Friday, July 22, 2011

Writing Challenge! #2

Alright you know the rules. 100 words to tell a story based on the picture.

“That’s fine with me. The couch is comfy.” Instead of being backed up to the couch, he turned them and backed her up against the wall. He dropped his jeans to his knees, and had a condom on in a second. He lifted her, eliciting a small squeal, as her legs automatically gripped his slender hips. He hiked her skirt up, pulled the silky scrap of a thong aside, fitted himself to her tiny hole and plunged in balls deep in one long, languid stroke, making them both moan.
“Had to have you now,” he gritted out through clenched teeth.


  1. Being taken on the wall was always her favorite. She relished the bliss of him plunging in deep and the wall not giving way as her lover took her over and over. The thought sent shockwaves through her as his hard cock stroked her opening. The moment she’d been anticipating since dinner had finally arrived and here he was as promised. It had been two months since they last had a rendezvous like this. She cherished every layover he had. “Don’t hold back this time. Fuck me like you mean it.”

    His lips turned into a devilish grin. “My pleasure.”

  2. I love that Lani! Great Job! Bonni

  3. I loved that you gave him an occupation. He must be a pilot.

  4. Thank you, Bonni! I was going take your lead and follow, but this popped in my mind. lol I love yours, too!

  5. Finally. They'd waited all night. The stupid party over with, he'd stripped her down to her lace undergarments as soon as he'd slammed the front door. His hot, hungry mouth devoured hers. She fumbled with the zipper on his pants, fingers trembling as she pushed his pants down over his ass. Gripping his cock, she stroked. He plunged the fingers of one hand into her hair, his other hand diving down into her underwear to finger her pussy. She pulled back, breathing heavy. "Fuck. I need you now." He happily obliged.

  6. Excellent Kellie! I loved that. Thanks so much for posting. She did need him now. Very yummy!

  7. “Aren’t you worried your husband will come looking for you,” Kyle whispered hotly in her mouth.

    She liked a man who took what he wanted, like her husband used to do. “No,“ she moaned. “It was his idea that I bring you up here.”

    Kyle rolled his hips, stirring her up inside. “What did he tell you to do?”

    She stifled a scream, they had dinner guests in the house. “He said to let you come inside me, so he can lick me later.”

    “Well then, if that’s what the doctor ordered,” Kyle said as he spurted deep inside her.