Friday, October 21, 2011

Excerpt from Redeeming Justin, a new wip.

She turned in his arms, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Drop ‘em cowboy.”

His eyes went wide, but he unbuttoned his pants and dropped them as instructed. He was no idiot. “I love a woman that’s demanding” 

“I love a cowboy that complies.” She dropped to her knees taking his cock in hand and tasted the bead of pre-come. It tasted salty and sweet and there was a flavor that was uniquely Justin. She ran her tongue around the bulbous head, and then sucked him into her mouth.

He hissed through his teeth. “Dammit woman, that feels good.”

She hummed deep in her throat as she took the length of him in. Her cheeks hollowed on the upstroke, and her lips glistened with his arousal. She used her hand to stroke the length she couldn’t take in, urging him to come. She wanted to have all of him, his essence. Her head bobbed back and forth making slurping noises. He stood muttering his thanks to a higher power, and sweet encouragements to her. It was a heady feeling having the power to dominate such a powerful man. He gave her a boost of self-confidence and an increase in sexuality. For the first time in years she felt sexy and desired. She could very easily love this man.

She sucked and swirled her tongue on the head with each withdrawal.

“Fuck, baby, I gonna come if you keep that up.” His fingers thread through her hair, moving with her motions.

“Mmm hmm,” she hummed.

He reached down grabbed her under the arms and pulled her to her feet. When their eyes met, he said, “I don’t want to come in your pretty mouth, I want to be inside your sweet pussy.”

“That’s fine with me, cowboy.”

“Take off your clothes. I need to see your beautiful body.” He unbuttoned her flannel shirt, getting her started.

“You don’t waste any time there do ya?” She took off her boots and shimmied out of her jeans. Now clad in only her red bra and matching thong she felt, overexposed. The breeze wafting across her skin made her shiver.

He wrapped his arms around her shielding her from the elements .He let her adjust to the setting. She was grateful for him sensing her needs and taking care of her. He was by far the most attentive lover she’d ever had.

“Thank you, I’m okay now.” She looped her arms around him, feeling his body melding to hers. His sun-browned skin was a contrast to her light olive complexion, with the exception of his white butt. She almost snickered at the thought. He was a typical cowboy, from his snakeskin boots, all the way to his black, Stetson hat. Her cowboy.


  1. Hot excerpt. When's this going to be released?

  2. *Fans face* You always have the hottest excerpts, Bonni! I can't wait to read this.........

  3. Right now the first book Sweet Redemption is under contract at Silver. I don't have a release date yet, but this ios the second book in the series. It has yet to be contracted. But hopefully soon.

  4. "I Love A Cowboy that complies"!! LOL Super freakin' Holy Mother of Hotness! Thanks for ending my shift right *wink*