Saturday, November 5, 2011

Excerpt from The Bank Job.

“This one is waterproof if you’re looking to use a vibrator in the shower or bath.” Kat's knowledge of the products had her at number one sales person. She got the raise she was hoping for and was on her way to being able to pay off all of her past due bills. Finally she felt like she could breathe again. The only thing missing was Jarrod. She couldn’t get him off of her mind. She didn’t want him off her mind. She wanted him on top of her, taking her every which way they could think of. She hadn’t been back inside the bank since the robbery. Instead she dropped her checks off in the night deposit. She’d needed to go to the police station to identify the robbers which was pretty simple, especially Dick. All she had to do was hear him speak. Snaggletooth had been another easy one, but the third one proved difficult. She hadn’t spent much time with him.
“I’ll take this one. I like that it’s purple. Oh, do you have any nipple clamps and flavored condoms? My boyfriend likes me to go down on him,” She scrunched her face. “But, I don’t like the taste of his come.” She shivered in disgust.
“I understand. The nipple clamps are on aisle three and the flavored condoms are up by the register. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.” She left to go back to the front desk. Other customers were milling about looking at various toys. Some had red faces, while others had no compunction about buying sex toys. Her first week here she had such a red face it would have matched a fire hydrant. That quickly wore off and now she could handle any question with a straight face. The only person she couldn’t face again was Jarrod. Jarrod could become addictive and she just couldn’t risk it. Especially with him being such an expert with her body. She got a tingle in her groin every time she thought about his fingers inside her. No, she couldn’t risk her heart.
“What’s up Kat?” Marcus leaned on the counter on one elbow and raised a brow at her.
“Nothing, I’m fine.” She assured him.
“Bullshit. You haven’t been the same since the bank robbery. Do you need to talk to someone? Like a professional? Our insurance covers it.” He gave her a sympathetic smile.
“Hell no, I don’t need to talk to anyone. I’m fine. I’m not like the others who were victims. I stood up to them.”
He held his arms up in mock surrender. “Okay, okay, I was just saying.”
“Well, I don’t need to see a professional. Alright?” She couldn’t help the bitchiness in her tone. She hated the thought of being a victim. That’s what the welfare people called her. A victim of child abuse. She fought as hard as she could, she just wasn’t tough enough back then, but she was now. Nobody would ever call her a victim again. Nobody would ever get close enough to hurt her again neither. Even as she thought that, she still felt something stirring inside her for Jarrod. She missed him. Wondered everyday how he was doing, but couldn’t face him.
“You can talk to me you know. I won’t say a word to anyone.” Marcus held his hand out to her.
Even Jamie hadn’t offered to talk to her and they were roommates. She did want to talk to someone. Just to get it out of her system, but not to be mistaken for a victim. Maybe she could trust Marcus with her confession. She’d been afraid but couldn’t show weakness. She’d been afraid when Jarrod got shot. She thought she had lost him for sure. There was so much blood. So much pain etched on his face. He was pale, too pale. The memories turned her stomach. The sights sounds and the metallic scent of his blood all over her hands just about stopped her heart. She didn’t know why she felt so strongly for this guy. They had a bit of fun while being held hostage. No big deal. Right? Dammit, she was so confused.
“Marcus what would you say if I said I sort of had sex while we were being held hostage?”
He seemed to think about it. “I guess I would say wow, good for you, but not only that. I could really see you doing that. Being defiant to the bitter end.”
“Exactly. I didn’t want to let them win. I wanted to go out my way if I was going to go out.”
“Well, how did you sort of have sex?” Marcus lifted a brow.
“It doesn’t matter. The point is I didn’t cower.”
“It does matter. I’m curious.” He leaned in closer to her.
She pushed him away.”I’m not giving you all the gory details. I don’t kiss and tell.” She laughed and left to help a new customer. She glanced back at the desk and Marcus mouthed, ‘tell me’. She shook her head and continued toward the customer.
“Hi, welcome to the Treasure Chest. Is there anything I can help you with?”
“Yeah,” he said turning around to face her. “You can tell me why you’ve been avoiding me.” Jarrod stood tall and brooding over her, making her feel small.
She swallowed hard and pointed to a lube. “This cherry flavored lube is one of our best sellers if you’re interested in lubes.” She was buying time. Time to think, time to regroup. Her insides were scattered to the four winds. Jarrod, her Jarrod stood mere inches away from her. He was gorgeous, healed and strong.
“I don’t want a lube unless I’m gonna use it on you. Maybe something like a paddle would be better.”
“A paddle? What the hell would you want to spank me for?” Damn that sounded good to her but she couldn’t let him know that.
“For not coming to see me in the hospital and for not coming in the bank to see me for three weeks now. I’ve waited and waited, but you’ve been avoiding me. I made a promise to you that you would get yours. I plan to make good on my promise. What time do you get off?”
“Eleven o’clock.” She clamped her hand over her mouth. She hadn’t meant to give in to him, but her body seemed to have a mind of its own.
“I’m going to buy a few things and I’ll pick you up at eleven. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be here waiting for me. If I have to hunt you down, it’ll be worse on you. I’m not an easy lover. Now that I don’t have a gun on me I can show you who I really am. I’m now coward, I’m no sap and I damn sure ain’t a victim.” He stroked her bottom lip with his thumb.
Those words melted her. She should have been a puddle of want and need lying in the floor. He was a different man, a really sexy man. He exuded confidence and power. A power she hadn’t noticed before. She recognized the fact that she was standing here with a Dom. Holy shit, I’ll definitely be here waiting.
“No, you’re definitely not a victim. You’re something else entirely. I like you this way sport. I’ll be here waiting. She straightened a tube on the display shelf.
“Where are the paddles? I’ll also need some nipple clamps and a butt plug.” His expression didn’t change. He was completely composed as he listed the toys she knew would be for her.
“The paddles are in the back of the store on the left and nipple clamps are on aisle two, and the butt plugs are in the dildo section right over there. Do you need assistance?” She couldn’t help the huskiness that bled through her voice. She could do this, she wanted this. It would be one night of pure unadulterated lust. She hadn’t been laid in quite a while, so yes, she wanted this. She would finally get hers.

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