Thursday, July 5, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #45

Welcome to yet another Flash Fiction Friday. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but today it’s worth 100 no more, no less. Thanks for stopping by and please follow the links to get to the other FFF posts. Now here are my 100.

Sandra laid atop Jasper, with sleep her only goal. They were both exhausted from the night before. She remembered it clearly and could still feel the tingle in her pussy from her last blissful orgasm. “Jasper?”
“Mmm hmm,” he mumbled.
“Thank you, for the orgasms.”
He chuckled lightly. “You’re more than welcome.” His arms tightened around her.
“I always love it when you hold me.” She nuzzled into his chest, smelling his natural muskiness.
They were in a dream state when a ‘wup, wup’ sounded off.
The officer walked to their vehicle. “You wouldn’t mind if I joined you two?”

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  1. Ooh I want some of those orgasms. You can't stop there! I want to hear about the ménage. Great flash

  2. OMG, Bonni, you got me at the end..........again! I was all ready to settle in with them and we have a violation of coporeal proportions ~ a threesome! Loved it, but you knew I would:) xo

  3. Oh!! He wants to join in! Fabulous!! :) I too want too want to read what happens next.

  4. I absolutely love it when a woman thanks me for an orgasm. *Smiles* It shows a touch of class. Now I can't help but wonder, who does that officer really want - him or her?? Muwah!@

  5. Ohh baby that is what I'm talking about. So sexy and loved the end with the cop. Hmmm a man in uniform...oohhh yeah

  6. I love that !! Very sexy and what a wonderful ending!!

  7. Sexy Flasher! Do I see another scene coming in the future?

  8. Arresting behavior indeed! Nice Flash, Bonni!

  9. Hot! I wonder if the police officer will use cuffs? :) Hee hee hee....

  10. Fabulous post! It gave ME tingles ;-)