Monday, June 4, 2012

4.5 Star Review of Eternal Bliss

Review from: Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Orgasmic - click to learn more about the JERR Heat Level system.4½ Stars - click to learn more about the JERR Star Rating system.

Laine Peyton is having a rough morning. Not only is this the anniversary of her being stood up at the altar, but she is stuck in Atlanta traffic and running late. When Laine takes a detour, she sees an amazing body wetting down a fire truck and finds her body reacting in strange ways. After the orgasm of her life, Laine finds she crashed into the back of a city bus totalling her car. Kyle Logan typically washes the fire engine, but when he hears the crash he goes into gear and rushes out to the scene. Laine can't believe that she was so stupid to crash into the bus, and Kyle can't believe this hot woman was that stupid. Kyle can't get Laine out of his head and does his best to find her again. Laine uses her clout to do all she can to find Mr. Orgasm again to see if he lives up to her dreams. Sex becomes so much more between Kyle and Lanie, but they have so many obstacles in their path like Lanie's fear of marriage and Kyle's best friend Jeff.
Wow- Eternal Bliss is a roller coaster ride of emotions and smoking hot sex. It was obvious when Kyle runs to Laine's rescue that these two would set the sheets on fire. Kyle and Laine's relationship went from a one-night stand to I can't get enough after three powerful orgasms and one lollipop flavored condom. There are so many elements in this story that have you laughing, crying and gasping often at the same time. Laine's is dealing with her emotional baggage the best way she can, but she still feels tendenancies to doubt herself. Kyle wants to be with Lanie all of the time, but the brotherly love he has for his best friend often causes him to hesitate. The sex is filled with sexting, toys, anal sex, and enough orgasms to leave you physically exhausted but aching for more. The story does take a turn to the depressing, but it was needed to tell Kyle and Laine's story. There are plenty of secondary characters in the story who often became center stage. Eternal Bliss is a great story that I can't wait to read again.
Orgasmic - click to learn more about the JERR Heat Level system.
4½ Stars - click to learn more about the JERR Star Rating system.

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