Friday, September 2, 2011

Excerpt from Jack's Christmas Wish

This excerpt is Derek and Lissa in a love scene. I hope you enjoy it!

Lissa crawled on the bed on all fours. “Like this, Sir?”

“You know Lissa; you might be a natural submissive. Hearing you say Sir, makes my dick hard as a damn rock. Look and see what you do to me.”

She turned her head. He unzipped his pants, letting his erection bob free. He heard her sharp gasp as he stroked his shaft. She didn’t take her eyes off of his erection. She watched as he unbuttoned and dropped his jeans. Her eyes were still trained on him as he did the same with his t-shirt. He wanted no barriers between them.

“Have you ever done this before? Have you given a man the trust needed to fulfill your needs?” He picked up a paddle and walked toward her. You have earned five swats. She gasped again, but he could see she was aroused. She didn’t show any signs of fear. You will have a safe word, but I warn you if you use it, all of this will stop. Your word is red. Say your word.”

“Red,” she whispered.

“Say your word, louder this time.” He smacked her on her bottom with the paddle, getting a yelp from her.

“Red,” She yelled.

“That’s better. If you’re out of your comfort zone, you may use yellow and I will consider toning it down. Do you understand?”

She said nothing, earning another smack. She moaned.

“Don’t deliberately try to get a spanking, by not answering me, or this will stop. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” She dropped her back, sticking her ass in the air.

He palmed her cheeks in his hands spreading them, rubbing them, then, smack!

She pressed back against his hands, moaning her delight. He loved watching her ass pink up, especially by his own hand. 

“Smack! Smack!”

Her bottom was a nice shade of rose. He had placed each smack with precision, preventing whelps. This was to teach her to follow instructions.

“This may hurt a bit.” He grabbed a bottle of lotion from a bedside table and smoothed some on her bottom.

She hissed through her teeth as he rubbed it in.

 “This should help with the stinging.” He couldn’t wait to sink into her wet heat all the way to the hilt. Everything about her was intoxicating. From the scent of her arousal to her pink kiss swollen lips. But, first he wanted her to kneel before him and take him into that delectably hot mouth of hers. There was nothing like seeing a woman on her knees pleasuring him.

“Get on your knees and suck me.” She blinked at him, but did what she was told. She crawled off the bed onto a fluffy carpet. He stood before her with his legs braced apart and his hands by his sides. She took his erection in hand giving it a tentative lick before taking his cock fully into her mouth. She raised her hand and fondled his balls with featherlike touches.

“Fuck, that’s good baby.”  He speared his hands through her silky hair pulling her hair just enough to make it sting. Her head bobbed faster, she was breathing heavily through her nose. She closed her eyes and sucked harder. No. That wouldn’t do. He wanted to see her eyes as he came. “Open your eyes and look at me. Always keep your eyes on me.” He waited and she looked up at him with heavy lidded eyes. They were so dilated they were almost black.

“Yes Sir,” she said around a mouthful of cock.

“Good girl.” He was so close to coming he could hardly stand it. “When I come, I don’t want you to waste a drop.”

“Yes Sir.” She licked the crown of his cock and swallowed him whole.

He watched as her cheeks puffed and hollowed with every stroke, giving him immense pleasure. He would be sure to reward her for this. She increased suction on him giving him the tell tale tingle up his spine. His balls drew up and he came with ferocity. She did as instructed. He felt her greedy throat swallowing around the head of his cock, making him jerk and twitch. He let go of her hair, and helped her to her feet.

“Get back on the bed on all fours.” Damn, he wanted to taste her. Letting her sweet juices explode on his tongue.

He flipped over on his back, situating himself between her legs. “I want you to lower yourself to me. I need to taste you.”She lowered her pussy to his face, allowing him full access to her delicate folds.


  1. That is so HOT. I love it


  2. Hot scene! What's the status of this? How close are you to finishing?

  3. Cara, this one is almost completed. The editor at Sizzler Intoxications is waiting for it. Hopefully soon.