Sunday, January 8, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday #22

Welcome to another SSS. Thank you for stopping by. The link to get back to the original site is Six Sentence Sunday Now here are my six.

He hiked he leg up over his shoulder gaining better access rubbing her G-spot with every stroke. Her breaths were ragged and coming in pants and she was mumbling something to a higher power.
He rubbed her clit in tight circles and she flew apart in his arms. Her delicate tissue squeezed him and he felt the ripple effect of her orgasm.
“I love you Kat.”
“I love you too Jarrod.”


  1. Gotta love those ripples Bonni! Hot!

  2. Whew! Who needs coffee after that? Nice six!

  3. Wow that woke me up this Sunday morning!

  4. If I smoked, I'd be on my third or forth cig. Hot six!

  5. I think I just started to purr!

    HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!

  6. Great Visuals, Bonni! Hot Stuff Here!