Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser #2

Welcome to Tanatlizing Tuesday, where we pick our own picture to write 200 words about. I hope you enjoy my 200 and be sure to check out all of the other teasers by following the links below. 

“Stay just like that. Don’t move or you will be punished. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Mistress.” He wanted her punishment though. He always did.  He craved it in fact to the point of desperation. Whatever it was, from being flogged, to restraints and anything in-between. He held his arms above his head and his chin up in defiance. “And what do I get if I don’t, Mistress?”
“Nothing.” She turned and started to walk away.
“Please, Mistress, I wish to serve you.” He dropped his chin and lowered his arms. The chains rattled at his slender hips with his movement, rubbing against his hard cock. The cool chains were like heavy cold fingers, caressing him.
“Lick me and prove it, slave.” In her high heeled leather boots she was at the right height for his tongue to service her.
“Yes, Mistress.” He crawled to her as he had done many times before, impatiently waiting for her tantalizing juices to hit his tongue. As he reached her, he could smell her arousal. His tongue lapped at her nectar like a starving man.
She held his head in her hands, pulling him to her. “Yes, slave, make me come in your mouth.”


  1. Thank you Bonnie. May I have another? Please? Really. You can't stop there. What are you a Domme or something? Really. More. More. More. Come on please? Finish this scene or face the wrath of............. Well, there's got to be some consequences for leaving your fictional fantasy slave at this point.

  2. Ooooo Well all I can say is DAMN!!!! I want more....

  3. Oh nooo! You can't stop there! Give him more orders. Make him plead for your attention. Control him to the limits but for goodness sake keep writing about it!

  4. Bad boy, or should that be good boy? Hot post Bonni!

  5. Wow, very good! I was mesmerised by your work there. Damn, that was smoking! That's how you teach a bad boy a valuable lesson.

  6. Make him WORK it, yes! Amazing FFF Bonni. we all need a love slave to service us properly. great job

  7. Oh my! Well, I am not sure what to say about that one. I am stunned. I do agree that sometimes being ignored is the worst of punishments. Good TTT.

  8. Quite the photo and a fantastic snippet to go with it!!
    Note to self, make sure to keep a big glass of ice water at hand while reading Bonni's TT!