Thursday, August 18, 2011

Excerpt from Sweet Redemption a current work in progress

This is a continued love scene between Ellie and Cord. Enjoy!

Cord couldn’t believe what had just happened, and what was about to happen again, but when he’d overheard her say “she wanted him to bed her,” that was all the invitation he’d needed. His mouth firmed. He’d deal with Justin later. He didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize Ellie wasn’t interested in Justin, and that the man had lied about them being together. He knew he was right about her all along. She was as honest as the day was long. Honest, sweet and pure, everything he didn’t fucking deserve but was damn sure going to take anyway.
 The only thing he needed to know now was Bacon’s whereabouts. There was no telling what the little shit would do if he saw him having sex with his mama. He only had so many belongings, and even though he hadn’t broken the skin when he’d bit him the other night it still hurt like hell.
“Where’s the little runt?” He asked, stripping his shirt and jeans off. He backed her up to the bed, just missing the small staircase that led up to the edge. He’d ask about the stairs later, much later.
She worked the buttons on her blouse with efficiency, stripping it off revealing a pale blue bra. Damn, she was gorgeous.
“He’s downstairs sleeping. I don’t think he’ll bother us,” she said, her voice husky and breathless.
 He reached behind her and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts spilled out, her nipples a perfect shade of dusky rose, such a contrast to her pale pink skin. He palmed her breasts rolling her nipples between his fingers. He kissed a trail from her neck to her breast, suckling one pert nipple. She threw her head back in euphoria. He heard moans of pleasure falling from her lips. Such perfect bow shaped pink lips he ached to see wrapped around his cock.
He lifted his head, “Damn, you’re beautiful, baby. I don’t know if I’ll ever get my fill of you.” He kissed her, hard. Leaving her breathless and melting against him. He laid her back on the bed, covering her body with his. “I can’t be easy. Not tonight.” He had so much rage churning inside of him because of Justin’s lie; he fought to contain it. The look on Ellie’s face when she’d open the door told him all he needed to know about the situation. Yep, he’d deal with Justin later. Right now, he’d concentrate on pleasuring Ellie.
Her skin was so soft and pale in direct contrast to his sun and work roughened skin.
“I don’t want easy. Not with you.” She reached up and cupped his cheek in her hand. “I just want you back inside of me. Please Cord, I need you, it’s been too long”
“It’s been way to long for me, as well.”He fitted himself to her entrance and slid in to the hilt. She arched her back and moaned. Her pelvis lifted to meet him.
 “Yes! That’s what I need.”
“Damn, baby, you’re so fucking tight. So damn sweet.” He pinned her arms above her head with his hand.”Keep them there.”
 She didn’t fight it; she just let him take control. Her pussy quaked in response. So she liked him to take control. No problem, he aimed to please. Their bodies fit perfectly together, like they were made only for each other. He hadn’t been with anyone since Jill, and he hadn’t thought of being with anyone since he got out of prison, but this felt so right, too right. It should scare him, it shouldn’t be happening. He should never have taken this job. Ellie would be his undoing. He should leave, but he knew he wouldn’t, not now.
He cupped her ass with his hands pulling her to him, he could tell she was almost there, but she needed more, just a little more to make her fall over the edge.
 “Cord, I need, I need more, please.” Gliding his hand down her smooth, naked flesh, he found what he looked for. His thumb slid down the slit of her wet folds and circled over her clit. She screamed “Yes.”
Cord pumped faster matching the speed of his hand. Quivers deep inside her vibrated over his dick, she was almost there. His sac drew up; a tingle ran up his spine. Not yet dammit. He had to hold on, and make her come first. She arched her back, her breasts jutting out; Cord took her nipple into his mouth suckling hard, then nipped it just enough to let her orgasm wash over her like a rain shower on a summer day. Lazy little quakes followed, bringing Cord right along with her. He roared his release, his seed spurt inside her womb, making them one.
He rolled off her, both of them panting hard and fast. Reality sank in faster than he wanted. He wanted to bask in the afterglow of the moment, but he’d come inside her twice, and didn’t know if she was protected. He’d always been a condom fanatic, but it had been so long, he hadn’t even thought of it.
Sonofabitch, I didn’t use a rubber. Are you on the pill?”
She cleared her throat, “Um…no I’m not. I haven’t had sex in almost two years. I didn’t think about it.” She bit her lip, worry etched on her face.
“Dammit, I shouldn’t have done this. I should have made sure before. Baby I’m sorry.”
She rolled to her side facing him. “It’s not just your fault, we both did this.” She ran her fingers through his downy soft chest hair, swirling it around her fingers.
His hand covered hers, a gentle caress; in contrast to his serious face. “I can’t believe this. This shouldn’t have happened.” He pushed her hand aside, and sat up swinging his legs off the bed. He dropped his head in his hands, disbelief warring with his conscience. He was angered by his selfishness. Ellie deserved a man worthy of her love, not an ex-con who’d killed an innocent boy. He heard a sharp intake of air. He could feel the cold already.
Ellie snatched the sheet up covering herself; she’d mistakenly thought he might be the man for her, until he said she had been a mistake. God it hurt, it hurt her to her soul. She wouldn’t cry not in front of him. Sex, that was all it was. It had been just primal sex and nothing more. But she’d felt it, the unmistakable passion. She’d seen it in his eyes. God, she needed to put space between them. “Get out. Just go, I need to be alone.” 


  1. That was great. I can't wait to read it. When will it be avail to purchase?


  2. I miss Ellie and Cord. I can't wait until this is published! I'm going to buy it and read the story again. =)