Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Five heart review of Eternal Bliss!

When I first began reading Eternal Bliss by Bonni Sansom, I was honestly expecting a light hearted romantic read. But about half-way through, I discovered that I was more than wrong with my preconceived expectations. Unbridled emotions, crazy hot sex, and unanticipated tragedy, turned this story into something so much more amazing than I ever could have possibly hoped for.

Being a wedding planner with altar issues isn’t exactly good for business. Laine Peyton-Stanton has everything she needs. Money to burn, a thriving wedding boutique, a five thousand square foot house to herself, but the only thing missing is the husband she was supposed to have that left her at the altar a year ago. Leary of relationships, she hesitates getting back into one. On her way to work a traffic jam forced her to take an alternate route, where she met Kyle Logan quite by accident. Great, her day just got so much better. Not. Minding his own business, Kyle Logan, a fire fighter for Atlanta, has no idea he’s about to meet the woman of his dreams. He’s been looking for the right woman to settle down with and hadn’t been having any luck until a woman in a Prius crashes right in front of him. She’s a bit of a bitch, but that makes the Dom in him want to tame her. He’s determined to win her over, but they don’t even know each other’s names. What started off as a one night stand quickly develops into something more and one broken glow-in-the-dark lollipop condom could keep them together forever, until Kyle has an accident and lands himself in a coma. Will he recover and remember Laine and what they had or will he lose her forever?
Wedding planner and business owner Laine Peyton, can definitely be considered a woman scorned. After being ditched at the altar by her ex-fiance, she vows to keep her heart out of any future relationships she may encounter. On her way to work one day, she spies a shirtless and very distracting firefighter whom she immediately nicknames her 'Mr. Orgasm.' Unfortunately for Laine, her wandering eyes cause a little accident as she runs into the back of a bus. After getting knocked out by the air bag, she awakens to the strong and surly hands of said 'Mr. Orgasm' and he almost brings her to utter bliss with the slightest touch of his examining hands. She's embarrassed and flustered by the incident and immediately takes offense to everything he says to her. This was certainly not how she imagined their first meeting to go.

Kyle Logan never thought his dream woman would wind up crashing into the back of the bus right in front of his station. After examining her for injuries, he realizes that this little fireball is the hottest fire he's ever wanted to tame. But when she takes off with, her sassy attitude trailing behind her, he realizes that one chance meeting with this woman, will never be enough to satisfy his sudden craving for her.

After finally coming in contact with each other again at a local bar, Laine and Kyle embark on a strictly sex only relationship. But the problem is, Kyle wants more from her, while Laine still won't let down her walls to let him in. Kyle decides that no matter what Laine thinks or feels, he's not giving up on their fated relationship. But when tragedy strike and the unexpected happens, will this meant to be couple really be able to find a happily ever after, or will the fire they feel burn out in flames without really ever starting?

Kyle and Laine come from two different worlds and their personalities are so different, that it's amazing they meshed so well together. Kyle was orphaned as a young child when both his parents died in a fire, hence why he became a firefighter. He was raised by his grandparents and wound up becoming an amazingly wonderful man. I found myself attached to him immediately. He was slightly domineering in the bedroom, but outside of the sex, this man was the sweetest and gentlest guy ever. He fought for Laine and their relationship from the get go, and I was left with nothing but admiration for this absolutely sexy character. Laine was a different story, completely. Raised in a wealthy family with both of her parents, she never did without. She never acted spoiled by any means, just determined to continue her success in life. She was slightly damaged from her ex-fiance, but she was determined to live out her life, even if her heart still ached from the loss of finding completion in her life.

The range of emotions I felt while reading
Eternal Bliss, was completely off the charts insane. From tears to laughter to complete anger, I felt like a train wreck by the time I finished this story. But I must say that in the end, the pain so well worth it. Eternal Bliss had some seriously erotic and passionate moments and I couldn't get enough of the sexual tension between Laine and Kyle. Eternal Bliss was truly a well thought out story with an amazing group of characters and an even more amazing plot. I recommend Eternal Bliss...highly, especially if you love a sexy and sweet fire fighter hero, a damaged, yet strong willed heroine and a side character that you will find yourself hating to love. So stop what you're doing and pick up Eternal Bliss. It's a story that demands your immediate attention.