Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Excerpt from Redeeming Justin a current work in progress

 Cord kicked a fence post and it toppled over.

“I’d say that one needs replacing, don’t ya think?” He laughed and kicked Major to get him moving. The horse bobbed his head a couple times and slowly moved to the next post.  Justin pulled the reins, bringing Major to a stop. He kicked out at the next post and it toppled over too. “This whole damn thing is ready to collapse. We don’t have anywhere else to put the new horses if we can’t use this pasture.”

“Shit! Ellie ain’t gonna be happy about this, but we’re gonna have to go to Ben’s Hardware and get the fencing regardless of cost.” Cord wiped the sweat from his forehead and put his hat back on.

“Let’s get back to the house and head to Ben’s then.”

“Can you tell Ellie?” Cord gave Justin his best pleading face. “She won’t kick you out of the bed and replace you with a pig.”

Justin’s booming laughter could have been heard for miles. He knew Ellie and hell yeah; she would kick his ass out to the couch, especially now that she was so close to delivering. They never knew what to expect from her these days. One minute she would be fine and the next she would be a crying bitchy woman all of them ran from. He’d be glad when she had that baby and her hormones got back to normal. “Yeah, sure, I’ll tell her, but you’re still the one writing the check.” He thought of her seeing that figure on a check and old Cord might not be sleeping with his wife for a while.

“You ain’t gotta rub it in.”

“The hell I don’t. After all the shit you put me through? It’s finally my turn to sit back and watch you grovel.” Okay maybe he felt a little bad. “Come on Cord. Ellie’s been on this ranch her whole life. She knows stuff like this is expensive and she’ll deal with it fine.”

The smile returned to Cord’s face. “You really think so?” He kicked his horse and caught up with Justin.

“Nope.” Justin laughed long and loud.

Cord hung his head. “Man, I can’t win with her. I wish she was as easy as Jaz is with you.”

“Easy? You think I have it easy with Jaz?”

“Well, I thought you two made up. Am I wrong?”

“No you ain’t wrong, but that woman is anything but easy. She’s stubborn and she’s like trying to tame a wild horse.” He thought back to their first time together and yes she was like trying to tame a wild one, but damn if he didn’t love that about her. Damn if he didn’t love her.

“Sounds like you found one just like Ellie. No matter how much you love her, caress her; no matter how tender you treat her, she’s still gonna buck you off.”

Both men cracked up in booming guffaws.


“Justin, come in please?”

Justin snatched his radio off his belt and held the button down. “Whatcha got Ellie?”

“Jaz is here to see you.”

Sonofabitch if that didn’t make his heart flutter. His woman was waiting for him at the house. He kicked Major, getting him moving at a canter. He didn’t want to keep her waiting. “I’ll be back around in about fifteen minutes. Send her down to the barn and I’ll meet her there.” He clipped the radio back to his belt and took off for the barn.

“Come on man, you know Nugget can’t move that fast.”

“Sorry, I gotta get back. Don’t want to keep Jaz waiting.”  He used his reigns to smack Major into a run. He hadn’t seen her in over twenty-four hours and his balls were aching. He needed to be inside her again. The more he thought about it the worse it got. He couldn’t be without Jaz any longer. He could clearly picture her on her knees in front of him. Her lips opening and stretching around the head of his cock, could almost feel the wet warmth, enveloping his member. “I’m on my way Jaz.”  He rode winding down the trail as fast as he could, not waiting for Cord to catch up.

He came over the hill he saw her standing outside the barn wearing a short sleeve white tee, a pair of faded jeans, hugging her feminine curves like a second skin and her cowboy boots. The woman nearly knocked him off his horse with her beauty. Her long black hair shimmered in the sunlight, like a silken curtain. He wondered what she was wearing underneath. He didn’t know, but one thing he knew for sure, those perfect pouty lips would be busy in just a minute.

“Hey babe,” he said coming to a halt in front of her.  

Her eyes went wide. “Hi Justin. Uh, I didn’t think you’d get here so quick.” She moved quickly to his side, grabbing Major’s reigns, holding the horse steady for him to dismount.

He hopped down and scooped her into his arms so fast she couldn’t have had time to blink. He kissed her, their mouths melded together as their tongues tangled and didn’t stop until they had to come up for air.

“And I take it this is Justin. Right mom?"

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  1. I luv the excerpt from Redeeming Justin now I want to read the whole story. Something I can look forward to. :D