Friday, August 12, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #1

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday, where we write 100 words based on the picture. Please feel free to join in the fun. Please check out the links below to view the other FFF posts. Enjoy!

“I thought you wanted muffins.” Lani put the bowl on the counter for later, much later.
“I do,” Ben said. He squeezed her breasts with his hot palms, kneading each globe, eliciting small whimpers from her. “These muffins will suit me just fine.” He bent his head down and licked one taut nipple.
“Mmm, please don’t stop, that feels so good.” She arched her back pressing into him.
His cock was so hard he could hammer nails with it. “Ride me, baby/” He picked her up holding her against him rubbing her slit up and down his cock. “Fuck, yeah.”


  1. I wish that would happen to me when I make muffins...oh wait I'd have to make muffins first. Excellent 100 x

  2. Okay, I'm blushing and laughing so hard! LOL This was exciting! I like how you added me and Ben in the mix. heehee I will use names next week. I promise. Great 100! Loved it!

  3. Oh Bonni, how did you know I loved muffins, esppecially with a lot of creamy butter smeared all over. Hmmm, I'm making my own mouth water. It can be so hard trying to decide whether to eat first or go for a ride. Well done.

  4. I'm with Benjamin, muffins are yummy. It's not hard for me to decide which one I'd choose. I'll take the baked goods. ;)