind his zipper instantly.
“Hi, sweetheart, you’re gorgeous. I wish I had a picture of you like this. He remembered his cell, and took it off his belt. He held it up and snapped a picture before she could protest.
“Now I have something to get me through till Monday.”
Laine frowned. “Yeah, about Monday, I was hoping we could spend time at your house.”
No tell her no. My entire house could fit in her kitchen. God, he didn’t want to do that, but if that’s what she wants, so be it.
“Okay, but I’ll have to get rid of my roommate.” Jeff wouldn’t be too happy about it. He’d want to share her, but Laine wasn’t someone he would share. Kyle would kill him if he touched her, best friend or not.
“Good enough. Now get over here and do with me what you will.”
That was all the invitation he needed. “Yes, ma’am. I hope you’re ready for some hard lovin’”
“I can see it’s hard already.” He approached the bed and Laine stroked the length of his erection through his jeans.
“Dammit woman, I can’t believe what you do to me.”
“As long as you like what I do to you, we’ll get along just fine.”
His dick was painfully hard, getting zipper tracks on the underside as they spoke.
“I love what you do to me, and what you’re going to do for me right now.”
She looked into his ice blue eyes. “And what is it I’m going to do?”
He gave her a devilish smile. “You’re going to undo my pants and use that pretty little mouth of yours to pleasure me.”
She smiled back at him. “Yes, sir.”
“I like it when you call me sir. Keep that up.”
She sat up and reached for his belt. He hissed through his teeth when her delicate fingers grazed the tip of his cock. She fumbled with the button, making him want to help her, but he refrained, enduring this exquisite torture.  Finally she pulled down the zipper releasing him from his denim confines. She caught him with her hand, staring at the bulbous head, licking her lips.
“Damn baby, I might not last long in that gorgeous little mouth of yours.”
Her pink tongue darted out licking the tiny bead of pre-come from the slit. He swore under his breath, feeling her velvety tongue licking him, loving his cock. He had no idea she would be so enthusiastic.
She took the head into her mouth, sucking his soul out through his dick.
He groaned. “Yeah, baby, that’s it, suck me.” Damn, he was in love with her. He knew in his soul he could never find a better fit for him than Laine. He just hoped he’d be able to convince her of the same thing. They were a perfect match.  
The sound of wet slurping filled the room. He watched her head bobbing back and forth, her cheeks hollowing on the upstroke, and puff out on the down stroke. His fingers stabbed through her hair, grabbing a handful and pulling her mouth off of him before he exploded.
She looked confused. “I don’t want to come in your mouth Lainey. I want to come in your tight little pussy.”
He toed off his boots, and slipped out of his pants that were around his ankles. He slipped his t-shirt over his head, and tossed it carelessly to the floor.
He crawled onto the bed next to her, and kissed her senseless, their tongues licking and exploring each other’s mouths. He could taste his salty wild taste on her tongue. They were both breathless when they came up for air. His large palm caressed her breast making her nipple pucker. She moaned with delight.
He took her nipple in hand rolling it between his fingers, getting a small squeak of pleasure. Her eyes were closed, but he wanted her to watch him.
“Lainey, open your eyes and watch me.” She opened her heavy lidded eyes, and looked down to her nipple. He dipped his head nipping it through the lacey material then soothing it with his tongue.
“Mmm, oh that feels so good, please don’t stop, sir.”
He palmed her pussy feeling her slick arousal through the material. “You’re so wet baby. I think we’re ready to get this thing off of you. You’re a bit over dressed for my taste.”
He pulled the strap off of her shoulder exposing one pert breast. Her perfect pink nipple was already taut, and ready. She slipped the other strap off her shoulder pushed the teddy down lifted her butt, and pushed it off.
“I’m ready for you, sir.”
His cock twitched at sir. He snagged a condom from his pants pocket, ripped it open with his teeth and rolled it on. He didn’t want to wait one more second to be in her wet heat. He situated himself between her legs, fitted himself to her hole, and pushed in balls deep. They both hissed through their teeth. She closed her eyes again.
“Lainey keep your eyes on me. Let me see those grass green eyes.”
She immediately complied.
“Good girl.” His strokes were uneven and halting. He was on the verge of coming, but had to hang on. He paused. “Look down and see how we fit together. We’re a perfect match baby.”
She propped herself up on her elbows looking down at where they were connected.
He was happy for the moment to gain his control. He watched her face flush as she saw him stretching her open wide

Friday, July 22, 2011

Writing Challenge! #2

Alright you know the rules. 100 words to tell a story based on the picture.

“That’s fine with me. The couch is comfy.” Instead of being backed up to the couch, he turned them and backed her up against the wall. He dropped his jeans to his knees, and had a condom on in a second. He lifted her, eliciting a small squeal, as her legs automatically gripped his slender hips. He hiked her skirt up, pulled the silky scrap of a thong aside, fitted himself to her tiny hole and plunged in balls deep in one long, languid stroke, making them both moan.
“Had to have you now,” he gritted out through clenched teeth.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Writing Challenge!

In 100 words or less give me a story that goes with the picture. Can you do it?
Here is mine.

Anticipation filled her. Her every nerve was on fire. Blind folded, she could only hear her Master as he gathered the toys for tonight. She could feel the cold of the restraints, smell the leather from the crop, and various other toys.The fur he had her lying on tickled her skin.
Her clit swollen and throbbing begged to be touched. She was already soaked with arousal, when she felt his calloused fingers trace a pattern on her breasts. She gasped as her nipples puckered into hard points.
"Please, Master, I need you to fuck me now."
Smack! "Hush pet."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Excerpt from Redeeming Justin. Current work in progress.

This scene is from Chapter Four. Jaz and Justin's love scene.

“Now when I lift your foot you swing your leg over the saddle” Justin put his hands together for her foot. She lifted her foot into his hands; he counted to three, and lifted. She swung her leg over the saddle, and felt strange on top of the horse. She smelled the leather and unique odor of the horse.
Justin had tied her reins together for her beginning lesson, while his remained separate. He showed her how to loop them between her fingers, and how to halt and steer the horse.
He wasn’t a very tall horse like the one Justin was now sitting on top of. She thought she remembered his name was Major. Major was a beautiful black horse, while hers was more of a beige, with a white stripe down his face.
“This is weird. I’ve never been on the back of an animal. I can feel him breathing.” She rested her feet in the stirrups feeling the raw power of the horse.
“Give him a kick to get’em goin’.” Justin kicked Major to demonstrate.
She kicked him just like she was shown. Nugget started walking and she swayed side to side with his gait. She could tell Nugget didn’t get into much of a hurry.
“You know, Nugget could have been named Slow-Poke and it would have been perfect.”
“Are you saying you want to be on a faster horse?”
“No, absolutely not. Nugget fits me to a T.” She kicked him again getting him to go a bit faster.
She cocked her head to the side. “So, where are we going?”
“There’s a clearing not too far up the trail. We’ll have lunch there.” He had to pull up on the reins to slow down enough for Nugget. 
“Mmm, I’m starved. What are we having?” She wanted to have him over her, under her, any which way she could get him.
“It’s a surprise.”
The trail wound through a sparse canopy of trees most of which were twisted and gnarly, with short branches and thick leaves swaying in the wind. They came upon a small stream and Nugget stilled. He whinnied and wouldn’t move when she kicked him.
“What did I do wrong? He won’t go.” She kicked and kicked to no avail, and Justin was getting farther ahead.
Justin turned Major around facing her. He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Sweetheart, you didn’t do anything wrong. I completely forgot he might get spooked here. Just ease off on the reins and hand them over to me. I’ll lead him across.”
“What happened here?” She started feeling less than secure in top of a spooked horse. The horse shifted his weight, but didn’t move forward. He bobbed his head up and down and whinnying.
Justin grabbed the reins and spoke softly soothing the startled horse. It was a side of him she had yet to discover. He was a soft spoken, loving man. Every new thing she learned about him made her like him more. She was quickly falling for her cowboy.
He pulled Nugget across the stream. “Several months ago, Ellie rode Nugget up here after a storm. The stream was flooded, but she tried to cross and almost drown. She and Nugget both almost died.”  He shook his head as if trying to shake off the memory.
She held her hand over her heart. “Ohmigod. No wonder he didn’t want to go through the water. I can’t blame him.” She reached down and patted him on his neck. “You’re a good boy aren’t you, Nugget?”
“Yup, he is.” Justin agreed. “I’m just sorry he got spooked on your first ride. He really is the gentlest horse we have, other than the ponies we use for riding lessons, but you’re too big for them.”
“Thanks, I love hearing I’m too big to fit on a horse.”
He shook a finger at her. “Uh, uh, I said pony, not horse. There’s a difference.”
They rounded a large oak tree and came into a meadow. Through the trees the sun was casting off perfect slanted rays. It was truly beautiful. “Here we are.”
“This is incredible.” She looked around in all directions taking in the sight of the perfect oval meadow. A few purple and yellow wild flowers bloomed in the lush green grass. She looked back at Justin who spread a blanket on the ground. She hadn’t even noticed him getting off his horse, which she still needed to do.
“Um…Justin could you help me down? I don’t know how this works.” She glanced down each side trying to figure it out.
He chuckled, and came to her rescue. “Leave your left foot in the stirrup, swing your right leg over and hang on to the horn on the saddle. It’s real easy. Just take your time and when you’re ready just hold, stand and swing. Okay?”
“Hold, stand and swing. Okay got it.” She did as instructed but lost her grip on the horn and fell into Justin.
Justin caught her under the arms and her butt came to rest against his groin. “Mmm, sweetheart, I had planned for us to eat here, but if you rub up against me like this I might want to eat more than food.” He nipped her neck eliciting a small yelp of surprise.
“That’s fine with me cowboy, but if you get to taste, so do I.”
“Woman, you are speaking my language.”
She turned in his arms, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Drop ‘em cowboy.”
His eyes went wide, but he unbuttoned his pants and dropped them as instructed. He was no idiot. “I love a woman that’s demanding” 
“I love a cowboy that complies.” She dropped to her knees taking his cock in hand and tasted the bead of pre-come. It tasted salty and sweet and there was a flavor that was uniquely Justin. She ran her tongue around the bulbous head, and then sucked him into her mouth.
He hissed through his teeth. “Dammit woman, that feels good.”
She hummed deep in her throat as she took the length of him in. Her cheeks hollowed on the upstroke, and her lips glistened with his arousal. She used her hand to stroke the length she couldn’t take in, urging him to come. She wanted to have all of him, his essence. Her head bobbed back and forth making slurping noises. He stood muttering his thanks to a higher power, and sweet encouragements to her. It was a heady feeling having the power to dominate such a powerful man. He gave her a boost of self-confidence and an increase in sexuality. For the first time in years she felt sexy and desired. She could very easily love this man.
She sucked and swirled her tongue on the head with each withdrawal.
“Fuck, baby, I gonna come if you keep that up.” His fingers thread through her hair, moving with her motions.
“Mmm hmm,” she hummed.
He reached down grabbed her under the arms and pulled her to her feet. When their eyes met, he said, “I don’t want to come in your pretty mouth, I want to be inside your sweet pussy.”
“That’s fine with me, cowboy.”
“Take off your clothes. I need to see your beautiful body.” He unbuttoned her flannel shirt, getting her started.
“You don’t waste any time there do ya?” She took off her boots and shimmied out of her jeans. Now clad in only her red bra and matching thong she felt, overexposed. The breeze wafting across her skin made her shiver.
He wrapped his arms around her shielding her from the elements .He let her adjust to the setting. She was grateful for him sensing her needs and taking care of her. He was by far the most attentive lover she’d ever had.
“Thank you, I’m okay now.” She looped her arms around him, feeling his body melding to hers. His sun-browned skin was a contrast to her olive complexion, with the exception of his white butt. She almost snickered at the thought. He was a typical cowboy, from his snakeskin boots, all the way to his black, Stetson hat. Her cowboy.
Now all she needed to do was deal with her son. After his father had cheated and settled their divorce for two million, her son had become the man of the house and was very protective and distrusting. She had a feeling he would try to get rid of Justin.
“Hello, earth to, Jaz.” He smacked her on her bottom getting her attention.
She blushed, realizing she’d flaked out on him in the buff. “Sorry, where were we?”
He kissed her neck giving her goose bumps. “We were right about here.” He undid the hooks of her bra spilling her breasts into his hands. He gently massaged them, making her moan.
She reached between them stroking his erection. “I’m ready for you to be inside me, cowboy.”
He let go of her breasts and snatched a condom from his pants and rolled it on in record time. He laid her down gently. “Spread those legs for me, baby.” He situated himself between her legs and aligned himself with her sweet little hole, and plunged forward balls deep.
“I could get used to this.”
“Me too, sweetheart, me too. I seem to be addicted to you.” His thrusts were even and measured. He was in complete control.
 “Wrap those pretty legs around me and hold on.” He picked up the pace rubbing right across her g-spot. She came in a rush of liquid heat, calling his name. His strokes became frenzied and urgent. He bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes, then jerked to a stop grunting his release.
He collapsed on top of her breathless, with his semi-erect penis still embedded inside her.
“Damn, you’re an amazing lover.”
“You’re not so bad yourself, cowboy.” She untangled her legs from around his waist and kissed him on the nose.
He rolled off of her and pulled her on top of him. “I think I’d like to see you more often. Maybe stay at your place a couple nights a week. I live in a bunkhouse full of yahoos, so my place is out. Then again, we could camp here at night.”
“I would love for you to stay over.” She didn’t know how to explain the situation with her son though, and that bothered her. She was a grown woman letting her son dictate her love life, or lack of. She needed to put her foot down and remind him who the parent was. He’d just have to accept she had a boyfriend. Her stomach got butterflies at the word boyfriend. It was almost like she was back in high school. Of course, he made her feel young again. He made her feel attractive, sexy, and loved. Loved? Oh shit!
He waved a hand in front of her face. “I lost you again. What’s rolling around in that pretty head of yours?”
How could she tell him? What would she tell him? Did she love him already? She didn’t have the answers to any of those questions, so, she said, “I was thinking that I want to have sex again.”  She kissed him, instantly making him hard. She felt his erection press into her stomach and ached with need to have him fill her again. To have her so completely she could feel it in her soul. She realized that Justin was a good man. A man that was as good as his word, a man that would always be there for her, he would always make her feel sexy. Everything her ex-husband hadn’t been, or done.
What a fool she’d been being with Charles. The only good thing about him was his knack for making money. She had to hand it to him; he could make a business deal with the devil and win.
Justin ground his cock into her belly drawing her attention back to him. “I’m not sure what’s gotten in to you today, but if we’re going to be together I need your full attention. Is there something you need to talk about?”
“No…well yes…maybe. I have a problem. Well, we have a problem.”
He squinted an eye. “What kind of problem? Is it something that will separate us, kind of problem, or what?”

Monday, July 18, 2011

Eternal Bliss Excerpt

Out now from Renaissance eBooks Inc.

“Come in.” She backed up, pulling the door open.
“You look beautiful.” He seared her from the inside out with his intense glare. She could feel the heat from her head to her toes, which would be curling any second now, she was sure. His Ice blue eyes held her captive, helpless to do or say anything.
“I’m sorry, but I have to kiss you, I’ve been waiting for this all day.” His mouth crashed onto hers, his spicy flavor bombarded her mouth. Such a heady feeling washed over her. Their tongues dueled deliciously, moment by moment, causing moisture to pool between her thighs. God, she was lost in him. He broke the kiss and said, “We’re not going to make it to the bedroom for the first round.” He started unbuttoning her green silk blouse, revealing a white lace bra that boosted her ample globes right up to him. He let the shirt fall to the floor.
“That’s fine with me. The couch is comfy.” Instead of being backed up to the couch, he turned them and backed her up against the door. He dropped his jeans to his knees, and had a condom on in a second. He lifted her, eliciting a small squeal as her legs automatically gripped his slender hips. He hiked her skirt up, pulled the silky scrap of a thong aside, fitted himself to her tiny hole and plunged in balls deep in one long languid stroke, making them both moan.
“Had to have you now,” he gritted out through clenched teeth. His strokes became frenzied, frantic, and had her bobbing and banging against the door. She loved every second of it.
“Thank you, Mr. Orgasm,” she said, in a lust induced haze.
“He slowed mid-stroke. “Mr. Orgasm?”
“I’ll explain it later, just please don’t stop.” Her arms wrapped tighter around his shoulders she pulled herself closer to him, kissing him on his neck. She licked and sucked, torturing him just as he had her the night before. She felt the goose flesh form on his back and shoulders. She nibbled, eliciting a feral growl from him.
“Can’t stop, damn, I can’t get enough.” He squeezed her ass tighter; spreading her cheeks in is palms. He slid a long finger between them, using the slick moisture from her arousal to lube her puckered star and then pushed in.
She gasped at the new sensation. It burned and felt good all at the same time, throwing her over into oblivion. Her orgasm crashed over her fast and wild. She bucked and writhed against him, her pussy gripped him as her sensitive flesh rippled around his shaft. She had no idea that was even an erogenous zone. She loved the small bite of pain with the delectable pleasure.
“Yeah, baby, that’s it, come for me.” His pumps became uneven and frenzied. Her release spurred him on, bringing him over, growling out his own release. Their foreheads rested together, both panting out of breath. His body shook, she knew from his orgasm, because hers did, too.
“Wow that was amazing.” Her legs felt like quivering jelly. They were almost too weak to hold on any longer. She squirmed a bit and looked into his eyes. “Kyle, can you put me down now?”
He seemed to come out of his daze. “Yeah, sorry.” He pulled out, and lowered her to her feet. He tilted her chin up and kissed her gently. He poured all of his unspoken feelings into this kiss.
 No way would she get away now. She was his; she just didn’t realize it yet. He knew by the way she’d said just a sexual relationship, someone had hurt her bad. He had no idea who the idiot was, but it was his loss, because no way would he give Laine up to another man. Not now.
“Where is the closest bathroom?” He needed to ditch the condom and get back to making her squirm. He just didn’t want to get lost.
“Take a right down this hall and it’s the second door on the right.” She pointed him in the right direction, and sat on the sofa.
Kyle felt relief wash over him. She hadn’t pulled away from him when he’d held her after her climax. She’d come around in time and want more than just sex.
 He threw the condom in the wastebasket and washed off in the sink. Now all he had to do was get back to her. He kept to the same path he’d used to get there, and found Laine lying on the couch. She had her eyes closed. Serene was the only word he could think of to describe the look on her face.
Damn, she was beautiful.
He hated to disturb her, but he wanted to keep that look on her face the entire night. He hoped to anyway. He wanted to fall asleep with her wrapped in his arms, not wake up in her bed alone like he had the night before. He was pretty sure already that he wanted all of her.
“Laine, sweetheart, wake up.” He gently shook her. She stirred with a sleepy look on her face.
“Sorry, I guess you wore me out.”
“Babe, we’re just getting started.”
He held out his hand helping her up. Upon standing, she brought their bodies flush against each other. His cock instantly stirred.
“Here or the bedroom?” His nostrils flared, smelling her arousal.
“The bedroom Please.”
“Lead the way sweetheart.” She took him by the hand, and led him down the long hallway, through the den to her room.
“So what’s with this ‘Mr. Orgasm’ stuff?” He gave her a lopsided grin.
Her pale skin turned pink right before his eyes. She turned her face away from him. “Um…It was the first thing I called you before I knew your name.”
He turned her head, putting his finger under her chin, lifting those grass green eyes to his gaze. No way would he allow her to pull away from him. “I’m glad you told me and I aim to please. So, I plan to live up to my nickname.” He kissed her gently, giving her the tenderness she needed, letting her know she didn’t have to be embarrassed with him.
He knew he had a long road ahead of him to earn her trust, but he wouldn’t back down from the challenge.
“Lay back on the bed. I want to taste you.”
She scooted back on the bed, letting her creamy thighs fall open.
“That’s it baby, open wide. I want to see your pretty bare pussy.” Her legs opened farther, giving him complete access to her tender flesh. He situated himself between her thighs, and tongued her slit from back to front. As he came up, he licked his lips. “Delicious. I knew you’d taste as sweet as honey.”
“Mmm, you really do have a silver tongue.” She lifted her pelvis, demanding more.
It was a request that he was more than happy to oblige.
He swiped the tip of his tongue across the hard nub, back and forth, eliciting tiny whimpers from her. Her head thrashed from side to side on the pillow. He pursed his lips and sucked her clit into his mouth, rolling his tongue across it and she screamed his name. He wanted to try as many things as he could to find what worked best.
 Her movements became wild and frenzied. He lapped and sucked, loving her pussy with his tongue, giving her all the pleasure he could. He delved inside her tight little hole, fucking her with his tongue and she exploded. She came in jerky movements, muttering her thanks to a higher power. He buried his face in her, lapping her nectar. Her cream, a tasty explosion on his tongue. She made him impossibly harder than he’d ever been, and was by far, the best lover he’d ever had.
“I swear woman, you will be the death of me. I just can’t get enough of you.” His lips glistened in the soft lamplight, showing proof of her arousal. He got up and donned a condom, and climbed on top of her. “So, are you ready for another one of Mr. Orgasm’ specialties?”
She blushed. “Yes, please?”
He lined himself up with her center and thrust in one long stroke. The electricity between them was almost a palpable thing. He felt a chemistry with her, a connection he’d never felt with another. The problem was she just didn’t trust anyone with her heart. He’d have to find a way around that. Maybe he could woo her with pleasure. Find out all about her, and get her to confide in him the reason behind her guarded heart. He knew she’d surrender sexually, but would she surrender her heart?


Laine woke up tangled with Kyle.  What a night, after a record breaking six orgasms she didn’t have the strength to make him leave. Truth was she’d collapsed, falling right to sleep after the last one. She had to admit the man was very talented. He had ways of getting her off even she hadn’t known about.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #1

This is a snippet of a love scene from Redeeming Justin.This is a scene between Justin and Jaz. Keep an eye out for more to come. I will be posting snippets on my blog, and on my website.

 He dropped to his knees. “Spread your legs for me, sweetheart.”
 She did, and he used the tip of his tongue to lick the length of her slit, each time licking her hard nubbin. He held her hips, and sucked her clit into his mouth rolling his tongue across it, and she exploded, bucking and jerking, riding his face. He lapped at her delectable juice, tasting her tangy spicy flavor, enjoying the hell out of his woman.  And, she was his.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Author Bonni Sansom: The Purpose of the Story.

Author Bonni Sansom: The Purpose of the Story.: "In my writing time I look forward to the story. I want to be transported to the place and time of my characters. I want to know them living ..."

The Purpose of the Story.

In my writing time I look forward to the story. I want to be transported to the place and time of my characters. I want to know them living and breathing, as I would know you, a friend, or a loved one. The characters drive the story, they tell me what to do with them and where to do it. The guess work is taken out because the voices in my head (Characters) dictate every move. I never know when I sit down to type where they will take me. It's a wonderful surprise every single time. It's fun and exciting, sometimes even exhilarating. My heartbeat kicks up a notch and I feel as if I'm in the the story. A background character so to speak. It's interesting to me being such a part of an intimate scene, getting to know them on a carnal level. Being a part of their lives seeing things from their perspective. Feeling their emotions and being in the moment.This is why I write. This is why I love it so, the creative aspect aside, the lives of the people I breathe life into are as much a part of me as I am myself. Writing it down, typing it out one key stroke at a time is a privilege for me. I hope you enjoy the moment with me, because it truly is the purpose of the story.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A sneak peek at Sweet Redemption

Chapter One

            No!” Cord Dixon jerked awake. The nightmare still haunted him. Always would. His body slick with sweat, breathing short and fast, his heart hammered in his chest. He would never forget the boy’s face as long as he lived. How could he? He’d killed him.
            Cord looked around getting his bearings. Yet another dingy motel room on a road to nowhere. Another piss-ant town, finding another shitty job to make enough money to move on to where? He swung his legs over the side of the bed, propped his elbows on his knees and let his head fall into his hands. He sighed, wondering where this would all lead. How long could he go on this way? Moving from town to town, living out of his truck, nowhere to call home, and no one to hold.
He glanced at the glowing red clock on the chipped nightstand, 3:05 AM. It would be yet another sleepless night. Climbing out of bed he padded to the bathroom to splash some water on his face. He glared at himself in the mirror. His reflection was no surprise. Dark circles shadowed his eyes, lines covered his face. He looked older than his thirty years, and felt it, too.
A shower would help relieve tension in his muscles. He turned the silver handle, after adjusting the temperature; he stepped in, pulled the sheer white curtain closed and stood in the streaming water, letting the spray sluice over his body. Although it felt good, nothing would ever thaw the coldness in his heart. Doing time for manslaughter had a way of making a man hard on the inside.
After his shower, he’d dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, and wandered to the vending machine for a snack. The lights flickered, and hummed in the small room. The ice machine growled making another tray of cubes. He dropped a couple of quarters in the machine, hit E-3 and collected the bag of chips.
He followed the dimly lit hallway back to his room, threw his chips on the small round table. He grabbed his map out of his duffle bag, and tossed it on the table. He sat and let the rattling air conditioner blow refreshing cool air on his humid skin. Texas summers were known to be scorchers. He looked at his map, no particular direction in mind. His job as a handyman ended and it was time to move on. He ran his finger along the curvy lines of roads, landing on the small town of Redemption Texas.
“Redemption, like I’ll ever have that.” He scoffed, and pinched the bridge of his nose. So many memories he was desperate to forget plagued his mind. That face, the thud of impact, and the blood. He shook his head, trying to clear the images from his mind.
“I’ve got to get out of here.” Sitting still for any length of time left him too much time to think. That was the last thing he wanted to do. He pushed back from the wobbly table with the broken leg, crossed the room and packed his duffle bag. After checking out he hopped in his truck and headed for Redemption.
Ellie Mason woke to her clock radio. A Keith Urban song played. She turned the volume up and snapped her fingers to the beat. The rising sun let in a perfect ray of sunshine across her wood floor. She loved bright mornings like this.
She hopped up out of bed and danced across the room to her bathroom. She turned the water on, and heard a snort behind her. Smiling, she looked over her shoulder and saw her black, Mini Potbellied Pig. “Good morning, Bacon.” She scratched him behind his ear. He gave a grunt of satisfaction, and turned to lie down on the pink bathroom rug. She shook her head at him. He was more like a dog than a pig.
She slipped off her gown and stepped in the shower. “We have to go into town today, Bacon,” she said, as the water soaked her hair. Today she needed to find someone to repair her barn. Thanks to the last storm that blew through, her barn had suffered severe damage. It had to be repaired soon. She had a trailer full of horses showing up in a month. Regardless of the fact she had plenty of pasture land on her ranch, she needed to have shelter available for them, too.
After her shower, she dressed in denim shorts, a short sleeve pink top and her cowboy boots. She pulled her golden blonde hair back in a messy ponytail, and headed for her truck.
Bacon squealed with excitement as she lifted him and put him in the cab. He trotted straight over to his open window, sticking his snout out for the wind to hit him. She laughed at his enthusiasm, and climbed in herself. She’d head for Ben’s Hardware to post a help wanted ad on his bulletin board. There had to be plenty of farm hands needing the extra money.
She pulled in the parking lot filled with small and large pickup trucks. This was the place locals came to hire help. All the farm equipment came through Ben’s, as well as building materials.
Ben stood behind his counter, the kind old man with soft eyes, his bushy white beard and eyebrows his prominent features. “Morning, Ben,” Ellie said as she and Bacon entered the store.
“Good mornin’ to you, Ellie girl. What can I do for you this fine mornin’?” He came around the counter and patted Bacon’s head.
“I need my barn repaired. I have a help wanted sign I need to post on the board. Have you heard of anyone needin’ any extra work?”
“No, I haven’t. Old man Patterson is movin’ a herd of cattle and he’s got most of the extra hands over at his place but, if I hear anything I’ll send’em your way.”
The door chime sounded, and Ben excused himself to greet his customer. Ellie took a free kitten ad off the board that had been there for over a year. Those kittens probably had kittens of their own by now. She held her sign up and tacked it to the board, stood back and said, “What do you think Bacon? Think we’ll get someone to help repair the barn?” Bacon grunted, and snuggled her leg. “I hope you’re right boy,” she said, turning to leave the store slamming head on into a wall of muscle. The man grabbed her shoulders to steady her. She opened her mouth and closed it again, completely at a loss for words. Holy mother, he’s gorgeous.
Her face heated as she realized she’d been staring at him like a total moron, but his skin was a beautiful dark sun bronze and those gorgeous hazel eyes, were absolutely mesmerizing. They were a perfect mix of gold and green, like shades of autumn leaves. And hair the color of desert sand, light blonde streaks mixed with golden darker ones, just brushing his shoulders. He was such a beautiful man she couldn’t help but gawk. Who could give a crap about screws, nails and eyehooks with a man like that around? Hell, if she kept drooling over him, it would be clean up on aisle seven in no time.
“Excuse me, ma’am,” he said with a half smile as he scooted past her. She watched as he stood in front of the board scanning the many help wanted ads, most of which were for farmhands, not handymen. She saw his eyes land on her ad, she didn’t know if he was qualified to do the job, but she’d let him try just so she could ogle him every day.   

Help Wanted
Barn and fence repair
Sundance Farms
Ask for Ellie
He immediately pulled out his cell, and started to dial the number. She quickly backed away, before her phone gave her away. Bacon followed suit, and clung to Ellie’s leg. She’d barely made it to her truck; she couldn’t face him and talk business. He was too, gorgeous. Her phone rang. “Hello?”
“May I speak to Ellie?”
“This is Ellie.”
“My name is Cord Dixon, and I just found your help wanted ad, and wanted to know if the job is still available.”
Ellie stood next to her truck, hoping he wouldn’t come out of Ben’s and see her. “Yes, the job is still open. Do you have experience with construction?” she asked.
“Yes ma’am, I used to work for a contractor out of Houston. I did a lot of housing projects. And, I worked as a foreman for almost a year.”
“Are you available right away?” She was almost positive he’d said something but she couldn’t say what. This man had an uncanny way of flustering her just by the very sound of his voice. Could she function with him on her farm every single day, or would she be a flustered mute mess for the month it would take to repair the barn? Bacon squealed and stood up on his hind legs wanting in the truck. She brought her finger up to her lips to shush him, and he squealed again. He nuzzled her leg impatient as ever. He was ready to go.  She snapped her fingers for Bacon to follow her. She desperately needed the barn repaired, and he wanted the job.
She needed to get her nerves under control and face him. She headed back into Ben’s to talk to him face to face.
“Hello? Are you there?” He asked.
It took her a moment to respond, but she managed a weak “yes.” And then he turned and saw her.