Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #12

Welcome to Tanatlizing Tuesday, where we pick our own picture to write 200 words about. I hope you enjoy my 200 and be sure to check out all of the other teasers by following the links below.

“Mmm, that feels so good.” Cristal closed her eyes as Kale massaged her breast. Just the touch of his warm palm was enough to set her off. She felt the moisture pooling in her groin,  Any moment now he would stop being gentle and give her exactly what she needed. Exactly what she craved.  His rough touch. She let the bra go, baring her other breast.
 He reached around to her breast and tweaked her other nipple between his fingers. “Damn, I love your breasts.”  He continued his sensual assault on her breasts, then moved his hand south to her wetness. He slid his fingers through her pussy, barely grazing her clit, teasing her.
“Touch me. I need you now.” Her body shook from head to toe.
“Don’t you worry. I have several things in mind for you.” He grabbed hold of her hair and pulled her back for a kiss. He took her mouth in an animalistic kiss, which had her toes curling.
“Ah, yes. That’s it.  Please, Sir, may I come?” She was desperate, right on the edge.
He pinched her clit between his fingers and rubbed the bud in circles. “Not yet sugar.”
“Please?” she screeched.




  1. Gorgeous picture coupled with a hot tease! I really want to get me some of that right now! :)

  2. Hot tease! Definitely had me going! :)

  3. She must never forget he controls her. Oh that teaser turned me on. Damn Bonni, your writing always does that to me. Great teaser

  4. Wow, very sexy! I love waking up to your teases, Bonni. :)

  5. This was great, Bonnie! I loved it. The imagery was powerful, and even without the picture, I could visualize the scene.

  6. Great teaser, Bonnie. Totally turned on and way too much writing left for me to do anything about it! Ugh!!!

  7. A sizzling scene of desirethat describes a vivid photo.

  8. No greater turn on like a wicked teasing Don, and a naughty sub. Awesome teaser!

  9. Red hot great use of description