Monday, August 1, 2011

Writing Contest!

Writing contest rules: 1) You must be 18 or older. 2) You must include your email address at the end of your submission. 3) You must write 100 words, giving a complete scene based on the picture. Enjoy the contest. I look forward to reading. The prize for this contest is a $25.00 gift card for Barnes and Noble. All entries must be submitted by August 15th.


  1. The war of the old world turned new once Kara had Nicholas in her arms as rhapsody overwhelmed her. They were always meant to be together. Even through all the turmoil they had experienced they now could move forward in peace. They stared at the darkened castle, watching the flames ember the city in total ruin, barely escaping with their lives. Kara leaned over Nicholas’ shoulder, “We move forward from this day.” She kissed his cheek.

    His lips smoothed up to captures hers.

    Just then the roar of the dragon they thought they had escaped sprang vengefully into the night.

  2. Damon doesn’t mean to keep getting into these fixes. He has told his dragon mate numerous times he needed to change him but Draco always had a reason for not doing it. Now here he was in the arms of Coco Queen of the vampires. As her claw like nails dug deep into his torso Draco’s cry rang through the castle walls. It wouldn’t be long now before his mate rescued him however the immediate questions on Damon’s mind is will his Mate reach him in time and will he still accept him as a vampire. Only Time will tell.

  3. The last dragon bowed its head acknowledging defeat as the moon danced with the clouds above. Raphael slumped back against Sienna, his exhaustion obvious, his need for her strength overtaking all other thoughts. The battle was over and they were victorious. She wrapped her arms around him, freely giving what comfort she could. The price they had paid had been high, too high some would say but Sienna knew different. She leaned into him, her words soft but determined. ‘Never again Rafe.’ She vowed ‘I don’t care what it costs, bugger the coupons, next time we’ll just go to Walmart’.

  4. Vampirique clutched the beautiful young shape-shifter to her breasts. “It won’t be long now my sweet. Before the next sunset, I will drain you dry and own your soul.”

    Roberto shivered in her arms. All is lost, he thought. I’ve been captured by this vampire bitch from hell and now her dragons rule the skies. My only hope is that Black Rayne will get here in time to save the wolf-pack.

    His musky scent enflamed Vampirique’s blood-lust and she possessively caressed his hairless chest. “I know what you’re thinking Roberto, let Black Rayne come; I have a surprise for her