Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Excerpt from Redeeming Justin. Current work in progress.

This scene is from Chapter Four. Jaz and Justin's love scene.

“Now when I lift your foot you swing your leg over the saddle” Justin put his hands together for her foot. She lifted her foot into his hands; he counted to three, and lifted. She swung her leg over the saddle, and felt strange on top of the horse. She smelled the leather and unique odor of the horse.
Justin had tied her reins together for her beginning lesson, while his remained separate. He showed her how to loop them between her fingers, and how to halt and steer the horse.
He wasn’t a very tall horse like the one Justin was now sitting on top of. She thought she remembered his name was Major. Major was a beautiful black horse, while hers was more of a beige, with a white stripe down his face.
“This is weird. I’ve never been on the back of an animal. I can feel him breathing.” She rested her feet in the stirrups feeling the raw power of the horse.
“Give him a kick to get’em goin’.” Justin kicked Major to demonstrate.
She kicked him just like she was shown. Nugget started walking and she swayed side to side with his gait. She could tell Nugget didn’t get into much of a hurry.
“You know, Nugget could have been named Slow-Poke and it would have been perfect.”
“Are you saying you want to be on a faster horse?”
“No, absolutely not. Nugget fits me to a T.” She kicked him again getting him to go a bit faster.
She cocked her head to the side. “So, where are we going?”
“There’s a clearing not too far up the trail. We’ll have lunch there.” He had to pull up on the reins to slow down enough for Nugget. 
“Mmm, I’m starved. What are we having?” She wanted to have him over her, under her, any which way she could get him.
“It’s a surprise.”
The trail wound through a sparse canopy of trees most of which were twisted and gnarly, with short branches and thick leaves swaying in the wind. They came upon a small stream and Nugget stilled. He whinnied and wouldn’t move when she kicked him.
“What did I do wrong? He won’t go.” She kicked and kicked to no avail, and Justin was getting farther ahead.
Justin turned Major around facing her. He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Sweetheart, you didn’t do anything wrong. I completely forgot he might get spooked here. Just ease off on the reins and hand them over to me. I’ll lead him across.”
“What happened here?” She started feeling less than secure in top of a spooked horse. The horse shifted his weight, but didn’t move forward. He bobbed his head up and down and whinnying.
Justin grabbed the reins and spoke softly soothing the startled horse. It was a side of him she had yet to discover. He was a soft spoken, loving man. Every new thing she learned about him made her like him more. She was quickly falling for her cowboy.
He pulled Nugget across the stream. “Several months ago, Ellie rode Nugget up here after a storm. The stream was flooded, but she tried to cross and almost drown. She and Nugget both almost died.”  He shook his head as if trying to shake off the memory.
She held her hand over her heart. “Ohmigod. No wonder he didn’t want to go through the water. I can’t blame him.” She reached down and patted him on his neck. “You’re a good boy aren’t you, Nugget?”
“Yup, he is.” Justin agreed. “I’m just sorry he got spooked on your first ride. He really is the gentlest horse we have, other than the ponies we use for riding lessons, but you’re too big for them.”
“Thanks, I love hearing I’m too big to fit on a horse.”
He shook a finger at her. “Uh, uh, I said pony, not horse. There’s a difference.”
They rounded a large oak tree and came into a meadow. Through the trees the sun was casting off perfect slanted rays. It was truly beautiful. “Here we are.”
“This is incredible.” She looked around in all directions taking in the sight of the perfect oval meadow. A few purple and yellow wild flowers bloomed in the lush green grass. She looked back at Justin who spread a blanket on the ground. She hadn’t even noticed him getting off his horse, which she still needed to do.
“Um…Justin could you help me down? I don’t know how this works.” She glanced down each side trying to figure it out.
He chuckled, and came to her rescue. “Leave your left foot in the stirrup, swing your right leg over and hang on to the horn on the saddle. It’s real easy. Just take your time and when you’re ready just hold, stand and swing. Okay?”
“Hold, stand and swing. Okay got it.” She did as instructed but lost her grip on the horn and fell into Justin.
Justin caught her under the arms and her butt came to rest against his groin. “Mmm, sweetheart, I had planned for us to eat here, but if you rub up against me like this I might want to eat more than food.” He nipped her neck eliciting a small yelp of surprise.
“That’s fine with me cowboy, but if you get to taste, so do I.”
“Woman, you are speaking my language.”
She turned in his arms, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Drop ‘em cowboy.”
His eyes went wide, but he unbuttoned his pants and dropped them as instructed. He was no idiot. “I love a woman that’s demanding” 
“I love a cowboy that complies.” She dropped to her knees taking his cock in hand and tasted the bead of pre-come. It tasted salty and sweet and there was a flavor that was uniquely Justin. She ran her tongue around the bulbous head, and then sucked him into her mouth.
He hissed through his teeth. “Dammit woman, that feels good.”
She hummed deep in her throat as she took the length of him in. Her cheeks hollowed on the upstroke, and her lips glistened with his arousal. She used her hand to stroke the length she couldn’t take in, urging him to come. She wanted to have all of him, his essence. Her head bobbed back and forth making slurping noises. He stood muttering his thanks to a higher power, and sweet encouragements to her. It was a heady feeling having the power to dominate such a powerful man. He gave her a boost of self-confidence and an increase in sexuality. For the first time in years she felt sexy and desired. She could very easily love this man.
She sucked and swirled her tongue on the head with each withdrawal.
“Fuck, baby, I gonna come if you keep that up.” His fingers thread through her hair, moving with her motions.
“Mmm hmm,” she hummed.
He reached down grabbed her under the arms and pulled her to her feet. When their eyes met, he said, “I don’t want to come in your pretty mouth, I want to be inside your sweet pussy.”
“That’s fine with me, cowboy.”
“Take off your clothes. I need to see your beautiful body.” He unbuttoned her flannel shirt, getting her started.
“You don’t waste any time there do ya?” She took off her boots and shimmied out of her jeans. Now clad in only her red bra and matching thong she felt, overexposed. The breeze wafting across her skin made her shiver.
He wrapped his arms around her shielding her from the elements .He let her adjust to the setting. She was grateful for him sensing her needs and taking care of her. He was by far the most attentive lover she’d ever had.
“Thank you, I’m okay now.” She looped her arms around him, feeling his body melding to hers. His sun-browned skin was a contrast to her olive complexion, with the exception of his white butt. She almost snickered at the thought. He was a typical cowboy, from his snakeskin boots, all the way to his black, Stetson hat. Her cowboy.
Now all she needed to do was deal with her son. After his father had cheated and settled their divorce for two million, her son had become the man of the house and was very protective and distrusting. She had a feeling he would try to get rid of Justin.
“Hello, earth to, Jaz.” He smacked her on her bottom getting her attention.
She blushed, realizing she’d flaked out on him in the buff. “Sorry, where were we?”
He kissed her neck giving her goose bumps. “We were right about here.” He undid the hooks of her bra spilling her breasts into his hands. He gently massaged them, making her moan.
She reached between them stroking his erection. “I’m ready for you to be inside me, cowboy.”
He let go of her breasts and snatched a condom from his pants and rolled it on in record time. He laid her down gently. “Spread those legs for me, baby.” He situated himself between her legs and aligned himself with her sweet little hole, and plunged forward balls deep.
“I could get used to this.”
“Me too, sweetheart, me too. I seem to be addicted to you.” His thrusts were even and measured. He was in complete control.
 “Wrap those pretty legs around me and hold on.” He picked up the pace rubbing right across her g-spot. She came in a rush of liquid heat, calling his name. His strokes became frenzied and urgent. He bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes, then jerked to a stop grunting his release.
He collapsed on top of her breathless, with his semi-erect penis still embedded inside her.
“Damn, you’re an amazing lover.”
“You’re not so bad yourself, cowboy.” She untangled her legs from around his waist and kissed him on the nose.
He rolled off of her and pulled her on top of him. “I think I’d like to see you more often. Maybe stay at your place a couple nights a week. I live in a bunkhouse full of yahoos, so my place is out. Then again, we could camp here at night.”
“I would love for you to stay over.” She didn’t know how to explain the situation with her son though, and that bothered her. She was a grown woman letting her son dictate her love life, or lack of. She needed to put her foot down and remind him who the parent was. He’d just have to accept she had a boyfriend. Her stomach got butterflies at the word boyfriend. It was almost like she was back in high school. Of course, he made her feel young again. He made her feel attractive, sexy, and loved. Loved? Oh shit!
He waved a hand in front of her face. “I lost you again. What’s rolling around in that pretty head of yours?”
How could she tell him? What would she tell him? Did she love him already? She didn’t have the answers to any of those questions, so, she said, “I was thinking that I want to have sex again.”  She kissed him, instantly making him hard. She felt his erection press into her stomach and ached with need to have him fill her again. To have her so completely she could feel it in her soul. She realized that Justin was a good man. A man that was as good as his word, a man that would always be there for her, he would always make her feel sexy. Everything her ex-husband hadn’t been, or done.
What a fool she’d been being with Charles. The only good thing about him was his knack for making money. She had to hand it to him; he could make a business deal with the devil and win.
Justin ground his cock into her belly drawing her attention back to him. “I’m not sure what’s gotten in to you today, but if we’re going to be together I need your full attention. Is there something you need to talk about?”
“No…well yes…maybe. I have a problem. Well, we have a problem.”
He squinted an eye. “What kind of problem? Is it something that will separate us, kind of problem, or what?”

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