Friday, May 11, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #38

Welcome to yet another Flash Fiction Friday. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but today it’s worth 100 no more, no less. Thanks for stopping by and please follow the links to get to the other FFF posts. Now here are my 100.

Saki Moto, pointed to the projection screen. “See if you look at the profit margin and the data we’ve collected through surveys, you’ll see that we are in the green and the future of Semen Incorporated is looking bright.” He looked down to his paperwork then back to the screen. “Now if you want the figures from all third party sales,” He pointed with his pen. “You can look here in the brown box. I’m confident in our investments.”
 “Mr. Johan?”
Dave lifted his head from the table. “I was totally on a beach fucking Cindy Crawford. Please, shut up.”

Gemma Parkes:
Naomi Shaw:
S.J. Maylee:

Savannah Chase
Cyril J. Michael:
Venus Cahill:
Leann Mitchell

Muffy Wilson:


  1. OMG, love his reply....Great flash...

  2. Oh Bonni, love it. You really made me laugh. Guess that beach will have to wait lol

  3. Lucky guy, hope he can get back to her. Fun flash.

  4. You so nailed it, Bonni!! Loved this take, very funny:) xo

  5. Ha! Loved it Bonni, very funny!

  6. That was funny as hell! Loved it!

  7. Bonni, Fantastic FFF! Love your sense of humor.
    Don't you wish you could be so blunt in business meetings?