Monday, April 23, 2012

Excerpt from Sweet Redemption

"I need to talk to you, Ellie," he said with clenched teeth.
"Can this wait till morning?"
"No, I need to do this now."
Sighing, she opened the door. Cord's mouth covered hers with virile force. An animalistic, possessive kiss that had her toes curling and heat pooling in her belly. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Her fingers plunged into his hair, pulling him closer. Their tongues dueled in a delicious mind-altering kiss, leaving them both breathless. Her nipples spiked to hard peaks. His arms pulled her body flush with his and she felt his erection through his jeans. She burned and ached to feel him inside her. She wanted his cock pumping hard and ferocious, meeting her thrust for thrust.
Cord pulled back. "Can we take this upstairs?"
"Yes." That was exactly what she needed, wanted, and had to have.
Cord lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She felt his cock through her jeans as he carried her up the stairs. He hit the landing halfway up and eased her off of him.
"I'm not going to make it to the bed." He yanked her jeans down her legs. She kicked off her boots, jeans, and panties as he shoved his jeans over his hips. He grabbed her to him, backed her up against the wall and kissed her.
"Tell me you want me," he said.
"I want you, Cord. Please. Now."
"Good, because I can't wait. I need to be inside you now," he growled. Frustration and rage were driving his every move. He backed her up against the wall and held her there with her pelvis pushing toward him.
His hand slid between their bodies and he fit himself to her entrance. He swirled his cock in her moisture, then plunged in balls deep, in a single lunge. She moaned in delight as she moved her hips with his rhythm. He filled her to her womb. It was a delicious friction, possessing her from root to tip. Her head fell back against the wall, her golden-blond hair falling like a silken curtain from her head. Her body bounced up and down with each thrust. Her orgasm built, slick and hot, all the way to her toes.
Cord grunted, pumping fast and wild. Her ass was getting chaffed by the wall, but she didn't care. All she wanted was this man, right this very moment. She held onto his shoulders, her legs wrapped around him tight. The scent of their arousal, a musky, spicy scent, permeated the air, spurring them on. His hand slid between them, finding her clitoris. He rubbed in circles.
“Cord! Yes, yes, don’t stop.” She felt the tidal wave of her release crash over her. Her pussy contracted in pulses bringing Cord right behind her, jerking wildly as his seed spurted inside of her.
They stood there, forehead to forehead, trying to catch their breath. She felt his legs shake and he leaned into her, holding on.
"Damn, I'm sorry." His breath fanned her sweat-dampened face.
Bewildered, she asked, "Why? You gave me exactly what I needed."
He dislodged his semi-erect penis from her heat, settling her in front of him.
His face flushed. "I shouldn't have taken you up against a wall like a wild animal. I should have carried you to the bed."
"I'm not complaining." She smiled sheepishly. "You could take me to bed now and do it again."
He laughed. "Yes ma'am, I wouldn't want to disappoint a lady. Lead the way." She took him by the hand and led him to her bedroom.

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