Friday, August 19, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #2

“Hold me Lee. That shark almost killed me.” Johnny fell into his lover’s arms shivering and panting. “Please, don’t let go, I need you so bad.”
“I’ve got you Johnny. Shh, it’s going to be okay. It was a dolphin baby, and they’re pretty much harmless.” He chuckled, but held him firm, loving the way their bodies melded together.
“It was? I could have sworn it was a shark. It went after my leg.”
“I’d go after your leg, too. As a matter of fact, I’d go after everything.” His cock sprang to life. “Kiss me Johnny, I need you.”

I hope you enjoyed my snippet. Now please follow the links below and check out the other authors on FFF.

In addition, I want to extend a heart-felt thanks to my fellow author friends, Johnny Miles and Lee Brazil for agreeing to be guest stars in my FFF fantasy.  Please click on the link in their names to stop by their pages and find out what kind of interesting mischief they’ve been getting into.


  1. Snort - trust Lee to think it was a shark - he's a big wuss. Loved it honey - can't wait for next week's. xx

  2. Bonni......My husband and I shark fish in the Gulf of Mexico. I'll remember that they like "legs" or anything that looks like a leg!! Clever and fun reading:) xo

  3. This was awesome, Bonni! I'd like everything, too! *weg* Great job! xo

  4. Boy, that Johnny gets around, he was over at my Blog too trying to seduce hunky Michael Mandrake. Bonni, I loved the humor and the situation you described. This is the kind of fun writing that FFF is all about. Excellent job

  5. Loved it!! I caught a shark once. It nearly took off my leg. I had to shoot it. No, that's a lie, it was a small reef shark. But I did shoot it.