Saturday, January 28, 2012

4.5 Star Review of Jack's Christmas Wish

Review by: Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Lissa Monroe needed a part time job during the holiday to make ends meet, but she didn't sign on to be Santa's little helper freezing her butt off while trying to keep Santa's hands off of her. Jack knows exactly what he wants for Christmas and what better place than to ask but on Santa's lap. Derek Baxter is a bit embarrassed by his son's wish for Christmas but he can't fault his taste in women. During Christmas all wishes are supposed to come if you are good and work on it. Jack just has to make sure he does what is needed to get his Christmas wish.
Jack's Christmas Wish is a very sweet Christmas story with plenty of heat to keep it spicy. Jack is just so cute and like most children he speaks his mind quite a bit. Lissa and Derek are perfect for one another. They aren’t perfect, which makes them so likeable. With each mishap the sexual chemistry just gets stronger and stronger. The sex is very hot with a few scenes that will bring a few chuckles and memories. There is a bit of kink in the story that takes you by surprise. Derek doesn’t come across as a Dom when we first meet him, but he sure knows how to get the submissive out of Lissa. There is talk of spanking, action in the play room, and a well-used paddle. The sexual interaction is very well written causing a few squirming moments. There is one blimp in the story line that just doesn’t quite fit with Lissa and Derek. There is also a stalker ex-boyfriend that may offend some readers. Jack’s Christmas Wish was a wonder reminder of the joy of Christmas and getting what you wish for.

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  1. "There is one blimp in the story line" - did you mean blip? Nice review.