Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #24

Welcome to another SSS. Thank you for stopping by. The link to get back to the original site is Six Sentence Sunday Now here are my six.

“Easy baby, I’ve gotcha, now put those pretty hands above your head and keep them there.” She loosened her grip, letting go slowly and placed her hands above her head as instructed. He licked her clit in slow circles, flicking her piercing and inserted two fingers inside her, making her back arch off the bed. He hooked his fingers, rubbing across her G-spot and she exploded in his arms, bucking wildly, screaming his name.
Her legs automatically clamped around his head muffling his hearing. But if he was correct, she was saying, “Holy shit” over and over again.


  1. Interesting. Two PoVs in such a short snippet. But what a hot scene!

  2. Yes, l think she probably was shouting that out! Hot as always Bonni.

  3. HOT, very um evocative. Puts us right in the scene. Terrific snippet.

  4. Unf. Love his dialog. Nice six.