Monday, July 16, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #13

Welcome to Tanatlizing Tuesday, where we pick our own picture to write 200 words about. I hope you enjoy my 200 and be sure to check out all of the other teasers by following the links below.

“That’s right, Anna, touch yourself as I’ve instructed. Glide your fingers through your wet heat. Do not touch your clit.”
“Ahh please, let me touch it.” She did as instructed, sliding her fingers through her juices. But damn, she wanted to touch her clit. She wouldn’t need much to make her explode. The master knew that though and he wanted to drag it out for his own pleasure, she was sure. She couldn’t help herself; she let one fingertip graze the little bud, making her cry out.
A strike landed on her inner thigh. “Anna, what did I tell you?”
“I’m sorry, Master.” Anna pulled her hand away completely.
Another strike with a crop landed on her inner thigh, crisscrossing the other. “That was not the answer I wanted.” He stood poised to strike again.
“Sir, you told me not to touch my clit.”
“That’s right, so now, you will suck my cock until my come shoots down your throat.”
He crawled over her dropping his cock in her face. She slurped him in to her throat. “Fuck! That feels good. Now finger that sweet pussy.”


  1. Holy sweet seduction, Bonni! I need a fan, some ice and a man.....or not! That was some slippery slope I just rode! Very good damned scotching!! Whew!!! Loved the ride, loved the post!:) xo

  2. Hot Tease! You took me to that beautiful erotic picture, thank you!! :)

  3. Oh wow baby..That is a hot tease...Hot hot hot

  4. Oh I do wonder if she'll ever please herself that way again... I think her Master has other things in mind, don't you?

  5. Hot damn Bonni. That was so uhm.... cock provoking.
    Oops! Now you've got me making up words. LOL
    Awesome teaser!

  6. Hot Bonni, loved this picture too! It would be agonising to be so close and not be allowed release!

  7. Something tells me she likes to disobey him! Super tease. :)

  8. Such a sexy, shapely mound she is pleasuring! Very hot tease indeed. :) <3

  9. So sexy, and almost impossible for her to avoid touching the clit. Still, I think she enjoys being punished. Super hot tease that made me tingle