Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Excerpt from Sweet Redemption

Cord had just started working on the barn when he heard the sweet melodic voice of Ellie talking to a horse. The horses’ lips grasped greedily at an apple held in her open palm.
Damn but she was beautiful. She had on a white Stetson hat, purple tank top, and a pair of faded jeans that hugged her curves in all the right places. Places he’d touched, and more than likely left marks on. He watched her bridle and saddle a horse and climb on. She’d never once looked in his direction, even though he knew she knew he was there. He almost called out to her. The silence between them felt like a punch to the gut. Sure he deserved it, but it still stung.
He used his arm to wipe the sweat from his brow as she rode off out of the barn.  He didn’t know how, but he had to fix this, or leave. But the thought that Ellie could possibly be carrying his child held him there. He’d do the right thing by her and his child, even if she didn’t want him, he’d support her best he could. He pictured her round and heavy with his child, it sent a thrill through him, just as it scared him to the point he couldn’t breathe.
He wondered if she could accept him with his past as it was, or if she’d have nothing to do with him just as Jill had done. He heaved a sigh, and got back to work, hammering nails as hard as he could, taking his frustrations out on the building.
He’d worked on the barn non-stop all morning, waiting for Ellie to return.
“Dammit.” He be damned if he hadn’t pictured a life with Ellie by his side. His wife, the mother of his children, the sexiest woman he’d ever been with. He wanted to be with her again.
The midday sun was scorching. Cord had almost finished the first stall repair, when Ellie returned to the barn. Nugget sauntered in with Ellie swaying side to side with his gait. The way her thighs hugged the horse reminded him of the night before, with her legs wrapped around him.
He immediately went hard. His erection throbbed behind the teeth of his zipper. He had to try and fix this between them. He climbed down the ladder while she took the saddle off of Nugget. The horse whinnied, as he stepped near.
“Ellie, can we talk?” He saw her stiffen.
She didn’t turn to face him. “I don’t think there’s anything to say. You pretty much said everything last night. You made it clear I was a mistake.” She took off the bridal, exchanging it for a halter with a lead and began brushing Nugget.
“Dammit, El, I didn’t mean you. I meant the fact that we weren’t responsible,” he yelled.
The brush froze on Nugget. She looked over her shoulder. “You could have pointed that out last night, and we wouldn’t be going through this. I thought you meant I was the mistake, you horses ass.”
“No, El I didn’t mean you. You were perfect.” He blushed. “Hell, the best I’ve ever had.” He scrubbed the back of his neck and shifted from foot to foot. He hadn’t been this nervous around a woman since high school.
She put the brush down, turned and stood on tip toe and kissed him, a gentle caress, between lovers.
“We shouldn’t do this again.” He kissed her back.
“I know.” She opened up to him, to explore her mouth. He plundered her mouth leaving nothing untouched. He could have sworn he kissed her soul. His dick was so hard it was unbearable. Ellie had a knack for making him so hard he could drive spikes through railroad ties.
He backed off to catch his breath. “We can’t do this. We don’t have a condom, again.”
“I don’t care. I need you Cord. Just pull out before you come.”
“Yes, ma’am, you got it. Where can we go?” He looked around. All of the stalls were full but the ones he’d been working on.
“The tack room it has a couch, it’s small, but comfy.” She kissed him again, a sensual mind-blowing, curl your toes kind of kiss.
Instead of the tack room he moved her to an empty stall with a big pile of hay. “Here, needs to be here,” he said, pulling up her tank top. She went for the button on his jeans. Both were frantically trying to disrobe. Boots landed here and there, shirts were thrown all directions, and pants flew who knew where.
“After we’re done, I’m leaving,” he said between kisses. She pulled away from him.
“Why, I thought we were good now.”
“We are, but we still don’t have any condoms.” She relaxed in his arms, and he kissed her again. “And, I plan to buy out the store.”
“Good plan,” she said.
He lay back in the hay, grabbed her under the arms and pulled her on top of him. Her perfect little body was splayed out over his. “Ride me cowgirl. Just don’t spur me out of the chute.” He smiled up at her as she mounted him readying for her ride.
“Let’s see if you last the full eight seconds, mister,” she said, fitting herself to his erection. She sank down in one long delicious stroke. They moaned in unison. He bit down on his bottom lip, held her ass in his hands and rocked her back and forth, lifting her then slamming back down. It was a wild ride. The only sounds were their grunts, moans and flesh slapping flesh.
He slid his thumb between them finding her clit. He gently massaged her button in small circles, until she shattered around him. He followed close behind, jerking her off him, growling his release, and coming on his stomach. God help him, he was falling for his little cowgirl.

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