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Interview with Rae McCartney!

Hi Rae, I'm so glad you had time to sit and chat with me. Pull up a chair and get comfortable. First let me say, I love your work and I'm looking forward to your next release.

Alright, lets get down to it shall we?

Me: Tell me about yourself.

Rae: I write erotic romance. The type of books that used to be hidden away in the back of your nightstand drawer, but are now found in your e-readers.

I was born and bred in the U.K., had the usual stuffy British upbringing complete with boarding schools. I attended St. Andrews in Scotland where I discovered I was a damn good writer. But first I had to "discover myself". . .modeling, "acting", photographer

Me: Tell me a bit about your current wip.

Rae: Lovers Undercover: Devotion picks up where “Impassioned” left off. Logan and Scarlett find themselves involved in something way out of Scarlett’s comfort zone. But all is good. It deepens their relationship and love for each other. This book won’t focus on Logan’s musical career as much as the last one. It’s still very much a work in progress.

Me: How is your work done? Do you write with plots or do you write by the seat of your pants?

Rae: Although I do write out ideas or plots I pretty much am a panster! If an idea hits me I like nothing better than to sit down and simply start writing it out.

*wicked laugh* - far more enjoyable I think than the stuffy write out a plot routine.

Me:When did you realize writing was your passion?

Rae: I didn’t totally realize it was something I seriously wanted to pursue until I moved “across the pond” to the United States. I already knew I loved to write, but once I moved here I had a couple of opportunities to use my writing skills. After that I started writing and putting up manuscripts.

Me: What was your first book and how long did it take to get it published?

Rae: Lovers Undercover: Impassioned is my first published eBook. I had had the idea in my head and on paper and finally started polishing it up. I had already decided I was going to go via the ebook route rather than traditional publisher to start with.

Me: How long does it take you to finish a manuscript?

Rae: I would have to say four to six months. I have to have a cut off point or else I’d continue on and on. . .if I’m involved I can keep finding ways to continue the story.

Me: Do you have a favorite character?

Rae: Scarlett Bouvier, the main female character in “Impassioned”. In spite of coming from a wealthy family and having had a horrible marriage she manages to pull herself up and continue on. She’s a very strong woman.

Me: What advice would you give an aspiring author?

Rae: Write – keep writing.

Me: What’s your favorite book/author?

Rae: I don't really have a favorite book or author. But it would have to come down to type of book. . .*wicked laugh*. I read quite a variety of books – more genres than just erotic fiction.

Me: If you couldn’t write what would your profession be?

Rae: Well, I still model sometimes, I have a few photographic projects I’m working on and I have “acted”. So it would come down to one of those. They don’t make me a living on their own, but I dabble enough in each to make a comfortable living.

Me: What do you do when you’re not writing?

Rae: I like to do boring stuff like go to the High Museum, galleries. Going to NYC to see a good play is also fun. I also love to travel when the opportunity arises.

Me: What makes you laugh?

Rae: Austin Powers movies! I love Mike Meyers!

Me: Do you have any pet peeves?

Rae: A few. . .adults acting like silly kids instead of professionals and who actually think people like this. That is a big one. . . Another is bad grammar. . .enough said on that one.

Me: How many books do you have out available to readers?

Rae: Just the one at the moment: Lovers Undercover: Impassioned. The next, Lovers Undercover: Devoted will be out this summer.

It has been a pleasure chatting with you. Folks stick around for a yummy excerpt.


Scarlett had many personal fantasies; one favorite involved falling deeply in love with perhaps a writer or a musician, someone creative. It all seemed so romantic to her, how they would meet, fall in love, marry, have kids and live happily ever after. It was just a silly dream she indulged herself in whenever her cynicism took a brief leave of absence.

That fantasy must have been in the back of her mind when she asked Zachariah Logan McGregor to meet with her. He is known to his friends simply as Logan and Zachariah to his hoards of adoring fans. And of course he was late. She glanced down at the Rolex on her wrist for the umpteenth time. Where the hell was he? Come on Logan, time is money.

Grabbing the cell phone off the table, she starts to call Logan’s number. As she waits for the first ring, a manicured, well tanned hand intercepts her hand.

“Sorry I’m late, traffic.” He sits down across from Scarlett. Logan was a striking man, more so in person. Photographs did not do him justice.

“No problem,” she replied, crossing her legs and staring into the loveliest pair of chocolate brown eyes she thought she’d ever come across. Add his longish blackish-brown hair, with a physique to match; well he would be any woman’s fantasy. “I trust the team is taking good care of you?”

He said nothing, holding his gaze on her as he pondered the question. He appeared cool in spite of the hot, humid summer day, dressed in dark jeans and a black shirt with the sleeves rolled halfway up his forearm. He came across as a confident, in control man. The corners of his mouth twitched as he finally flashed a lopsided grin toward her. “Yes, of course they are,” he replied.

“Alright let’s get started.” Scarlett Bouvier is the owner of SLB Communications. The one and only Zachariah is her biggest money maker, and as Prince he goes by no last name.

“Would you care for some wine Scarlett? I believe you like cabernet, if I remember correctly?” He motions a waitress, ordering a bottle. He requests a menu as he finishes their beverage order.

The young woman brings the wine and Logan pours a glass as he orders for them. “I hope you’re hungry because I’m starving and this place makes some killer, greasy hamburgers.” His dreamy eyes traveled over her upper body, moving over her breasts, sliding up her neck until they lingered on her lips. His gaze was full of smoldering heat. Ice would melt under such a look. Warmth stirred within Scarlett as she felt her cheeks flush pink. She was attracted to him, but unsure if a relationship was what she needed right now.

“Logan, the reason I asked you to meet me away from the office was to discuss a business proposition with you, a venture which has the potential to make us both a lot of money.”

“Go on, you’ve got my full attention,” he replied, taking a sip off his wine.

“I’ve been approached by a firm who owns an establishment in Vegas. They dumped millions of dollars into a theater designed for one certain female diva. I understand she’s broken her contract for whatever reasons, leaving them without a permanent act.”

Logan is a man of many talents. He is not only talented on stage he’s also a shrewd businessman. “They’re interested in hiring me?” He wasn’t smiling, but his eyes certainly were.

“Yes they are, quite serious, in fact. You were their first choice. I’m willing to pursue this with you Logan, if you’re interested.”

“Of course I am.”

The waitress arrives with lunch and as Logan promised, the food was greasy and delicious.

Scarlett’s mind was whirling with ideas. “Why don’t you drop by for dinner this evening? We can chat about this in further detail.”

“I would love to come dine with you. What time?” A slight smile teased the corners of his mouth.

Discreetly she leaned forward toward him and breathed in his scent. The combination of aftershave, cologne, and man was intoxicating. She swallowed hard and tried to ignore the burning sensations that were running through her body at that moment.

“What about seven o’clock?”

“That sounds fine.” He leaned back in his chair and let out a low throaty laugh that made her shiver. “I look forward to it.”

The waitress brought the check. Logan picks it up, handing the girl back more than enough cash to cover the meal.

“Allow me,” he grins. He stands and offers her his hand, helping her out of her seat. They walked to the exit without saying a word, his hand pressed against the small of her back. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught him staring down at her. He opened the door for her; his eager body brushed beside hers as they walked out into the piercing afternoon sun.

Scarlett walked toward the front door checking the full-length mirror one last time. Her reflection reveals a deep purple, silk Versace blouse and black pants. My God Scarlett, you’re pathetic! You don’t need to get into a relationship with this man, regardless how long it’s been or how much you want to. Why? Number one he’s your employee and two he’s way younger than you.

The desk downstairs had known to expect Logan. Scarlett lives in a luxury, high rise Buckhead condo, the same building where part time Atlanta resident Elton John and his partner reside. As she opens the door she almost swoons. Logan looks like one of those male models on romance novel covers, only better. Dressed in black slacks and a grey shirt, his dark hair mussed up in the style men wear today, he reeks sex.

“Come on in Logan, you’re right on time,” she told him as she watched him walk past her. He walked into the living room and headed straight to the floor to ceiling windows. Towering over six feet tall with broad shoulders and back, muscular hips and long legs, he had to have the best looking ass she’d ever seen on a man. Lord knows he’d been asked countless times to make TV commercials or model for print ads, but has no interest and rolls his eyes at the mere mention of either. Entertaining is his life.

“Every time I see this place the more I love it,” he murmured, turning to face her, bringing her back to reality.

“I know there are a couple of units available. If you’re interested I can put a good word in for you.”

“Hmmm, I might need to give that serious thought.”

“May I get you something to drink Logan?”

“Cabernet if you have some.” The rich, sensual lilt in his voice made her tremble all over. It amazed Scarlett what this man could do to her by simply speaking.

She walked over to the sideboard she uses as a bar and reaches for two glasses. “Would you like to choose one for us?” She gestured toward the unopened bottles.

Logan studied all three selections before choosing one, using the counter top corkscrew he effortlessly opens the bottle. He picks up one of the Riedel O cabernet glasses and pours a glass and hands it to her, his long fingers touching her slim ones. He gazes at her from hooded eyes.

“Come, let’s sit a while before dinner,” she suggested walking into the living room and sitting in one of the chenille wing back chairs. Logan followed and sat down in a soft leather seat and takes a sip of his wine before he placed the glass on a side table.

“Logan, have you given any thought to what we talked about earlier?”

“Yes, I have,” he replied. “I believe you and I need to discreetly make a trip to Vegas and check everything out. I’d like to do it soon, before they ask us.”

“Those were my thoughts exactly. I’ll go ahead and set it up.”

“Yes, please do,” he answers. She catches his gaze checking her out again. His eyes lustfully lingered on her breasts. His pupils are smoldering with lust.

“Why don’t you join me in the kitchen while I finish preparing dinner?”

Scarlett filled two plates with a shrimp and scallop risotto she had made. The smell of the red, yellow and green peppers that flavor the dish permeate the room.

“Would you mind getting the salad and dressing out of the refrigerator for me, please?” She took the plates to the large mahogany dining table and sets them down. Logan followed, placing the items down. She motions for him to sit she uncovered the Italian bread and poured them both another glass of wine.

“So Logan, you were born in Manhattan but raised in the U.K.?”

The corners of his mouth twitch like they had earlier in the day. This time he does not smile. “Yes father is Scottish American, my mother Irish. I spent a great deal of my childhood in boarding schools. I attended St. Andrews in Scotland but dropped out senior year, and started playing in clubs in London. Rebellion I suppose.”

“Fortunate for us your rebelling has been quite successful.” She watches him for some kind of reaction. He continued to eat in silence for a couple of minutes as though he needed to consider his rebuttal.

He smiled, placed his fork down sitting back in his chair. “Now let me see how well I’ve done my homework. Your father is French, and mother American. Your mother comes from old money as does your father. Bouvier, any chance you’re kin to Jackie Kennedy?”

“You are well versed and I plead the fifth to everything!” She replied, smiling at him, his brown eyes laughing.

His voice and demeanor take a more serious tone. “Then there was your marriage to Richard and his sudden death.”

She stopped and stared at him, surprised that he would bring Richard up. She and Richard had been together for close to fifteen years. It had been obvious to everyone except Scarlett that he married her exclusively for the money and connections her family brought. What he had not expected was her father insisting on a pre-nup. Richard made the best of the knowledge he would get nothing if he ever chose to leave the marriage. As soon as the two married sex was non-existent between them. He had a stable of mistresses and thought little of parading them in front of Scarlett. The agency had been his idea as he loved the lifestyle and celebrity. His life ended as he lived; hard and fast, and mysterious.

Scarlett took a bite of salad not responding. “I was surprised you moved to Atlanta.” She changed the subject. Logan realized it’s an issue she does not want to discuss.

“I wanted to be closer to the new team you put together. Manhattan can be so over-rated, and expensive. California I love, but even further away. I do like the climate, and the opportunities. Atlanta intrigued me. What made you move here?”

“Atlanta is special. My mother is from the area and I spent a lot of time her growing up.”

“Ahha!” He boomed grinning at her. “Now I know why your parent’s named you Scarlett.”

“Better than the alternative I suppose.”

“What would that be?”

“My father wanted to name me Coco after Coco Chanel, which might work in France, but here I don’t know. At least with Scarlett fun can be had with it,” she replied as they leave the table and head back into the living room. “Would you like coffee Logan, or perhaps something stronger?”

“A brandy sounds great, love,” his accent thicker than earlier.

She returns with two glasses and hands one to him. He’s seated on the sofa. Scarlett walked around to her safe chair where she can gaze at him. “I thought if you are in agreement we’ll stay at a condo that belongs to a girlfriend of mine who travels extensively. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to let us use her place.”

“That sounds fine. When do you want to leave?” His deep brown eyes roamed over her body, a smile curving his luscious lips.

“Day after tomorrow suit you?”

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  1. Rae!!! *hugs! Hi Bonni!!

    I learn a little more about you with each interview! Guess I didn't realize you were from the UK!! OMG! I love anything England..*wink* I'm also just going to have to take the time to read this book so I know what's happening in the next one! LOL You've piqued my interest!

    Congrats and here's to seeing your books rise on the charts, hon! Muah!

  2. Hey Bonni, Hi Rae - I'm having hot flashes right now thinking about how much fun I could have sandwiched between you two lovely ladies. *Sighs*

    Ok, I digress. Excellent interview and I had no idea Rae was from the UK and a hot model too - muwah. However, in retrospect, it makes perfect sense. Rae, you exude the classic British air of sophistication. I imagine there is quite a bit of Rae in your beautiful and savvy heroine.

    The book sounds scrumptious and I will certainly add it to my must read list. Rae, don't be a stranger, stop by and say Hello when you're in the neighborhood. ((Hugs)))