Wednesday, June 6, 2012

4 Star Review Of Sweet Redemption

Review by Just Erotic Romance Reviews Link- Review-Cord Dixon still has nightmares about the horrible accident that landed him in jail and cost a teenager his life. Ellie Mason has done her best to move on with her life after her husband died in Afghanistan. During a visit to town looking for help for her farm, Ellie bumps into a man that makes her body take notice. Cord likes the way Ellie feels in his arms and makes it a point to get the job on her farm. From the first night Ellie and Cord start to give into the lust between them. Bacon, Ellie's pet pig, and Justin, Ellie's foreman, who only want Ellie to themselves continually try to keep Cord away from Ellie. Cord and Ellie have already had love taken away from them once, they will fight all obstacles in their path to be together. Sweet Redemption is a cute story giving two people a second chance at love. Cord and Ellie are made each other and very sweet in indulging in their life and lust for each other. The love affair between Cord and Ellie is very realistic even though it happens very immediately in the story. The plot didn't have any suspense, but the dynamics of the efforts of others to keep Cord and Ellie apart carry the story. The sexual interactions between Cord and Ellie have moments of heated passion but don’t drive the reader to find release through toys or a partner. There are quite a few secondary characters in the story but Bacon almost steals the show. I really enjoyed reading Sweet Redemption.

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