Friday, September 9, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #5

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday! How this works. The group picks one picture and everyone writes 100 words exactly to make a story about the image. Joining me this week are some super talented writers whose links are below. Please join us and visit each writers link to read their interpretations of this image. Check us out on our blog Flasher Fiction Friday! Now here are my 100. Enjoy!

The front door slammed shut, then, “hi babe, I’m home.”

 “Oh shit that’s my wife.” Derek’s hard-on shrank to nothing in a split second.

“I can’t believe this. I just can’t fucking believe it, you asshole.” Jessica whispered harshly. Not only had Jeff lied about being single, but now his wife was making her way through the house where she will certainly bust the two of them. She pushed him off of her, grabbed her dress and purse and headed for the window.

“Go, go, go, go, go,” She heard from behind. Holy crap, she wanted to hurt the bastard.
Benjamin Russell

Muffy Wilson

Lani Rhea

Lisa Worroll

Katie Harper

Chris Quinton

Chris Power

Patricia Logan

Sara York


Gemma Parks

Jp Archer

Rhea Archer


  1. Great piece of flash fiction, it captured the image perfectly

  2. This was wonderful, Bonni! Love it! I bet Jessica will make Derek pay later with a knee to the groin. =) Well done!

  3. Bonni, it is getting down right scary how you and I think so much alike. Good stuff as usual!!@

  4. Naughty, naughty. I HATE it when that happens! Great job Bonni!

  5. I hope she achieved hers before the abrupt interruption. :) amazing how some people are so brave when they are hot and ready, but, the little thing like their significant other totally shuts them down. Nice description.