Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Bank Job Release Day!

I'm very excited for this book release. I feel that people will fall in love with Kat and Jarrod. I'm so excited in fact I will let one lucky person have a copy!
This goes from July 21 thru the 27th 2012

All you have to do is the tasks set forth in the Rafflecopter.
Give it a minute to load and do as many or as little tasks as you wish.

Let's celebrate!

Here's an excerpt:

 Her head dropped onto his chest. She finally allowed herself to feel his passion. Her breathing had turned into shallow pants and her hand once again rested upon his thigh. A moan of pleasure nearly escaped her lips, but she stopped herself. God, what was she doing with this man? She didn't even know him, and yet there was something about him that called to her. He felt so good against her body she couldn't stop herself. Kat let go, the feelings taking over. Her head swam with desire and need for this man. His erection pressed into her backside, sending chills up her spine, and made heat bloom in her groin.
"Damn, you feel good." His breath tickled her neck as his passion-laden voice grumbled in her ear, making her gasp.
Kat turned in his arms, spearing her fingers through his hair, and kissed him. Their mouths melded to one another, tongues teasing at the seams of their lips. She nibbled his chin before moving back to his mouth. Holding her face in his hands, he deepened the kiss.
Breathing heavily, Kat backed off reluctantly. Her heart slamming against her ribs, making her head swim. "Whoa, what are we doing here?" She tried to steady her breathing.
His brows furrowed. "We were kissing." He came in for another kiss, but she held her hand up between them.
"I knew that, Sherlock. I meant, what's going on between us? Is it us or the situation? I personally feel it's the situation. If I'm going to die, I'd rather go out with a smile on my face from having great sex, but…" She glanced around. "I don't think we should fuck in this office. Do you?" Kat stepped back from him.
Moving forward, Jarrod said, "I think we can keep kissing and, if we make it out of this, we can have sex." He took her mouth in an animalistic kiss.
Their bodies slammed together. Kat could feel his erection pressing against her belly. God, she wanted to be able to feel that inside her. Once again, she broke their kiss. "I hope we make it out of this then."
She took his lips just as he had hers a moment before, tongues tangled and exploring each other's mouths, leaving nothing untouched. She loved his unique taste, his flavor bursting on her tongue. His scent permeated the air. A subtle hint of cologne mixed with his natural musk. And those heavy-lidded blue eyes were to die for. Sex with him would be amazing if she took his kiss as an indication of his skills. Sex—that's all it could be. She never let anyone get too close.
The door opened unexpectedly, bumping them backward.
"What the hell?" Dick's menacing face appeared in front of them. They quickly unentwined their bodies. Jarrod stood in front of Kat, protecting her.
"Well lookie what we have here. The little bitch is in heat." Dick sneered at Jarrod and pushed him aside, grabbing Kat by the arm. "You're coming with me. I have plans for you." He clamped down hard on her arm, making her yelp.
"Let go of me, you pig." She yanked her arm from his grasp, enraging him further. He swung back to slap her, and Jarrod grabbed his arm before he could land his strike.
"Don't you touch her. I swear I'll kill you if you hurt her." Jarrod snapped.
"And how are you going to do that when I have the gun?" He waved the weapon around for emphasis. "I say who does what. I'm in charge here."
"I don't need protection, Jarrod. I can fight my own battles. Let the sonofabitch try anything and gun be damned, I'll kill him myself." Kat crossed her arms over her chest.
"Dick, what's taking so long?" One of the other robbers asked.
"Nothing." He snapped his fingers at Jarrod. "Come with me and don't give me any shit." Jarrod moved past Kat, leaving her behind.
For the first time, fear seized her heart. Not for herself, but for Jarrod. She couldn't stand the thought of anything happening to him. "Wait. Take me instead." She grabbed Jarrod's elbow and pulled him back. He stumbled back a few steps, coming to a stop in front of her.
"Kat, what are you doing? Let me go." He gently removed her hand from his arm and mouthed, "I'll be okay."
Kat shook her head. "Promise me."
He took her chin in his hand and kissed her quickly. "I promise." He locked eyes with her for the briefest moment until he was led from the room at gunpoint. His kiss still lingered on her lips.

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  1. Another awesome book Bonnie...sounds great can't wait

  2. I put it on my wishlist- it sounds like an awesome book!!

  3. Congrats on the new release. Sounds like another winner. Can't wait to read it.


  4. I've been waiting for the excerpt...that was a great kiss!!!