Saturday, November 19, 2011

4th review of Jack's Christmas Wish!

This is the 4th review of Jack's Christmas Wish by Coffee Beans and Love Scenes!

Sansom weaves a very modest BDSM tale in Jack's Christmas Wish, not too hard core but touches base on many novice BDSM techniques and scenarios. Her writing style is one of pleasure to read, she keeps the story at a steady flow and the interesting characters and their blossoming relationship are all delightful.

The only nagging issue I had with the story line was Lissa's inability to love one minute then want the whole enchilada. Her wavering moods were hard to keep up with. From her stalker ex-boyfriend's abusive insinuations to how she was willing to be Derek's sub in his dungeon. Moments like this made me think, “how can a person go from abuse (whether mental or physical) to being at someone's mercy.” Perhaps her fear of true love was the main obstacle.

Aside from that topsy-turvy emotional debate, Sansom did an excellent job at developing the relationship between Derek's seven-year old son, Jack, and Lissa. The humorous antics and dialogue on the first page of the novel had me laugh a few times and want to slap the Naughty Santa. I love Sansom's writing and can guarantee more of her writings will be added to my TBR List once they are available.

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