Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Excerpt from Eternal Bliss

“Come on, it’s this way.”
“You weren’t kidding about being excited.” He moved quickly keeping pace with her.
She turned her head. “You’re damn right I wasn’t.”
They reached her bedroom and he waited while she went to the bathroom to brush. When she came out, he was already naked lying on her bed. Damn, his body was amazing. His chiseled physique was astonishing. His ropey arms would hold her so tight. His soft masculine lips gave her gooseflesh, just thinking about them kissing her body. He was absolute perfection come to life. No longer was he broken and battered, but a healthy virile man. Her man.
His erection thick and long was rigid against his belly. He stroked it up and down as she approached the bed. She could see the tiny bead of pre-come in the slit. Her mouth watered to taste it. His salty-sweet taste would burst on her tongue.
“I have something I need you to take care of.” He stroked himself again, giving an “mmm,” of satisfaction. “You’re a bit overdressed. Take off that gown and let me see that gorgeous body.”
“It’s not so gorgeous anymore.” She crossed her arms, grabbed the hem, and yanked it over her head.  A bit self-conscious with the gown gone she covered herself with her hands.
He frowned. “Don’t hide yourself from me baby. I love your body like this. Our child has made you more beautiful than ever.” His hot palm rubbed across her belly, making her quiver. She could feel her damp need between her legs. She remembered masturbating in the bathtub and blushed.
“Don’t be embarrassed. I love you just the way you are.”
She crawled on the bed. “I’m not embarrassed, I’m horny. It’s a side effect of pregnancy, so it’s a good thing you showed up when you did.”
He pulled her head down for a possessive, demanding, curl-your-toes-and-make-you-cream, kind of kiss. God, she had missed him.
Their tongues danced together in a sensual duel igniting a fire inside her. She reached down and stroked him from root to tip, while she kissed him senseless.
He broke the kiss. “Damn, baby, I love the way you touch me.” He closed his eyes and pumped in time with her strokes, up and down his cock.
She licked his flat nipple as she fondled his balls in her hand. She wanted to please him.
“How should we do this? I don’t want to hurt you or the baby.” He looked a bit stressed, like he wasn’t the, ‘in control’ Kyle she’d always known. He had always taken her in hand and commanded her body, but now he seemed apprehensive. She decided to take matters into her own hands, quite literally. She reached down using two fingers to rub her clit while the other flicked her nipple. “Mmm, this feels good, Kyle.” 
Kyle was on top of her in a nanosecond. “Don’t stop touching yourself. I want you to come for me.” He put his head down between her legs, licking her seam. She was ready. He could taste her arousal on his tongue. He licked his lips. “Now, this I remember.” He opened her delicate tissue, exposing her little hole and lapped her juice up like a starving man. His tongue fucked her in and out, eliciting tiny whimpers from her. He wanted to see her face, but the baby bump was in the way. He watched her fingers make swirling patterns on her clit and swore under his breath. Damn, she’s sexy. He licked her fingers. “Let me take over, babe.” He moved up and licked her hard nubbin with the flat of his tongue. He had to hold her hips, just to keep her still. She writhed in his hands, seeking more pleasure. Pleasure he was willing to give. This was his dream every night since he’d been home. The dream he couldn’t quite remember, but haunted him relentlessly.
“Mmm, that feels so good. Whatever you do, don’t stop.” She rolled her hips in time with his strokes, making little mewling sounds that were torturing him.
He needed her hands on him, her lips, that velvety wet tongue licking his cock, sucking, taking him all the way in. He wanted to love her with his body and soul, to show her through pleasure how much he cared. She was his goddess, his life, hopefully his wife.
He hummed, vibrating his tongue directly on her clit. She squealed and shattered in his hands. He lapped greedily at her juice, taking in her very essence.
She tried slamming her knees shut as he continued his sensual assault on her pussy, making her squeal again.
“Please, sir, I need you inside me now.”
“Sir. Damn, I love that.”  He came up on his knees, spread her creamy white legs further apart, and dipped in one excruciating inch at a time. He felt the little aftershocks of her orgasm, massaging his cock, pulling him closer than he wanted to be to his own orgasm. He tried thinking of other things to keep his mind occupied. The foot bone’s connected to the leg bone. The leg bone’s connected to my cock. Ah shit, I’m gonna come.
His pumps became shallow and uneven, his cock rubbed against her clit with every stroke. He watched her eyes making sure he didn't hurt her, but rather gave her pleasure. His balls were slapping her ass with every thrust. He felt the telltale tingle in his spine, his balls drew up, he pumped two more times and came inside her, calling her name.
He fell on his elbows keeping his weight off of her, and then rolled to his side, pulling her into him. He placed his hand on her belly feeling a small movement. His son was growing in her womb, and he couldn’t be happier. Now all he had to do was get his mama to agree to marry him. He had an idea, but he would have to hurry before they closed. He had to go get her the ultimate gift.


  1. Bonni, you are the Queen of Hot & Steamy. I know I can count on you to give me a treat whenever I visit your Blog. Grrrrrh, now I'm horny.

  2. Is it hot in here? I've had to open a window !

    Fabulous babe, absolutely fabulous :)

    And I second Mr. B's last comment but I'm far too sweet and ladylike to ever say it out loud...;)