Friday, August 5, 2011

Excerpt from Eternal Bliss

This is a love scene with Laine and Kyle from Eternal Bliss a current work in progress

“Good enough. Now get over here and do with me what you will.”
That was all the invitation he needed. “Yes, ma’am. I hope you’re ready for some hard lovin’”
“I can see it’s hard already.” He approached the bed and Laine stroked the length of his erection through his jeans.
“Dammit, woman, I can’t believe what you do to me.”
“As long as you like what I do to you, we’ll get along just fine.”
His dick was painfully hard, getting zipper tracks on the underside as they spoke.
“I love what you do to me and what you’re going to do for me right now.”
She looked into his ice-blue eyes. “And what is it I’m going to do?”
He gave her a devilish smile. “You’re going to undo my pants and use that pretty little mouth of yours to pleasure me.”
She smiled back at him. “Yes, sir.”
“I like it when you call me sir. Keep that up.”
She sat up and reached for his belt. He hissed through his teeth when her delicate fingers grazed the tip of his cock. She fumbled with the button, making him want to help her, but he refrained, enduring this exquisite torture.  Finally she pulled down the zipper releasing him from his denim confines. She caught him with her hand, staring at the bulbous head, licking her lips.
“Damn, baby, I might not last long in that gorgeous little mouth of yours.”
Her pink tongue darted out licking the tiny bead of pre-come from the slit. He swore under his breath, feeling her velvety tongue licking him, loving his cock. He had no idea she would be so enthusiastic.
She took the head into her mouth, sucking his soul out through his dick.
He groaned. “Yeah, baby, that’s it, suck me.” Damn, he was in love with her. He knew in his soul he could never find a better fit for him than Laine. He just hoped he’d be able to convince her of the same thing. They were a perfect match.  
The sound of wet slurping filled the room. He watched her head bobbing back and forth, her cheeks hollowing on the upstroke, and puff out on the down stroke. His fingers stabbed through her hair, grabbing a handful and pulling her mouth off of him before he exploded.
She looked confused. “I don’t want to come in your mouth Lainey. I want to come in your tight little pussy.”
He toed off his boots, and slipped out of his pants that were around his ankles. He slipped his t-shirt over his head, and tossed it carelessly to the floor.
He crawled onto the bed next to her, and kissed her senseless, their tongues licking and exploring each other’s mouths. He could taste his salty wild taste on her tongue. They were both breathless when they came up for air. His large palm caressed her breast making her nipple pucker. She moaned with delight.
He took her nipple in hand rolling it between his fingers, getting a small squeak of pleasure. Her eyes were closed, but he wanted her to watch him.
“Lainey, open your eyes and watch me.” She opened her heavy lidded eyes, and looked down to her nipple. He dipped his head nipping it through the lacey material then soothing it with his tongue.
“Mmm, oh that feels so good, please don’t stop, sir.”
He palmed her pussy feeling her slick arousal through the material. “You’re so wet baby. I think we’re ready to get this thing off of you. You’re a bit over dressed for my taste.”
He pulled the strap off of her shoulder exposing one pert breast. Her perfect pink nipple was already taut, and ready. She slipped the other strap off her shoulder pushed the teddy down lifted her butt, and pushed it off.
“I’m ready for you, sir.”
His cock twitched at sir. He snagged a condom from his pants pocket, ripped it open with his teeth and rolled it on. He didn’t want to wait one more second to be in her wet heat. He situated himself between her legs, fitted himself to her hole, and pushed in balls deep. They both hissed through their teeth. She closed her eyes again.
“Lainey keep your eyes on me. Let me see those grass green eyes.”
She immediately complied.
“Good girl.” His strokes were uneven and halting. He was on the verge of coming, but had to hang on. He paused. “Look down and see how we fit together. We’re a perfect match baby.”
She propped herself up on her elbows looking down at where they were connected.
He was happy for the moment to gain his control. He watched her face flush as she saw him stretching her open wide.
He lifted her knees and pushed in hard eliciting a moan from her. He draped her legs over his shoulders and thumbed her clit. Rubbing in circles had her squirming under him. He kept up his sensual assault on her hard nubbin and pinched slightly and she shattered beneath him. Her sheath hugged him tight, rippling in small quakes, milking him of his own release. He collapsed on top of her, and then rolled to the side. His heartbeat was hammering so much in his chest it felt like it would break through his ribcage.
“Whew, babe you wore me out already. I’ll need at least a half hour before I can do it again.”

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