Monday, September 19, 2011

Excerpt from Jack's Christmas Wish

Lissa’s body was on fire. She felt it from her head to her toes. She was on the verge but needed a little something extra to push her over into abyss.

‘Please Sir, I need more.” She grasped his shoulders, her nails biting into his flesh and held on tight.

“More of what Lissa? Tell me what you need.” His pace was steady and precise. She needed wild and frenzied.

“I need more of you. Fuck me harder.” She dug her heels into his ass bringing him closer and meeting him thrust for thrust. Her breathing was ragged and frantic. Her eyes were closed until she remembered her punishment for not looking at him. She really enjoyed the hell out being fucked in the ass, but she didn’t think she could stand it in again in one night so she opened her eyes and gazed into his.

“Good girl, Lissa. That’s right. Keep your eyes on me at all times.” He picked up the pace, hammering into her.

She moaned, tempted to close her eyes and enjoy the sensation. Damn, the man was talented. He had stamina for days and made love to her like she was a goddess. She loved the way he stretched and filled her, gliding in and out with such glorious friction. Never in all her twenty-eight years, has she had such a skilled lover.

He rolled pulling her along, placing her on top. Oh how she’d waited for this all night.

“Ride me baby.” He gripped her hips, pushing and pulling her up and down on his cock.

“I’ll come like this.” She whimpered, as he filled her to the hilt.

“I want you to come. Look into my eyes and come for me love.” She gazed down and knew at that moment she wanted him forever. She wanted this every night, she wanted him for life.

He cupped her breasts and pushed them together sat up and flicked his tongue over both nipples. Her whimpering moans escaped her lips before they even registered to her scattered brain. He was too intense. She bucked wildly against him. “Ohmigod, I’m gonna come Derek.” The temptation to let her eyes roll back in her head was overwhelming. Her orgasm struck her like a lightning bolt, hard and fast. She felt the tingles from her toes to her nose. She had no idea how, but she gazed in his eyes the entire time.

The spasms in her groin were hitting her like waves lapping along the shore, but he wasn’t done. He flipped them back over, her on the bottom again.

“Derek, I can’t take much more.” He raised both of her legs and draped them over his shoulders. God she was so sensitive. Too sensitive and she couldn’t go much longer she hoped he wasn’t planning a marathon.

“It’s my turn now, love.” With both of her legs on his shoulders he could pound inside her hard, fast and deep.  He could still feel her delicate flesh rippling around him. He knew touching her clit would give her another orgasm. He licked his thumb and rubbed in tight quick circles and loved the answering scream of his name as she came again.

“You’re gripping my cock so hard baby.” His thrusts became frenetic and uncontrolled. The musky scent of sex filled his nostrils. He breathed in taking in their aroma, feeling its effects all the way to his groin. He couldn’t let her go, not now, He was so tempted to pull out strip the condom off and claim her with his seed. He’d already done just that with her ass. She was his now. He wouldn’t let her go. Lissa Monroe was a woman off the market. She just didn’t know it yet.

Her eyes were glazed over and her body loose and relaxed. She had given him everything he could have hoped for and more. He needed her to know how much she meant to him.

“Oh Derek, I need…,” her voice died on a sigh.

“He leaned forward bringing her legs with him, for even better access and was surprised when she snaked a hand between them, fitted her hand to his shaft, stroking him as he entered and exited.

“Oh shit! Lissa, I’m gonna come.” He heard her say ‘about damn time’ and smiled. He’d worn his little kitten out. He pumped a few more times and felt the tell tale tingle. His balls drew up and he came with enough force to blow a hole in a wall. He jerked as his seed spurt inside the condom. He cursed the damn thing under his breath. He wanted her all of her forever. He knew this to his very soul. He just needed Lissa and Jack to be good with it.

“Can you put my legs down now? I’m kind of getting a cramp.” She sighed as he lowered her legs.

“Sorry love, I got caught up.” He pulled out slowly, already missing her heat. He’d have to talk to her about birth control. If she was on it, he wouldn’t put another fucking condom on again. He hopped off the bed to dispose of the rubber and grab a washcloth. He came back and gently cleaned her tender folds slowly, swiping away their passion. He also noticed she didn’t shy away from him using the word love. Maybe she hadn’t noticed.  His emotions were overbearing though. Making him dream of a life that could be. It would be a life with Lissa as his wife, the mother of his son and possibly the mother of another child.  He pictured her heavy and round with his child sending chills over his body. Everything was perfect in his dream, but would it be that way in reality?


  1. Red hot and excellent. Your description of this scene was perfect

  2. Very hot. My only observation is that att first I thought this was going to be a Discipline scene, but then it morphed into something else. I think it would have worked better if it was all Discipline, or none.