Friday, May 25, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #40

Welcome to yet another Flash Fiction Friday. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but today it’s worth 100 no more, no less. Thanks for stopping by and please follow the links to get to the other FFF posts. Now here are my 100.

Jane’s footsteps sounded on the boardwalk as she followed him again. He knew she was there. He always did. It had almost become a game.
Dick stopped in front of her. Without turning he said, “I should have known you would be out here tonight. What do you want from me?”
“I want to taste your flesh. I want to feel the texture on my tongue.” Her voice was as silken as seduction itself. He shivered in front of her. Almost like he knew it was coming.
“Do it,” he whispered.
She moved and sank her fangs into his neck.

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  1. I loved it..So hot...I love it that it has a paranormal element..

  2. Oh, the intensity is deep. I really enjoyed this flash and I want more of what they are giving!!

  3. Now, that was so sexy and sensuous, if you can call a predatory exchange sexy. This one is. Loved the line "Her voice was silken as seduction itself." As if seduction was alive. And yet, it is alive in us all. Loved it Bonni. Hot:) xo

  4. Another delicious little horror take. I love the way she followed him and the visions that I took from the way you presented her hunt. Lovely.

  5. Wow! That sent shivers down me. I loved the atmosphere you created and the paranormal twist. Great flasher

  6. Hmm, ok - she gets to suck him, but what does he get out of the deal? I have yet to figure out the allure of female vamps. When she is sucking on his neck, is it that damn good? Does he have a fang induced climax in his pants?

    Bonni, I like how you're branching into the paranormal. Excellent

  7. "Sank her fang into his neck" wonderful build up and pay off, Bonni!

  8. Loved your take Bonni, but paranormal is my first love :) I hope the bite is multi-orgasmic ;) That would rock.

  9. Fabulous! I love the emotion, the anticipation and the twist!

  10. That was so hot and sexy! Great FFF! It gave me gooseflesh.

  11. Very nice Bonni. I love the mystery and suspense you created.

  12. I love this new side to you. The paranormal is one of my favorite genres. You really rocked this one and he is very lucky. That one bite will give him more pleasure than he could ever imagine. Loved it. :)