Thursday, July 21, 2011

Writing Challenge!

In 100 words or less give me a story that goes with the picture. Can you do it?
Here is mine.

Anticipation filled her. Her every nerve was on fire. Blind folded, she could only hear her Master as he gathered the toys for tonight. She could feel the cold of the restraints, smell the leather from the crop, and various other toys.The fur he had her lying on tickled her skin.
Her clit swollen and throbbing begged to be touched. She was already soaked with arousal, when she felt his calloused fingers trace a pattern on her breasts. She gasped as her nipples puckered into hard points.
"Please, Master, I need you to fuck me now."
Smack! "Hush pet."


  1. His heated breathes waft the nape of her neck. Lips close the anticipation of what would happen consumed a drivel pool of slickness to form between her legs. His commanding hand slid the curvature of her body, down resting on her thigh. “Are you wet for me?” His hushed words whispering nearher ear sent a zing to her clit. Panting, her head shook. “I’ll inspect.” Dipping his hand inside her panties, he glided the length of her slit as he pressed a kiss to her sensitive shoulder. “Mmm, you are.” Lifting her pelvis, his hand disappeared leaving her begging.

  2. I love it Lani!

  3. Nice Lani! Since I'm a poet, I'll do a verse instead...

    tight restraint
    smooth skin
    soft bed
    a lover's caress
    skin tingles
    core drenched
    hard body
    slight pain
    tense moment
    sweet release

  4. “Aren’t you worried your husband will come looking for you,” Kyle whispered hotly in her mouth.

    She liked a man who took what he wanted, like her husband used to do. “No,“ she moaned. “It was his idea that I bring you up here.”

    Kyle rolled his hips, stirring her up inside. “What did he tell you to do?”

    She stifled a scream, they had dinner guests in the house. “He said to let you come inside me, so he can lick me later.”

    “Well then, if that’s what the doctor ordered,” Kyle said as he spurted deep inside her.

  5. That's a really good one Benjamin. Loved the kinky husband idea. Excellent job! Thanks for playing along.

  6. She expressed reluctance when he suggested it. His request still swirled in her ear as he clicked the handcuffs around her wrists. He stood over her as she wiggled her shoulders and moved her arms, ensuring the handcuffs would hold. Her breath caught as he unbuttoned his jeans and drew down his zipper, his thick cock at full attention between the zipper's teeth. She opened her mouth to protest that he had not removed her panties, but before she could speak his strong hand grasped her nape and his cock forced its full length into her mouth.

  7. Who doesn't love a good blow job scene. Excellent job. Thanks for playing along!