Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #16

Welcome to another SSS. Here is the link back to the original sight where you can find some super talented writers. SIx Sentence Sunday Now here are my six from Jack's Christmas Wish for sale now at AmazonBarnes & Noble and

“I’m Jack,” the little boy said with childish enthusiasm.

“Jack, what would you like for Christmas?” Santa asked as the boy wobbled on his knee.
The little boy hung his head, a frown on his little face with drooping shoulders. He looked like a wilting flower. “I want a new mom.”

Here's another snippet from Jack's Christmas Wish.

“Will you be my new mom?”
That she wasn’t expecting. Crap! Now what? I can’t very well say yes, I’d love to, now can I? Yeesh!
“Uh, no honey, but I’m sure your dad will find someone.” She looked to the dad and he gave a timid smile. Pick me. Please, pick me.
She smiled back, searching those deep blue eyes for any hint of attraction, because she was feeling loads of it. She might not be his mommy, but she would certainly be girlfriend material. The mommy thing would work itself out.
Jack slumped over again. God, she felt bad for him. He hopped down from Santa’s knee and turned to her. “I would’ve liked you to be my new mommy. You’re pretty.”
Her face heated. “Thank you, Jack.” What else could she say? Me too.
The dad stepped up to collect his son. “He’s right, you know. You are very pretty.”
Good grief all the sudden it was seriously hot. All the man had to do is say she was pretty and she creamed her fuzzy green outfit.


  1. Great snippet Bonni, l'm really enjoying this story.

  2. Am currently reading this one... the first page- oh my...had me laughing hysterically-= fabulous novel so far!

    Dawne P

  3. great snippets Bonni!! Makes me excited to read it :)

  4. I was wondering where the title came from. Now it makes sense! :)

  5. Love the snippet, and I bet by the end of your book, Jack is gonna be happy. BTW, yes, I'm buying it very soon.

  6. Well that's certainly a huge gift. Wonder of Santa can pull it off!!

  7. Oh I love the feelings you are capturing. Beautifully done.