Thursday, November 3, 2011

Excerpt from The Bank Job a new work in progress

“Are you crazy? Why in the hell would you keep pissing them off? Aren’t you afraid you’re going to get shot?” He couldn’t help the stern tone of his voice. She defied all logic, pushing their buttons the way she had. And it was turning him on beyond all reason. He didn’t even know her name. He should have paid more attention when he was making her deposit.
She looked at him like he must be crazy. “I’m not going out cringing in fear. If I’m going to die, it won’t be for a lack of fighting. I can’t sit back and cower like the rest of you.
“What is your name?” He had to know before he kissed her. He’d never met anyone like her. Probably never would again. She had such strength. She was so in control. He wanted that careful control to vanish under his touch.
“Kat, but you already knew that. You were depositing my check remember? But I suppose it does say Katherine, but people call me Kat. So if you call me Katherine, I’ll knock your teeth down your throat.” She glared at him like she was challenging him to do it.
“Look Kat, I just want to make it through this. Now settle down and let’s concentrate on trying to get out of here.” He stared her in the eye.
“Good Idea. Maybe we could find a back door and get out.” She started to rise and he pulled her back down.
“No. I meant cooperate with them and survive.” He huffed out a breath.
“Aren’t you the brave one?” She asked sarcastically. She shook off his hand and stood, peeking out the door. “Is there a back door close by? Or an open window or something?” She stared at him waiting.
“No there isn’t. The only other exit is on the other side of the bank and we’d have to go by them to get there.” He pinched the bridge of his nose, his headache was pounding now. He remembered how nervous she seemed in the line and wondered if she didn’t have something to do with this. She was the only one to mouth off at them after all. She hadn’t seemed too afraid of them ever. Maybe the Dick guy was her boyfriend and this whole thing was an act.
“What’s your name?” She put her hands on her hips. It was difficult seeing all of her actions in the dark. He could only make her out when she was close to him. He had the only glass office in the building. The rest were all walled up with the exception of one small blind covered window.  This one in particular was the smallest office and was a bit claustrophobic for him. He was thankful he had her to distract him.
“My name is Jarrod.”
“Well Jarrod, do you have any ideas other than to roll over and die?” She squat back down so he could see her eyes. The small cracks of sunlight shone through the slats in the closed blinds, giving him just enough light to see her up close. She was still gorgeous even if suicidal.
“No I don’t. Why don’t you sit back down with me and we can talk this out.” He just wanted her near him so he could smell her sweet clean scent. He might be in a hostage situation, but his body was responding to the pink tipped spiky haired woman. He’d never met anyone like her. Probably never would again and if she was in on it he would be the fool, but somehow he knew she wasn’t. At least his libido did.
“Sit down and what? Wait for them to come in here and kill us or worse to tell us we’re not going anywhere.”
That caught his attention. “So worse than being killed would be the news you’re not going anywhere?” He raised a brow.
“Yes I have a job I need to get to. I can’t stay here I need my job. If I get fired, I might as well be dead.” She shivered.
He pulled her down next to him without thinking about the consequences.
“Hey get your damn hands off me. I’m not your toy to play with. I almost decked that Dick bastard, so don’t think I won’t do it to you.” She balled up her tiny fists.
“Can’t you stop playing the tough girl act for five minutes? I’m just trying to get to know you. I’m not the one with a gun remember?” He patted the plain grey carpeted floor next to him. He wanted her to calm down enough to find out more about her.
“Did you get my transaction completed before the Three Stooges came in?” I need that money in my account. I won’t be able to pay my rent without it.” She sat down next to him and hugged her knees.
Finally, she calms down.
So she was in financial trouble. He grew more suspicious of her. Still attracted, but suspicious none the less. “Yes, I completed it.” He scooted a little closer to her hoping she hadn’t noticed. He saw the glint of light reflecting off the diamond in her nose. He’d never cared for facial piercings but on her it worked. She had her ears pierced twice and her eyebrow had a tiny hoop in it. She wore a liberal amount of eyeliner and dark grey eye shadow. It fit her. It completed her look and matched her personality and he found himself getting hard being this close to her.
“Thank you. I needed to hear that. That’s the only thing that’s gone right in my life for a while now.” She smiled at him.
“I’m glad I was the one you came to.” Her smile was beautiful. She looked so sweet when she wasn’t acting so tough. He wondered what made her that way. Whatever it was it must have been traumatic. He imagined it was probably an abusive husband or boyfriend. He checked her ring finger and nothing. That made him smile. Maybe she was available. He imagined her under him screaming his name. He could clearly picture her face with her mouth open taking him in, her perfect bow lips stretching around his cock. He inhaled drawing attention to himself.
“Are you alright? Did they hit you in the head while you were in the vault?” She laughed soft and low.
“No. I’m fine. They didn’t do anything to me, but have me open the vault. I helped them fill their bags and we came back into the lobby.” He shrugged.
“You helped them?” She scoffed.
“Yes. I helped them. I didn’t realize we had a warrior princess in the lobby that was going to save us all.”
“Smartass.” She punched him on the shoulder.
“Hey, stop that.” He rubbed and rotated his arm and sighed. “What do you think they’re gonna do with us?” He rolled his head in her direction.
“I don’t know. Maybe they’ll kill us, maybe they won’t. Either way I’m not going down without a fight. That Dick sonofabitch hit me. I won’t let that slide. One way or another he’ll pay for that.
“Are you crazy? He has a gun. A big gun if you hadn’t noticed and I imagine he wouldn’t have a problem shooting you.” He scrubbed his hands down his face.
“No. I’m not crazy. I wish you would stop asking me that. I just don’t back down from a fight. I never have and I’m not going to start now.”
“Not even if you’re only bringing a fist to a gunfight?”
She shook her head. “Not even then, but if you hadn’t noticed I have two fists and two feet. I can kick ass with the best of them. Are you with me or do you need to sit this one out?” she pushed herself up on her heels.
His eyes went wide. “You mean now? Like, right now?” He grabbed her hand without thinking about it. She glanced down to their connection and frowned.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” She snatched her hand away.
“What happened to you?” His question was out before he could call it back. He regretted his words as soon as they were spoken.
She recoiled immediately. “It’s none of your damn business. Now if we’re done playing shrink the patient, why don’t we concentrate on how the hell to get out of this mess?”
“Fine, but we’re going to stay here. I’m the manager and the safety of my customers and employees are top priority. So we can wait it out together.” He hoped like hell she’d sit back down and stop acting like she could kill them all with her hands. Whatever had happened to her was bad. Someone really did a number on her. He wondered how many bruises it would take to make someone that hard and immediately felt sorry for her.

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